RSC Conference Swim Meet

Category: Community Use
Sub-category: RHS
Date: 12/1/2018
Time: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Title: RSC Conference Swim Meet
Description: All Day conference swim meet for RSC and Other local Teams 2) Fans X 2 for pool air exchange 3) Extra Bleachers in Pool 4) Locker rooms 5) Gym 6) Scoreboard in pool 7) Hallways(especially if we anticipate large numbers RSC will need hallway by the activities office 8) Walkie Talkies x 4 plus extra batteries 9) Microphone and cords for use in the pool 10) Commons with round Tables set-up 11) Servery Unlocked 12) Access to Storage room by commons with long tables (we can set them up) 13) Folding Charis, 3 racks 14) Long rugs/mats for hallways and tape(partial roll in the RSC cabinet in pool office 16) Podium 17) 9 large trash cans (5 for commons, 3 for gymnasium, 1 for pool) 18) 4 garbage bag liners per trash can 19) Put up the basketball hoops 20) Key to Janitors closet by the commons 21) 2 flat carts to haul Garbage bags out to dumpster and transport concession items 22) Scoreboard in gym 23) 20 Cushy Hodag Chairs
Facility Use:
Rhinelander High School - RHS Classroom - Woods (#313)
Rhinelander High School - RHS Commons / Cafeteria
Rhinelander High School - Heck Family Community Pool
Rhinelander High School - RHS Kitchen Servery
Rhinelander High School - Jim Miazga Community Gym (Courts 1 and 2)