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Conservation Poster Contest Winners

Poster Contest
Pictured: Some of the artwork from the Conservation Poster Contest.

Listed below are the results of the annual Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Poster Contest. A "GREAT JOB" goes out to all Rhinelander area students!

2ND - 3RD Grade

4TH - 6TH Grade


7TH - 9TH Grade


RHS Dance Team Competes at WACPC Western Dance State Competition

RHS Dance Team

The Rhinelander High School Dance Team competed at the WACPC State Dance Championships on Saturday, February 6th at the LaCrosse Center in LaCrosse, WI placing seventh out of thirteen teams in Division 2 Hip Hop. Head Coach Tricia Winter and Assistant Head Coach Bailey Welch were very pleased with their placement as competition was close. The team was only four and one half points out of sixth place and five points out of fifth, placing better than three of the teams that beat them at Regionals.

Front row: Assistant Head Coach Bailey Welch, Head Coach Tricia Winter, Finlee Saari, Marissa Kaster, Assistant Coach Kari Britton, Hannah Penca

Middle row: Nicki Metropulos, Alyssa Kossack, Delanie Stafford, Hannah Hicks, Emily Wulf, Alexis Denny
Top row: Makenzie Pence, Katie Gilbert, Olivia DeNamur, Tina Kansariwala, Alexx Knapp, Miranda Koth, Makayla Koser, Kayla Kossack

Not pictured: Caitlin Harris, Natasha Wacker

Winter Olympics at Crescent

Crescent Olympics

The 3rd annual Crescent Winter Olympics, held on Friday, January 29th, was a huge success! Teams were selected from each grade level by teachers from a pool of amazing and enthusiastic student athletes. There were also, somewhat less enchanting, but infinitely more hilarious, athletes gleaned from the ranks of the teaching staff competing in each relay.

The events were as follows:

1) The Balloon Relay - Athletes had to race across the gym, around a cone, and back to tag the next teammate, carrying a blown up balloon between their knees. Students then sat down behind teammates as the next team member ran his/her leg of the race.

2) The Ping Pong Carry - Athletes had to race across the gym, carrying a ping pong ball on a plastic spork, curve around a cone, race back to their team, and hand off the spork to the next team member waiting to run the next leg of this challenge.

3) The Basketball Dribble - Athletes were given a basketball per team and instructed to dribble down the gym, around a cone, and dribble back to pass the ball to their next waiting teammate. When finished each athlete sat down.

4) The Runway Run - Our phenomenal athletes were instructed to race to the other side of the gym, grab an article of clothing from a crate, put it on, then race back to sit down behind their team as the next team member ran to find a piece of clothing.

5) Speed Walking - Athletes used what they'd learned from Ms. Debbi about speed walking. They traveled around a cone, and back to the waiting team and next racer.

The spectators all sported self-decorated "Crescent is #1" cardstock hands and cheered loudly for classmates and friends. Even the teachers received cheers!

In the end, bronze, silver, and gold medals were awarded to the winners and team spirit and community were strengthened in the fantastic, fun-loving, 4 "Be's" following school! Go Crescent!

Finally, the Crescent PAC gave "Silly String your teacher" as a prize to the classes bringing in the greatest value of pennies during their penny challenge, with the overall winning class also getting to silly string the principal, Mrs. Huseby. The results were hilarious!

First Graders Participate in Penguin Inquiry Project

Penguin Project
Pictured: Mrs. Deitz's first graders participate in a Google Hangout with the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

The first graders in Mrs. Deitz's class at Crescent Elementary participated in an inquiry project in January.  Each student chose a penguin to research. The students had to find out how their special penguin is best fitted for its habitat.

With the help of Mrs. Rumney, Library Media Specialist, the students scanned QR codes with iPads to quickly arrive at informational sites about penguins. The students spent several days gathering facts and answering their questions about their chosen penguin.

Once the youngsters gathered their facts, they were ready to showcase what they learned. Using PicKids on the iPads, the students created a series of PicCollages. Each student's collages showed their penguin's habitat, physical characteristics, diet and interesting facts.  

To end their research project, the students participated in a Google Hangout with one of the Animal Educators at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. The zoo is in the process of building a penguin exhibit for the African Black Footed Penguin. The students learned that the African Black Footed Penguin is an endangered penguin. Therefore, the Lincoln Park Zoo is helping the species by building an exhibit. The new penguins will be transferred to the Chicago zoo from other zoos. The new arrivals will eat a pound of food in a day. The interactive penguin exhibit will open in the fall of 2016.

The first graders also participated in a Google Hangout with students from James William Middle School. The three middle schoolers read passages from Mr. Popper's Penguins.

RHS Dance Team Competes at WACPC Western Dance Regionals

RHS Dance Team

The Rhinelander High School Dance Team competed in the WACPC Western Dance Regionals on Saturday, January 30th. The team placed 5th in Division 2 Hip Hop and 8th in Division 2 Jazz. Their fifth place finish garnered them a spot to compete in the WACPC State Dance Championships at the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, WI on Saturday, February 6th.
Pictured are: Front row - Nicki Metropulos, Finlee Saari, Marissa Kaster, Hannah Hicks. Middle row - Head Coach Tricia Winter, Miranda Koth, Alyssa Kossack, Olivia DeNamur, Katie Gilbert, Emily Wulf, Delanie Stafford, Assistant Head Coach Bailey Welch. Top row - Makenzie Pence, Alexis Denny, Caitlin Harris, Tasha Wacker, Tina Kansariwala, Kayla Kossack, Makayla Koser, Assistant Coach Kari Britton. Not pictured: Alexx Knapp

Mock Trial Regional Tournament on February 13

Mock Trial

Rhinelander High School will be defending its Regional championship title on Saturday, February 13, at the 33rd  annual Mock Trial Regional Tournament.  Last year, RHS broke its own state record by winning its 29th consecutive regional title.

The tournament is sponsored by the Wisconsin Law Foundation and will be held in the Marathon County Courthouse in Wausau. Four rounds of competition will be held, with trials scheduled for 8:00 AM, 10:15 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:15 PM. The tournament is open to the public.

Rhinelander High School will be represented by two teams.  Other high schools participating in the regional tournament are Lakeland Union, Wausau West, Merrill, Phillips, and D.C. Everest.  

This year's case involves the arrest of a homeless person who was suspected of stealing a purse. During the arrest, the suspect experienced a seizure, which the arresting officer mistook for resistive behavior. The Plaintiff, Sammie Smid,  contends that the Defendant, Officer Robin O'Reilly, used excessive force in arresting her, causing traumatic and permanent injury. The Plaintiff also alleges that the Defendant was not properly trained by the city. The Defense maintains that Officer O'Reilly reasonably believed the suspect was resisting arrest and used the force that was necessary to subdue her. Students will play attorney and witness roles in the competition, which is judged by local attorneys and judges.

Members of RHS Team #1 are seniors Anna Catlin,  Emily Ditzler, and Jarod Hoha, and juniors Max Holperin, Ellie Rickman, Albiona Sabani, and Sydney Schallock.

Members of RHS Team #2 are junior Zack DuBois, sophomores  Tyler Fredrick, Mason Hageny, Emily McFarland, and Grace Payfer, and freshmen Ben Kubisiak and Ben Sheth.

The teams are coached by Kathy Vick-Martini, attorney Amy Ferguson, and Judge Michael Bloom.

Top Photo - Team 1: Front (L to R): Anna Catlin, Emily Ditzler, Albiona Sabani, and Ellie Rickman. Back (L to R): Jarod Hoha, Sydney Schallock, and Max Holperin

Bottom Photo - Team 2: Front (L to R): Mason Hageny, Emily McFarland, Grace Payfer, and Ben Sheth. Back (L to R): Samantha Smith, Ben Kubisiak, Zack DuBois, and Tyler Fredrick  

Robo-Hodags Take First Place at Fox Valley Regional Competition


The RHS Robotics Club, aka the Robo-Hodags, placed first at the Fox Valley Regional the weekend of January 16. The club consists of 12 students with various skills and experience levels. An Android-based platform was used to communicate with a robot, which had to fit in a 17-by-17 inch box and is controlled using wireless video-game controllers. Different students have worked on different aspects of the robot since the beginning of October. It is a true team effort. At the regional competition, four robots battled in a ring and the Robo-Hodags were victorious. The club now advances to the State Championship set for February 6 in Milwaukee. Good luck to the Robo-Hodags! 

