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The School District and Community of Rhinelander are providing a variety of resources about preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click on "Read More" below for the most updated information.  

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Central Elementary School

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Central Elementary

Central Rocks!


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    Posted: April 3, 9:52 AM
  • Tonight, my son Payton destroyed me at Marvel chess. This was my first loss in a long time as well as the first loss to one of my...Read Full Post

    Posted: April 2, 7:48 PM
  • 60 Second Self-Care Over the course of just a week or two, our daily lives have certainly changed. The COVID-19 pandemic is full of uncertainties . . . yet one thing that remains true is the need to...Read Full Post

    Posted: March 30, 9:25 AM
  • Here are our birthdays for this week! Isaac Kaiser (2nd Mrs. Lieck) Wednesday Landon Catlin (5th Mrs. Lange) Saturday Emmitt Kurtz (3rd Ms. Pohnl) Saturday Shawn Kurtz (3rd Ms. Pohnl) SaturdayRead Full Post

    Posted: March 30, 9:17 AM