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School District of Rhinelander

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  • GRANDPARENTS DAY CELEBRATION AT CRESCENT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL... Crescent School fifth graders celebrated the end of their first EL Module about Human Rights on Friday, Nov. 11th. Teachers and students...Read Full Post

    Posted: November 20, 8:57 AM
  • MINI BUSINESS WORLD... About 120 students from Rhinelander High School participated in a MINI Business World on Monday, November 18th at CAVOC in Rhinelander. Throughout the day, they were placed...Read Full Post

    Posted: November 20, 8:33 AM
  • GUEST SPEAKER JUSTIN W. PATCHIN TO PRESENT TO STUDENTS AND THE COMMUNITY ABOUT TEEN TECHNOLOGY USE AND MISUSE ON DEC. 16... The presentation for students at Rhinelander High School starts at 12:45 pm...Read Full Post

    Posted: November 19, 4:11 PM
  • PAPER CRAFTING AND CARD MAKING - CHRISTMAS CARD EXTRAVAGANZA OFFERED TO THE COMMUNITY... In this class you will make 5 hand-stamped Christmas cards using stamps, inks, and paper. You will learn some...Read Full Post

    Posted: November 19, 10:15 AM