FBLA DECA Food Drive

FBLA-DECA Food Drive

Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA sponsored a food drive at the Varsity Boys Basketball Game on January 19th. The group collected 114 items from flour to tuna to be donated to the Rhinelander Food Pantry to help replenish their stock after a frenzied Christmas-time. Those who brought in an item got a dollar off admission to the game, while most people brought in 4 items so they wouldn't have to pay to get into the game. The FBLA/DECA officers would like to thank all of the community members who donated items at the game. FBLA and DECA are both national organizations that Rhinelander High School combined into one. For more information on the chapter, please contact advisors Mischell Fryar or Pat Kubeny at 715-365-9500. 

DECA Students Deliver at Districts

DECA Districts

DECA Districts was held in Wisconsin Rapids on January 8, 2016; 28 Rhinelander students competed against about 500 other students in the North-Central region of Wisconsin in numerous business-related fields. DECA competitions fall into one of four clusters: marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Within those clusters there are more specific events, like automotive services or accounting. Competitors studied throughout December to get the highest score, which consists of four aspects: an economics test, a career cluster test, and two role plays.  

The economics test was taken before students went to Rapids and included a variety of 100 questions to count for a quarter of the score. Once at Rapids, students first took a career cluster test that related to the general event they were competing in (marketing, finance, hospitality, or management). For the other half of their score, students were given a 'real-life' situation which they had to try to work out in front of a judge (who is often a complaining customer, a business partner, or an employee).  

Of the 28 students that competed at regionals, 12 individuals and three teams of two were awarded with a medal or plaque.  Five students took first in their event: Faith Bartelt (Business Services), Alison Kubeny (Human Resources), Markus Johnson (Principles of Business Administration), and Ellen Padgett (Principles of Finance). Kubeny also won three medals, Padgett returned with two, and Johnson one. Max Holperin took 1st place in Economics, which was an event that all 500 competitors had to take online prior to going to Rapids.

The following 4 students earned 2nd in their event: Emily Ditzler (Hotel and Lodging), Max Holperin (Marketing Management), and team Taylor Trachte and Brianna DeNamur (Travel & Tourism). Ditzler took home three medals, Holperin brought back two, and the Tourism team received three.  

One individual and two teams took 3rd in an event: Haley Sisel (Hotel & Lodging) not only finished with 3rd, but earned three medals doing so. Team Gunnar Millot and Jacob Piesecki also took 3rd place and three medals.  

Rhinelander also had some Overall Series Finalists (OSF), meaning they placed between 4th and 10th in their events.  Leah Schindeldecker was an OSF in Accounting, she also got a medal for her performance in a role play. Robert Ritchie was awarded medals for his rank in the economics and event tests, as well as being an OSF in Restaurant Management. Kim Bilogan and Eva O'Melia were Overall Series Finalists in Hospitality. Abby Krueger competed in Principles of Hospitality and was an OSF. Luke Roberts earned a medal for one of his role plays in Sports & Entertainment Marketing.

Rhinelander High School has only been involved in DECA for two years, but already this year has brought home the most awards out of all the schools that competed. They competed in District 2, which includes high schools from Lakeland to Adams-Friendship. Rhinelander students will be going to State Competition in Lake Geneva March 8 - 10th, with a lot of studying in between. If you would like to assist in sending these students to competition or have any questions, please contact advisers Mischell Fryar or Pat Kubeny at 715-365-9500.

Crescent First Graders Participate in Family Night

Family Night
Ava Rathbun and her father Scott Rathbun enjoy a spaghetti dinner together. Ava shows the book that she won.

The first graders at Crescent Elementary School invited their parents to school during the evening of January 11 to participate in their Warm Up With Words. Warm Up With Words was an interactive family night. The students and their parents visited a variety of rooms to learn about how their first graders are learning how to read.

Mrs. Houg and Ms.Olk introduced the parents to many reading strategies that could help their child decode unknown words while reading. Title 1 teachers, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Kennedy explained how students could choose books to read that are just the right reading level for them. Mrs. Denis and Mrs. Deitz involved the students in a variety of word work stations. In the Betty White Library, Ms. Pekoc assisted families in exploring the many digital resources available to help students become better readers.

After participating in the interactive stations, the families gathered in the gym for a spaghetti dinner and door prizes. Many students won gift certificates and books.

RHS Students Inducted Into National Honor Society

National Honor Society
Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

On January 10th, the Walter F. Kruschke Chapter of the National Honor Society of Rhinelander High School inducted 12 new members. These students are selected for their character, service, leadership, and scholarship. The induction ceremony took place at CAVOC and appertizers were provided by the high school ProStart culinary classes.

The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. As a professional organization servings schools and students, the National Association of Secondary School Principals encourages the establishment of chapters in secondary schools in order to further develop the scholarship, character, leadership, and service of the members.

To become eligible for membership, a student must be a sophomore, junior, or senior with a 3.8 cumulative grade point average. Although scholarship is the initial qualification of eligibility for membership, leadership, character, and service are also vital to the meaning and purpose of the organization.

Back row (left to right): Ashley Adams, Maxwell Holperin, Markus Johnson, Karyn Roberts.

Front row (left to right): Samantha Rocha, Rachel Uhlarik, Cara Dreifuerst, Marissa Kaster, Sidney Zettler, Lauren Fabich, Delanie Stafford.

Not present for the ceremony: Grace Quinn

RHS Dance Team Competes at Kaukauna Dance Classic

RHS Dance Team

On Saturday, January 16th the Rhinelander High School Dance Team competed at the 13th Annual Kaukauna Dance Classic, placing 7th in Division 2 Hip Hop. Competition was close as only 4 points separated 4th through 7th place.  The team is coached by Head Coach Tricia Winter, Assistant Head Coach Bailey Welch, and Assistant Coach Kari Britton. Team members are:  Finlee Saari, Marissa Kaster, Olivia DeNamur, Katie Gilbert, Hannah Hicks, Alexx Knapp, Alyssa Kossack, Miranda Koth Nicki Metropulos, Delanie Stafford, Emily Wulf, Caitlin Harris, Kayla Kossack, Makenzie Pence, Alexis Denny, Tina Kansariwala, Makayla Koser and Natasha Wacker.

Sock it to Homelessness

Sock it to Homelessness

The multiage classes at Pelican Elementary School learned that socks are the most needed but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters. After learning this fact, the students and teachers decided in lieu of exchanging gifts for the holidays they would instead bring in socks to donate to the local homeless shelter. Families brought in socks in all colors and sizes to decorate a sock tree in the hallway of Pelican School. The spirit of giving was apparent with the donations that were brought to the NATH Homeless Shelter at the beginning of January.

To continue with the sock theme, for a culminating activity to a folktale unit, students made sock puppets to represent a character from a Reader's Theater that was performed for families and friends. Students worked very hard to create their puppets and practiced their Reader's Theater parts so they could read fluently and with expression. Families joined in before the holidays to enjoy the folktales as well as hot chocolate and cookies which the children frosted and decorated for the performances. 

RHS FBLA/DECA wraps up Jeans for Teens Drive

Jeans for Teens

This year's Jeans for Teen's Drive, sponsored by the RHS FBLA/DECA organization, was a huge success! The drive lasted from December 16th to January 6th, and had drop off sites at Rhinelander's Coffee Beans, Public Library, and On-the-Go Laundry. With a goal of 300 jeans, the community's excitement and support left the club with 419 pairs of jeans to be donated to the Rhinelander Frederick Place as well as the Family Resource Connection; amazingly exceeding any expectations the club might have had! We couldn't have done it without the help and support of the Rhinelander community over the past three weeks, and we can't tell you how much it means to the people and organizations receiving this incredible donation. Thank you again to everybody who donated, and we can't wait to continue working with the community on drives and fundraisers like this in the future!

James Williams Middle School 8th grader takes first place in Wisconsin Outdoor News magazine's annual Youth Writing Contest

Writing Contest

James Williams Middle School eighth grader Lily Alsteen was recently honored by the Wisconsin Outdoor News magazine's annual Youth Writing Contest sponsored by Cabelas. Lily took first place in the poetry division where she won a cash prize and a plaque. The contest received entries from all over the state of Wisconsin including entries from the 8th grade science and language arts classes at James Williams Middle School.

The writing contest asked students to put their outdoor experiences on paper to share with readers of the Wisconsin Outdoor News magazine in either prose or poetry form. Wisconsin Outdoor News will now enter Lily's poem in the 2016 Norm Strung Youth Writing Competition, which is sponsored by the Outdoor Writers of America Association, Safari Club International, the Izaak Walton League of America, and Delta Waterfowl. Lily will have a chance to win additional cash prizes.

Lily is the daughter of Gary Alsteen and Stacy Nolden of Rhinelander and her sponsoring teachers are Lisa Brunette, Alexis Koshollek, and Jeff Skubal.

Zumba, Pottery, and Music Garden Highlight Upcoming Community Education Classes

Community Classes

Zumba with Val - Enjoy fun, lively, and upbeat Latin music, easy to follow moves that are gentle on joints and an introduction to all the core ZUMBA fitness moves. The class is scheduled on Wednesdays from 6:45 - 7:45 pm in the Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium (located in Rhinelander High School). It starts on January 13th and runs until February 17th. The instructor is Val Foley. The fee is $18/person for the entire 6-week session or $4 per person per time for the drop in fee.

Playing in Dirt (Pottery) - Have fun with clay! Learn the basics of hand-building, wheel-throwing, rolling clay for slab work, and glazing. Explore texturing devices like wall coverings, spools, chopsticks, kitchen utensils and more. Indulge your creative muse and come away from the class with several handmade pieces and a love of this art form. You might want to bring old pillow cases, items with interesting textures and an apron. Playing in the dirt can be messy! Class is for the beginning/intermediate level.
The class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 19th - February 11th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Rhinelander High School Room 131. Grades 9 - adult are welcome to participate. The instructor will be Torrey Youngstrum. The fee for the class is $80/person.

Music Garden - Brought to you in collaboration with Family Resource Connection, Music Garden is a music and movement program for caregiver and child. It is designed to stimulate the child's development, while celebrating and nurturing the remarkable bond you share. Classes will run on Tuesdays, from 5:30 - 6:30 pm, starting January 19th and running until February 23rd. The class will take place in the James Williams Middle School Library. The instructor will be Tondra Koser. The fee is $10/family.  

Pre-registration is required for all classes. To register, please visit http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/community/communityeducation.cfm. Online registration is available with a credit or debit card. Simply follow the instructions on the website. Paper registration is available by mail or drop off. If you have questions, please contact Community Education Coordinator Mike Cheslock at 715-365-9745 or email cheslmik@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

A full listing of January - May community classes can be found on the School District's website by clicking here. Discover something new with lifelong learning!

RHS Work Experience Students Deliver Holiday Treats

Holiday Treats

Special Education students at Rhinelander High School who participate in community work experience delivered trays of holiday treats to their places of work on Tuesday, December 22. They appreciate the opportunities to develop workplace skills that will enhance their ability to be gainfully employed at some point in the future. They are also getting a chance to try out different types of jobs to help them determine what kind of job/career they would like once they graduate from high school. Many thanks to these community businesses for helping with this endeavor:

Bob's Power Center
Forth Floral
Rouman Cinema
ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)
Computer Repair
Nativity/Pine Lake Thrift Store

JWMS Student Finishes Top Ten in State Art Exhibit Contest

Art Exhibit Contest

Congratulations to 7th grade James Williams Middle School student, Valerie Kravchenko, for finishing in the top ten for the 2016 Wisconsin Association of School Boards Student Art Exhibit Contest. Her work, along with others from around the state, will be on exhibit at the State Education Convention on January 20th and 21st at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee for over 3,000 convention attendees to view. This year, students were encouraged to design an idea around the theme: Educating Hearts and Minds to Build Sustainable Communities and a Healthy Future.

RHS Students Visit Pelican School for WIN Time

Everybody WINs
Pictured from left to right: Jon Fox, Reuben Guzik, Hudson LaCrosse, Jaylend Hardin, Anthony Nejdlik, and Austin Smith.

"Everybody WINs"...Rhinelander High School Senior Jon Fox, and Sophomore Reuben Guzik recently visited Pelican Elementary School to help read the names for the Amazing Attendance for November. While they were there they were put to work, helping out some kindergarten students during their "WIN" (What I Need) time. All kindergarten students meet for 30 minutes, four times a week, to help them develop literacy skills needed to become fluent readers. Jon and Reuben tested the students by giving them clues as to what letter of the alphabet they were hiding. The students needed to identify the letter and the sound that it makes, with the winner getting to keep that letter. The high school students were amazed at what the kindergarten students need to know. The Pelican students were in awe of the "big" kids, and thought it was cool that they came to help out.

RHS Dance Team Competes in Rambler Invite

RHS Dance Team

The Rhinelander High School Dance Team competed at the Rambler Invite at Regis High School in Eau Claire on Saturday, December 19th, placing 3rd in Jazz and 4th in Hip Hop.

Pictured in their Jazz uniforms are:

Top row (left to right): Caitlin Harris, Tina Kansariwala, Marissa Kaster, Delanie Stafford

4th row: Emily Wulf, Alyssa Kossack, Katie Gilbert, Natasha Wacker

3rd row: Makenzie Pence, Miranda Koth, Olivia DeNamur, Alexis Denny

2nd row: Nicki Metropulos, Hannah Hicks, Alexx Knapp, Finlee Saari

Front row: Assistant Coach - Kari Britton, Head Coach - Tricia Winter, Assistant Head Coach - Bailey Welch, Kayla Kossack

High School Students Help First Graders Write Santa Letters

Letters to Santa

Many DECA/FBLA students from the Rhinelander High School helped the first graders write letters to Santa on December 16.

The young writers first asked Santa a question or two about his life. Some students asked Santa if Mrs. Claus was busy making cookies for him. Other students asked Santa if the reindeer were busy exercising their legs for the big night. Second, the students had to tell Santa about their good behavior during the past year. The first graders were proud to tell Santa that they read every night at home, brushed their teeth before they went to bed, helped with younger siblings and fed their pet every day. Last, the students asked Santa to bring them two special gifts for Christmas.

The high schoolers helped the students sound out words and reminded them to print neatly. They also gave them ideas to write about and reminded them to keep a finger space between words. After the first graders finished writing their letters to Santa, the high school students read Christmas stories to them. A big thank you to Haley Sisel, FBLA/DECA member, for setting up the event.

FBLA DECA Students Help with Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

Don't be fooled by the lack of snow, it's Christmas time in the Northwoods once again! In an effort to spread holiday cheer, Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA is getting busy writing letters to Santa. The business-orientated organization is sending many of its members to various elementary classrooms around town. The high school FBLA/DECA members will get to spend a few hours with the young and eager elementary students, helping them write their very own letters to Santa Claus. It's a great opportunity for mentorship, bonding, and building relationships between Rhinelander youth of all ages.
FBLA/DECA will be visiting the following elementary classrooms at the corresponding times:
Crescent School:
Mrs. Olson- Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 at 1:30 PM
Mrs. Pekoc- Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 at 1:30 PM
Mrs. Olk- Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 7:45 AM
Mrs. Deitz- Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 8:00 AM
Mrs. Bart- Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 1:30 PM
Mrs. Westfahl- Thursday, December 17th, 2015 at 1:00 PM
Mrs. Gerth- Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 8:00 AM
Mrs. Prom- Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 8:00 AM
Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School (North Building, grades K-2)
All classrooms- Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 1:30 PM
This event got off to a great start last week, on Thursday, December 10th, when 17 FBLA/DECA members visited Ms. Kaster's kindergarten classroom at Pelican Elementary School. Merry Christmas!
For more information, please email FBLA/DECA Advisor Mischell Fryar at fryarmis@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or call 715-365-9500.

Fifth Grade Classroom Receives $100 Meemic Book Grant

Book Grant

The Central School fifth graders were at the edge of their seats ready to dart toward the table when the word was given, and it wasn't because the final bell was going to ring. The Scholastic Book Box had arrived!

In Ms. Ledgerwood's fifth grade classroom, students were awarded a $100 Meemic Book Grant. With the money, they were able to purchase and add thirty-one more books to their classroom library from Scholastic. More importantly, they were able to add many happy hours of reading and engage many readers with the exciting new texts. Thanks, Meemic!

Jeans for Teens

Jeans for Teens

'Tis the season to be generous. The holiday season is fast approaching and sadly this year there are still many families left struggling to just get by. About 17 percent of children in the Northwoods live below the poverty level. These children may go through their day to day life without the necessities needed to live a healthy life such as food, shelter, and clothes.  Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA would love to help these children out in its latest service activity -- Jeans for Teens. From December 16- January 6, the group will be collecting gently used jeans and giving them to teens who need them.

Please help out FBLA/DECA by donating some of your old jeans. The collection sites to drop off your jean donations are located at: Rhinelander High School, James Williams Middle School, Rhinelander District Library, and Coffee Beans. Look for the big box wrapped in colorful paper and bows. If you have a pair of jeans that have been sitting in your closet since you can't remember when, a pair that you got last Christmas and never actually liked, or even a pair you just don't fit into anymore; we will take them! Donated jeans will go to the local Frederick Place so children and families in our area can feel the love and warmth from their "new" jeans. Please help us out by donating some of your Jeans for Teens.

For more information, please email FBLA/DECA Advisor Mischell Fryar at fryarmis@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or call 715-365-9500.

Staff and Students "Ring the Bell" for the Salvation Army

Bell Ringing

A group of the Pelican Elementary School support staff started the month and Holiday Season by helping out those less fortunate. K. Morois, R. Miszewski, T. Fortier, R. Kecker and K. Kellen were joined by some Pelican students while they rang the bell for the Salvation Army. They rang with style and flare as they sang Christmas carols while they danced and celebrated with all who they encountered. They had a wonderful time while raising funds for the area.

The School District of Rhinelander challenges staff each year to a contest to see which school can accomplish the most bell ringing hours. Pelican School has won the past couple of years.

District Announces Referendum Presentations for the Community

Referendum Presentations

The School District of Rhinelander will be hosting several community presentations with information about the upcoming referendum. The goal of the presentations is to inform the community about all aspects of the referendum.  Presentation dates, times and locations are as follows:

- December 16th, 5:00 pm at the Northwoods Community Elementary School Library

- January 4th, 6:00 p.m. at Rhinelander High School Library

- January 14th, 10:00 a.m. at the Oneida County Senior Center (Balsam Room)

- January 18th, 5:00 p.m. at the James Williams Middle School Library

- January 21st, 2:00 p.m. at Northern Coffee Haus

- January 22nd, 10:00 a.m. at Pelican Elementary School

- February 2nd, 2:00 p.m. at Northern Coffee Haus

- February 10th, 10:00 a.m. at the YMCA of the Northwoods (Multi-Purpose Room)

A full listing of community presentations can be found on the School District of Rhinelander website at http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/district/referendum.cfm.  This will be kept up-to-date if additional presentations are scheduled.

Spreading the Cheer this Time of Year!

Food Drive

Crescent Elementary Multiage students recently organized their 4th annual school-wide food drive on December 3rd and 4th. One-hundred sixty-seven pounds of nonperishable food was donated to the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry. Thank you to all Crescent students and families who helped make the food drive a success!

Young Actors Shine in Nicolet's "A Christmas Carol"

Young Actors
Pictured left to right are Casey Venezia, Sofia Wojnowski, Julia Gerdes, Ashley Schmidt, and Marcus O'Malley. Also pictured are Jerry Shidell and Justin Tucker.

Sofia Wojnowski of Central Intermediate School, Julia Gerdes of Crescent Elementary School, and Ashley Schmidt and Alex Kniewel of Nativity School are cast members of the Nicolet Players production of A Christmas Carol.

Sofia plays the role of Belinda Cratchit, Julia plays Gillian Cratchit, Ashley plays Miranda Cratchit, and Alex plays Tiny Tim. Some of the young actors also have secondary roles in the production. The children auditioned in October and have been hard at work with rehearsals ever since.

The play opened on Dec. 3 and will continue Dec. 10 - 13. It is currently sold out. For more information, please visit nicoletlive.com or call 715-365-4646.

RHS Musicians Perform at State Capitol Tree Lighting Ceremony

Tree Lighting
Pictured: Several people gathered around the State Christmas Tree for the annual lighting ceremony. Music students from Rhinelander High School performed at the State Capitol for the event.

On Friday, Dec. 4th, the RHS Wind Ensemble and Show Choir traveled to Madison for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at our State Capitol building. Each ensemble performed a variety of holiday favorites concluding with a combined performance of several popular carols. This trip was partially funded by the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and the RHS Band Parent Organization. A special thank you goes out to the Kowieski family for providing this year's Christmas tree.

Become a Mentor at Central School


Central Intermediate School is looking for mentors from local businesses and the community to work one-on-one with students. They are looking for volunteers to help for a half-hour to 45 minutes once a week during the school day and/or in the after school program.

Mentors will have the opportunity to connect with 4th and 5th grade students and teach life skills, share with students their areas of expertise and interests, work on crafts and hobbies, play games, or just sit and talk. This is a great opportunity to connect with the children of our community and to be a positive role model in their lives. No special skills or experiences are needed to be a mentor - only a willingness to listen, encourage, and show children that they matter and are important.

Studies show that children who have relationships with adults who encourage and value them have higher graduation and college enrollment rates, increased self-esteem and regard for others, and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, among numerous other benefits. If you are interested in hearing more and/or becoming involved, please contact Aaron Homp, school counselor at Central, at 365-9600 ex. 2413.

Pelican Elementary Honors Veterans

Pelican Veterans
Pictured (left to right): Kim Koth (teacher) and Joe Story (District 11 Representative for Camp American Legion).

During the Jump Start program on Tuesday, November 10th, Pelican Elementary School held a special tribute to our veterans. The program consisted of talking about what Veterans Day is about, students sharing information on the various branches of the armed services, staff reading the poem "The Best On Earth, A Veterans Day Tribute", and making a special donation to help our Wisconsin veterans.

The donation went to Camp American Legion, which is located on Big Carr Lake near Lake Tomahawk. The camp is a place where Wisconsin veterans can go for rest and relaxation at no cost to them. Families of the veterans are also welcome to stay at the camp with them. The camp offers many activities, such as boating, exercising, billiards, arts and crafts, and more.

Accepting a check for $205.00 was Joe Story, District 11 Representative for Camp American Legion. Mr. Story, a retired Army veteran who served for 27 years, thanked everyone for the donation and said that the money will be earmarked to help with children's programming at the camp. The money was raised from the sales during a recent Popcorn Friday.

Pelican Elementary is proud and honored to help out the Wisconsin veterans! Thank you for your service!

Local Author Visits Pelican Elementary School


For the November PBIS monthly incentive at Pelican Elementary School, author and illustrator Thomas Barnett visited classrooms to share his book, "I Brought a Hodag to School." Tom read his book to all the students and answered questions ranging from "Why do Hodags have horns?" to "When did you start drawing?" Students were engaged and delighted by the visit and were given first hand information about what an author and illustrator has to go through to publish a book.

Students had questions about how hard it was to write the book and how long it took him to write it. Tom shared that the book took him six months to write after inspiration struck when he painted a mural on the wall at Northwoods Community Elementary School.

After answering student questions, Tom guided all students through the basics of line drawing and helped them all draw Bob the Hodag. Students left with their own drawings of the main character in the book and with a better understanding of the process of publishing a book.

Community Readers Share with Students During American Education Week

Community Readers

In honor of American Education Week, WJFW Channel 12's Kaitlyn Howe recently read folktales & a Thanksgiving story to Crescent Elementary School multiage students. Ms. Howe also took the time to answer students' questions and tell them about the ways she uses reading, writing, and speaking skills in her job as a reporter. Many heartfelt thanks go out to the Channel 12 team!

A Tradition of "Family" Continues at Pelican School

Pelican Family Night
Pictured: This year over 350 family members joined over 30 professional and support staff members for a fun filled night of food, activities and getting to know you conversations.

On Thursday, November 5th, Pelican Elementary School continued a tradition which started over 15 years ago. At that time Becky Wilson, retired school guidance counselor, expressed a need for families to come together with school staff and celebrate all the wonderful things happening within the walls of Pelican School. The event "FAMILY NIGHT" was born. Family Night would also give the staff and families the opportunity to interact in a fun filled activity based event outside the traditional school day.  

What started out as one family night has grown to three per year. Each "Family Night" offers a free meal to the families as well as many activities the parents, grandparents and children can participate in together.

The Family Nights at Pelican School have been successful accomplishing their goal of bringing families and staff together to share in a night of positive interaction. In a time where families are scheduled in all directions and time together is often short, it is nice to see a school staff going the extra mile to make all who enter feel welcome.

The future is looking very bright for the continuation of this "TRADITION" as the staff is already planning the next "FAMILY NIGHT" in February.

The following are quotes from parents, teachers, and students:

"We really enjoy the families nights at Pelican School. It is a great way to spend time with our kids doing art projects, crafts and reading /math activities. Also, our kids love showing us projects that they created throughout the building." -- Stephanie Pudlowski, Pelican Parent

"The best thing about family nights is the opportunity for staff to foster relationships with our families." -- JoEllen Lieck, 1st Grade Teacher

"My dad works a lot so it gives him a chance to come to school and see all the things I do.  That makes me feel good." -- Tripp (student)

"There are so many fun things to do and I get to show my parents my school and how wonderful it is." -- Myah (student)

Crescent Students Write Letters to Veterans

Veteran's Day
Pictured: Some of the letters and art work students sent to veterans.

Last week, in recognition of Veteran's Day, the Crescent Elementary School multiage teachers asked families to send a veteran's name and address to school. Students learned about Veteran's Day and they wrote heartfelt "Thank You" letters to these heroes. Students and staff were privileged to have a veteran with them last week. "Papa" Howland, one of Crescent's premier volunteers, served in the army. Thank you to all veterans. You are truly heroes.

Special Olympics Bowling Team Has Success in Weston

Special Olympics

After two months of hard work and practice, the School District of Rhinelander's Special Olympics team showed off their bowling skills competing in a Special Olympics bowling meet at Dale's Weston Lanes on October 25th. All of the athletes participated in singles bowling events.

Medals were awarded to 1st through 3rd places, and ribbons were given to 4th through 8th places. Spencer Smith received a 1st place gold medal in his division while Miguel Gonzalez, Emma Knapp, Krystal Kriesel and Keegan Marko took home 3rd place bronze medals in their respective divisions. Ribbon winners for their divisions were Maria Dornfeld, Hannah Karstedt, Devon Stanley and Sarec Trudeau placing 4th; Cassie Gleesing earning 5th; Gabe White receiving 6th place; and Paige Appling finishing in 7th place.

All of the coaches were extremely proud of the performance and sportsmanship that the athletes displayed as the School District of Rhinelander Special Olympics team. The next season is Track and Field in the spring. Go Hodags!

Perfect Attendance at Pelican

Perfect Attendance
Pictured (left to right): Eva O'Melia, Kali Skubal, Vivian Lamers, and June Chiamulera.

Recently, students at Pelican Elementary School were recognized for having perfect attendance for the month of October. Rhinelander High School senior, Eva O'Melia, and community member Jess Gaedtke, were the guest readers. Both guests emphasized the importance of being at school or work, being on time, and doing their best. The students received a certificate for their achievement. Eva stayed after the celebration to read with some of the students.

GNC Honors Band and Choir Festival

GNC Honors Band and Choir

The students pictured on the left were selected to participate in the GNC (Great Northern Conference) Honors Band and Choir Festival this past Saturday at Medford High School. Members were selected from each of the 7 schools to form a band and a choir. Students rehearsed all day in preparation for the evening performance. Guest conductors were Dr. Peter Haberman, band and Dr. Axel Theimer, choir.

Pictured (left to right):
Front Row: Alyssa Burg, Katie Harder, Rachel Uhlarik, Kayla McFadden, Brianna Perry, Bethany Stelbrink, Faith Bartelt.
Back Row: Jane Kubisiak, Mitchel Modic, Anthony Klabunde, Elliot Fehlen, Jordan Keso, Andrew Padgett, Seth Bowen, Bailey Nebgen, Heather Riesbeck, Katie Olkowski, Thomas Melancon.

RHS/NCSS Drama Department to perform Mary Poppins - November 19th-22nd

Mary Poppins

You'll have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time at the RHS/NCSS Drama Department's production of 'Mary Poppins', November 19th through the 22nd! This Broadway edition of 'Mary Poppins' includes all the classic songs you can sing along with, plus new tunes you'll surely love! So make plans to fly on into the Rhinelander High School Auditorium for 'Mary Poppins'! Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 19th through 21st at 7:00 pm, with a Sunday Matinee on November 22nd at 1:00 pm. General admission tickets are only seven dollars, and will be available at the door.

Pelican Homecoming Activities Mix High School and Elementary Students

Pelican Homecoming
Pictured: An RHS football player reads with a group of enthusiastic students from Pelican Elementary School.

Last month, Pelican Elementary School wrapped up Homecoming Week in style! The Hodag Mascot, the high school dance team, and a few football players helped celebrate the spirit of homecoming. Following a pep rally, the football players and dancers stayed to read and interact with the students. It was a great opportunity for the younger students to show off their reading skills, as well as a chance for the high school students to share their enthusiasm for learning. The events of the morning were best summed up by a student who was asked what she thought about having the chance to read with one of the dancers. She said, "This was the best day of my life!"

Crescent First Graders Visit Helene's Hilltop Orchard

Pictured: Adaline Juedes, Neo Martin, Daniel Zimmerman, and Dalton McCarty picked the perfect pumpkin to take home.

The first graders from Crescent Elementary School visited Helene's Hilltop Orchard in Merrill on Friday, October 23. Helene Pagoria, owner of the orchard, informed the students about the life cycle of a pumpkin. She also showed them a dried out vine and explained that the roots of a pumpkin are shallow. Therefore, when it is dry, the pumpkin plant needs to be watered often.  

The first graders also learned about the importance of honeybees at the orchard. Helene hires a beekeeper to bring in many honeybees each year. In turn, the honeybees' fuzzy body helps to move the pollen from plant to plant.

After the students learned about how a pumpkin grows, they went on a wagon ride through the orchard. They noticed a lot of apple trees, rows of corn and many pumpkin patches.  

The students also used their navigational skills to make their way through the corn maze. There were so many trails through the corn field, but there was only one way to get out!

Finally, the first graders went into the pumpkin patch to find their perfect pumpkin to take home. A big thanks to Helene for teaching the first graders about how pumpkins grow and sharing her orchard.

RHS Junior Faith Bartelt participates in the WSMA Honors Choir in Madison

Pictured: RHS Junior Faith Bartelt recently took part in the WSMA Honors Choir on Thursday, October 29.

Some of Wisconsin's finest young recently met up for what could be the most rewarding musical experience of their lifetime - Wisconsin School Music Association's (WSMA) 2015 High School State Honors Music Project. One of these talented music students is Faith Bartelt, currently a junior at Rhinelander High School.

Auditions were held in seven sites across the state this past February. Of the more than 1,600 auditions, 427 students in grades 9, 10 and 11 were invited to be part of the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project ensembles. The last time a music student from Rhinelander High School was selected to participate in these honors events was eight years ago in 2007. Faith auditioned against students from all division schools, big and small across the state and was selected based on her vocal and musical ability as well as sight singing. On Thursday, October 29, Faith Bartelt joined many of the best young musicians in Wisconsin for a concert with the WSMA Honors Treble Choir at the Madison Overture Center.

Students that are selected to participate in the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project met for the first time this summer at an intensive four-day camp at UW-Green Bay. This WSMA Camp is a unique and essential component to the High School Honors Project experience, as it is the first opportunity they have to see their music, meet their conductor and rehearse as a newly formed ensemble.  All Honors students reconvene in Madison in late October to perform at the annual Wisconsin State Music Conference. The Honors concerts celebrate the remarkable achievements of Wisconsin's finest young musicians and commemorate music teachers throughout Wisconsin, many of whom attended the event in conjunction with the annual Wisconsin State Music Conference.

The High School State Honors Music Project is designed to provide musically talented students with the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the nation's finest conductors in a professional and highly disciplined setting. Students are challenged to perform at their musical best throughout the rehearsal period, which culminates with an inspired performance, celebrating the reach of music education statewide.

"The difference between the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project and other programs like it is this: Students come to camp having not seen the music. They learn it with the help of section coaches and the guidance of a conductor. After camp is over, the students then return home and continue to put the finishing touches on the music working from the foundation of camp. As a result, the concert is more than talented students playing together in an ensemble -- it's a musical experience that can never be recreated in any other way," said Tim Wurgler, WSMA program director. "It is this synergy of effort that is the purpose and experience of the WSMA High School State Honors Project," he said.

The WSMA Honors Concerts were open to the public and Wisconsin Public Television will be broadcasting the concert sometime in late November. Please go to wpt.org to watch clips from past and present concerts. For more information about the WSMA State Honors Music Project and other programs, visit www.wsmamusic.org.

RHS Diversity Club hosts Mix-it-Up Lunch at JWMS

Diversity Club

On Friday, October 23rd, students from Rhinelander High School (RHS) Diversity Club visited James Williams Middle School (JWMS) to coordinate an event with students. They participated in a Mix-it-Up Lunch where they had to do things differently than what they normally do at lunch. When they entered the cafeteria they had to pick a color and sit at that corresponding table. The hope is that students will start to understand what it feels like to be out of their comfort zone and what other students might feel like when they don't have a sense of belonging at school. It will also help students connect to each other in ways they haven't before and start new friendships. The Diversity Club students then led discussions with the students about their thoughts and feelings about bullying and acceptance. JWMS is promoting kindness this year in several different ways and this was just one activity to help students become more accepting and understanding of each other.

Crescent Elementary Students Learn About Fire Safety

Fire Safety
Pictured: Mrs. Deitz's first graders toured a fire truck on October 16th.

Students at Crescent Elementary learned about fire safety with the help of the Crescent Volunteer Fire Department on October 16. The students had the opportunity to go into a large fire truck. They were surprised at all of the controls that the fire fighters needed to operate when driving the fire truck.

Then the students went into the Oneida County Fire Safety House. While visiting the fire safety house, the students had to find items that were misplaced. The students found a gasoline can and a rug next to the fire place. In the kitchen, the students also spotted a chair placed close to the stove and paper towels placed directly over a toaster. In turn, firefighters Josh and Tony lead a discussion to why those misplaced items were unsafe in homes.

The students also learned that working smoke detectors save lives. They were reminded to check their smoke detectors for working batteries twice a year.  Students learned that once they are out of a burning building, they should meet their family members at a designated meeting place. Last, students learned that once they are out of a burning building, they should never go back. Thank you to the Crescent Volunteer Fire Fighters for teaching Crescent Elementary students about fire safety.

Hanson's Garden Village Partners With FBLA/DECA To Host Fall Fest

Fall Fest

When looking for help at the 3rd Annual Fall Fest, Hanson's Garden Village asked Rhinelander's local Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA) /DECA. The chapter thought that Hanson's would be a beneficial partner for community service because students could work with both a local business and the community.
Fall Fest was a great way for families with children to celebrate the beautiful fall season.  Hanson's had a Corn Maze, Petting Zoo, Indoor Straw Bale Maze, Pumpkin Patch, a Dog Agility Course, and several 4-H demonstrations.  Concessions such as hot apple cider were a must to stay warm on a chilly autumn day.
FBLA/DECA had over 20 people come to help with the event as community service.  Vice President of Community Service, Faith Bartelt, coordinated with Beth Hanson to make the day successful. Bartelt said, "It was our first time working with Hanson's, but we're excited to continue the partnership, and I know almost all of the members that participated this year asked if they'd be able to help again next year."
Future Business Leaders of America and DECA are both national organizations that Rhinelander High School has combined into one chapter.  The difference between the two organizations is that FBLA's focus is business as a whole, while DECA has more of a marketing slant. For more information about either of the two groups, look at their web pages: http://www.fbla-pbl.org/ and http://www.deca.org/.

Fourth Graders Visit CAVOC

4th Grade CAVOC

On Thursday, October 8th the fourth graders from Central Intermediate School visited the Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC). Students participated in eight different rotations about various outdoor education topics. These included: Tree identification, Aquatic Invasive Species, Terrestrial Invasive Species, nature hike, wolves, team building games, healthy snack, and the Department of Natural Resources. Central staff is extremely grateful for all our community and parent volunteers who helped make the day successful.

Crescent CHAMPS Afterschool Program Celebrates Engineering

Top photo - Brett McKinney talks to students about design and the challenges of engineering. Bottom photo - Keith White discusses the process and meaning of engineering.

As a conclusion to the first two STEM units that the CHAMPS students completed, there were two engineers who came and shared with the students. Mr. Keith White, of AirPro, came and discussed the process and meaning of engineering. Mr. Brett McKinney, of Plane Parts and Flight Talk, talked about design and the challenges of engineering. The entire night held the students attention and lead to some terrific discussion. Next up are lessons taken from NASA!

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Performs at RHS

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

On Wednesday, October 7th, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra performed in front of packed house of Rhinelander students. The night before, they performed for the general public. The annual concerts took place in the Rhinelander High School auditorium.

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is sponsored by the Northwoods Concert Association. The concert is made possible largely in part by a grant from the Jean Simmons estate. This, in addition to other fundraising efforts, make it possible for the student concert to be free and the community concert to be offered at a reduced rate.

Those involved are looking forward to hosting the event again next year.

Crescent Multi-age Students Explore Rhinelander and Take Part in Living Timeline Project

Crescent Living Timeline
Crescent students pose for a picture in front of Rhinelander City Hall.

On September 29, Mrs. Vannatter's 1/2 and Mrs. Bishop's 2/3 Multi-Age Classes from Crescent Elementary explored downtown Rhinelander. The students visited the Pioneer Park Logging Museum, the Oneida County Court House, and they also spoke with Mayor Johns at the Rhinelander City Hall. Students came prepared to ask questions and to hear all about Rhinelander's past to help them with their fall project, "A Living Timeline: Celebrating Rhinelander's History."
The Living Timeline performance was held on October 8th. Many parents and grandparents were present to see the play. The Crescent Multi-Age Classes want to thank Mayor Dick Johns, Mr. Leighton, and all the Pioneer Park volunteers. Some of the characters included Anson Vaughn, Anderson Brown,  John Curran, 1880s school teacher and students, Frederic Rhinelander, and even the Hodag!

Middle School Students Learn About Sign Language

Sign Language

Bobbi Jo Aschebrook recently shared some of her sign language talents with Susan Stefonek's 7th-8th grade elective class Foreign Language in Perspectives at James Williams Middle School. Bobbi Jo, who works in Rhinelander as a sign language interpreter part-time, introduced the 7th and 8th graders to signing the alphabet, basic commands, and some Halloween vocabulary. Bobbi Jo came to class with an interpreter who explained what Bobbi Jo would be showing the class because she is not able to communicate using her voice. Bobbi Jo was born with a hearing impairment and communicates using sign language. The visit was facilitated by Rhinelander Partners in Education and Headwaters, Inc. Day Services.

Baladino Performs for Rhinelander Area Students

Baladino performs as part of their workshops presented to Rhinelander area 4th - 12th graders.

Recently, Rhinelander area 4th - 12th graders took a musical journey through the Mediterranean. The Israeli ensemble Baladino spent a week in the Rhinelander area presenting workshops and culminated the week with a concert at Nicolet College.

"Ladino music is an immigrant music," said Yonnie Dror, one of the group's founding members. "Its story is one of Jewish people who were expelled from Spain and spread throughout the Mediterranean. With them they carried their language, which is basically medieval Spanish. As Ladino Jews moved and founded new communities from North Africa to Greece and Turkey, their songs took on local color."

In addition to sharing the music's history and featuring many different instruments, the ensemble also showcased how music can bridge generations by bringing a fresh and innovative take on this traditional style of music, incorporating a Gypsy groove while embracing rock and electronic influences.

Baladino is one of four international ensembles that will visit the Northwoods under Nicolet College's two-year partnership with Arts Midwest. In January, the progressive French folk group Le Vent du Nord will be in the area for a similar number of performances and workshops.

Arts Midwest World Fest is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and 3M Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Illinois Arts Council Agency, Indiana Arts Commission, Iowa Arts Council, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, Minnesota State Arts Board, North Dakota Council on the Arts, Ohio Arts Council, South Dakota Arts Council, and Wisconsin Arts Board.

First Graders Visit CAVOC

CAVOC First Graders
Pictured: First graders Cody Hall and Adaline Juedes are finding nature items at the forest during a scavenger hunt.

The first graders at Crescent Elementary visited the Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC) on September 30. The first grade teachers lead the students in a variety of activities at CAVOC.

Mrs. Denis' class participated in a scavenger hunt. They searched for gray rocks, sand, a spider web and many other items. The students also collected a variety of items to create critters. Some students made butterflies and cats. The students also played a lifecycle game in which students role played different animals.

Mrs. MacIntyre and Mrs. Houg lead the students in searching for items containing specific colors. Once they found the items, the students graphed the results. After finding a variety of leaves, the students participated in leaf art. The students created many animals. The first graders also learned about gravity by creating an apple volcano and participating in apple stacking.

Ms. Pekoc's students collected many acorns to use in addition story problems. They also read The Giving Tree and learned about the parts of a tree. Before the students went back to school, they wrote about their favorite activity in which they participated at the school forest.

Mrs. Deitz lead the students in a leaf hunt. After each student found ten leaves, they grouped them according to size, color and shape. They used the veins of the leaves and crayons to make leaf rubbings. The first graders also played Bug Bingo.

The first graders enjoyed the beautiful day and awesome facilities at CAVOC by hiking on the groomed trails. They learned how our environment changes in the fall. The students are wondering what the same environment will look like in the winter.

September Super Stars at Central

Central Super Stars

On Wednesday, September 30th, Central Intermediate School held their monthly PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) celebration to recognize excellence with students who are doing great in following the "4 Be's" (Be Here, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful).

The 5th Grade Super Stars and the teacher/classroom they were recognized by are pictured in the top photo (left to right) -- Front Row: Logan Preul (Mr. Young), Brennon Whitburn (Mr. Raleigh). Back Row: MacKenzie Scholz (Ms. Ledgerwood), Gabby Maas (Mr. Bolkema), and Keerstin Lindbom (Ms. Jackson). Not present is Connor Kratwell (Ms. Bodensteiner).

The 4th Grade Super Stars and the teacher/classroom they were recognized by are pictured in the bottom photo (left to right) -- Front Row: Josh Cogar (Ms. Kohlhepp) and Lizzy Snyder (Mr. Walker). Back Row: Will Gretzinger (Mrs. Wendland), Payton Hall (Mrs. Hunter), Mya Krouze (Ms. Shepard) and Sofia Wojnowski (Mr. Marko).

Help Mary Fly!

Mary Poppins
Students from the RHS/NCSS Drama Department practice for the upcoming Mary Poppins performance.

"Anything Can Happen if You Let it." That's a lyric from the upcoming RHS/NCSS Drama Department production of Mary Poppins that the students are enthusiastically learning and rehearsing. The group is very excited to be able to have the rights to produce this musical and they have 28 actors and actresses, about 10 tech kids, a 15 person pit band, and eight adults working tirelessly to make it the best show they've ever done.  
Students are singing, dancing, learning lines, building, painting, organizing costumes, sewing, and laughing a lot.  The play is similar to the Disney movie, but with some interesting differences. One of the most exciting pieces of this production is the opportunity to see some characters fly. This may be a once in a lifetime moment for students in the cast, and maybe audience members too. In order to accomplish this feat, the group must hire a company to train them to operate rental equipment, set up, and oversee throughout the rehearsals and performances.  
The cost of the apparatus is high -- way outside the realm of the annual drama department budget. Because of the high cost, the student group is asking for assistance from the community in the form of a "Help Mary Fly" campaign. If you would like to lend your generosity to these amazingly talented students, there are three methods of doing so:
1) Make a donation in any amount to be applied to the total rental fee and you will be mentioned in the program as a donor.
2) Make a donation in any amount and keep your name anonymous.
3) If you make a large donation and would like to receive recognition/thanks in any other public way, the group is more than happy to accommodate that!
If you would like to make a donation, click here for a donation form, or contact Kristin Higgins by email at higgikri@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or by phone at 715-365-9500. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and support and helping us "Let Anything Happen!"  The RHS/NCSS Drama Department looks forward to performing Mary Poppins on Thursday through Saturday, November 19-21 at 7:00 pm and Sunday, November 22 at 1:00 pm at Rhinelander High School.

Celebrate Bike and Walk to School Day on October 7th

Bike and Walk to School Day

Mark your calendars - October 7, 2015 is Bike and Walk to School Day. It's a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries biking or walking to school on the same day! This year, Northwoods LEAN (Linking Education, Activity and Nutrition) is taking action right here in Oneida and Vilas Counties.  Northwoods LEAN has partnered with area schools to help celebrate the day by offering schools a chance to win $500 by participating in the 100 Mile Challenge.

On the morning of October 7, students are encouraged to bike or walk to school and earn their school 1 mile towards their 100 Mile Challenge. Additional miles will be earned by completing 20 minutes of walking or running throughout the school day. Schools that accumulate 100 miles or more will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $500 incentives for their school.

Biking or walking to school has many benefits for students - it's a great form of exercise, improves joint health, reduces the risk of diabetes, and allows for better academic performance - all of which contribute to the developmental health of children! Biking or walking to school is also better for the environment, and it helps kids learn about safety in the street and how to navigate traffic.  

So spread the word! Gather your friends, family, and classmates and be sure to start the day right by putting your best foot forward and walking or biking to school on October 7, 2015. For more information on Bike and Walk to School Day or the 100 Mile Challenge, please contact Kyla Waksmonski at 715-369-6114.

Grandparents Day at Northwoods Community Elementary School

NCES Grandparents Day

Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) students shared a very special day with some very special people on Friday, September 18th. Grandparents and Grand "friends" were invited to participate in classroom activities, take part in a school visit and to enjoy a special treat with other school families. PAC (Parent Advisory Council) provided cookies, coffee and water for all to enjoy. Families also got to spend some quality time together on the playground. Thank you to all who participated and to those who helped make this event successful.

Antigo Marching Showcase - October 3rd

Marching Band

The Antigo Marching Showcase Will take place on Saturday, October 3rd starting at 6:30 pm at Schofield Stadium in Antigo. The rain location will be the Sheldon Fieldhouse on the campus of Antigo High School. This is a WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) sanctioned event- Festival Class - with a panel of four judges used for critique purposes only. The event will showcase Marching Bands from Antigo Middle School, Lakeland High School, Rhinelander High School, Marathon High School, Merrill High School and Antigo High School.

RHS Gears Up For Homecoming: Activities Announced for 2015

Homecoming 2015

It's that wonderful time of year again! This year's theme for Homecoming is "Come Sea the Beauty of Homecoming 2015." Rhinelander High School (RHS) has one busy schedule for the week of Sunday, October 4th - Saturday, October 10th.

Sunday, October 4th @ 6:30 pm in the RHS Auditorium is the Talent Show hosted by the National Honor Society.

Monday, October 5th @ 7:00 pm is the Boy's Spike Volleyball game in the Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium

Wednesday, October 7th @ 7:00 pm is Girl's Powder-puff game at Mike Webster Stadium

Friday, October 9th @ 2:30 pm - PEP RALLY, 4:00 pm - PARADE, and at 7:00 pm is the Homecoming Game against Antigo at Mike Webster Stadium (Seniors Night as well).

Saturday, October 10th - Homecoming Dance @ 7:00 pm in the Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium
As for RHS Spirit Week, the days go as follows...
Monday: Lazy Day
Tuesday: Beach Day
Wednesday: Twin Day
Thursday: Athletes vs Mathletes
Friday: Green and White Day
Any questions, please contact RHS Teacher Allie Johnson at johnsall@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or 715-365-9500.

Central Intermediate School Celebrates Grandparents Day

Central Grandparents

It was a day of reminiscing and discovery as Central School grandparents spent time with their grandchildren during "Grandparents Day", held at Central School on Friday, September 11. The day was a huge success with over 240 visitors enjoying classroom activities, school tours, and the lunch/recess period with their fourth or fifth grade students. The Central School PAC donated sub sandwiches for grandparents to enjoy as they shared lunch time with their grandchildren. Students from the Central Afterschool Program (CAP) were responsible for decorating the gym, helping with set up, and acting as greeters and guides. A special thank you goes out to MEEMIC Insurance/Stainbrook Agency and WalMart for their generous donations for the day's event.

Crescent School Places Second in Contest - Wins $1,200 for PBIS

Crescent Contest

Crescent Elementary School recently took second place in Trig's Box Tops for Education Facebook Photo Contest. They won $1,200 to be used for their Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program.

Weston Elementary School took first place and won $1,500. Northland Pines placed third and won $1,000. Congratulations to Crescent and to the other winning schools!

Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA 2015-16

FBLA/DECA Officer Team (left to right): Faith Bartelt, Max Holperin, Taylor Trachte, Markus Johnson, Alison Kubeny, Haley Sisel, Gunnar Millot, and Nicki Metropulos.

One of the many student activities at Rhinelander High School is FBLA/DECA. This club prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to Perform on October 6th for Community, October 7th for Students

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, sponsored by the Northwoods Concert Association, will be performing again this year for students in grades 4 - 6. Older students with an interest in music are also invited. The date is set for Wednesday, October 7th  at 9:30 am in the Rhinelander High School (RHS) Auditorium. There is no charge for the concert for students.

The concert for the community is scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th (the night before the student concert) with doors opening at 7:00 pm and the concert starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased prior to the event for a reduced rate of $25 (adults) and $10 (students K-12) at the following locations: Latitude's, Northern Coffee Haus, Rhinelander District Library, Trig's, the Chamber office, and Stoxen Pharmacy. Tickets can be purchased at the door for a price of $30 (adults) and $15 (students K-12).

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra tours the state before their regular concert series that starts in late fall. "They have been performing in Rhinelander for the past 30-40 years," says Northwoods Concert Association board member Mike Wiernasz. The concert is made possible largely in part by a grant from the Jean Simmons estate. This, in addition to other fundraising efforts, make it possible for the student concert to be free and the community concert to be offered at a reduced rate.  

We hope you all enjoy it when the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra comes to town on Tuesday, October 6th!

Open Swim is FREE for the Community

Open Swim

Every Sunday the School District of Rhinelander offers Open Swim in the Heck Family Community Pool (located in Rhinelander High School) FREE to the public!

Enjoy lap swim and/or family time in the Heck Family Community Pool (located in Rhinelander High School) every Sunday from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Whether you're training for swim competitions or you just want to splash around, this time is for YOU! Basketball hoops, rings, noodles, flippers, and other equipment is available. Lap swim is also available.  

Sign in is required. Children ages 10 years and older may swim without a parent (they may be dropped off) if the child is a capable swimmer and follows all pool rules. Anyone under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The pool will be closed: November 29 - Thanksgiving, December 27 - Christmas,  March 27 - Easter,  May 29 - Memorial Day weekend.

Questions about open swim can be directed to Community Education Coordinator Mike Cheslock at 715-365-9745.

Digital Citizenship Tip: One-to-One with Chromebooks


The School District of Rhinelander has implemented a One-to-One learning environment in several of our schools. The district is supplying students in a variety of grade levels with a Chromebook device that is the property of SDR. The supplied instructional device's function will provide each student access to required educational materials needed for each student to be successful. The Chromebook allows student access to Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, Moodle, Google Apps for Education, educational web-based tools, as well as many other useful sites. The supplied device is an educational tool not intended for gaming, social networking or high end computing.

The School District of Rhinelander is dedicated to the goal of putting tools into the hands of students to help support and enhance education. We are excited to offer both opportunities to our students and we have developed guidelines to ensure learning remains the key focus. For additional information and guidelines for our One-to-One Chromebook program please visit the following website.

One-to-One Chromebook -

Check out this video to learn more about Chromebooks. Chromebooks for Education - https://goo.gl/xaafiF

Donors Recognized for Football Field Renovations

Football Donors

There are many improvements happening at Mike Webster Stadium! A new scoreboard has been installed, the field has been expanded to allow for soccer games, the track is being resurfaced to allow for outdoor track practices and meets, new lights have been installed, and the press box has been renamed the "Todd McEldowney Press Center."

These improvements were made possible by the generous contributions of several corporate and private donors. A special thank you goes out to: Hodag Schools Foundation (HSF), the Todd McEldowney family, Musson Brothers Inc., Oettinger Excavating, Aspirus, Rhinelander Toyota, The Athletic Booster Club, The Hodag Grid Iron Club, and the Betty and Jerry White Family. 

A ceremony was held before the RHS Varsity football game on August 28th to recognize the generous donors. The Hodags went on to defeat Wittenberg-Birnamwood 36-0 in the home opener.

Green Bay Packers Autographed Football to be Raffled at the Crescent Elementary School Craft Fair on November 7

Packers Football

On November 7, 2015 from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, the Crescent Elementary School PAC (Parent Advisory Council) has teamed up with Shopko to bring you the 3rd annual craft/home business fair for the holidays to help raise funds for the school.

The craft fair provides an excellent opportunity to (keep it local) by allowing our city to shop with local vendors. After many letters and emails the PAC was able to procure an autographed Green Bay Packers Football from the Green Bay Packers. This football will be raffled off at the craft fair, tickets are $1 each or six tickets for $5. Please come out and support our school.

The event is open to the public. All money raised from raffle ticket sales, bake sale, and vendor registration payments will be used to help the school promote a safe and enriching learning environment. For more information contact Crescent PAC at 715-401-9599 or by email at crescentpac@yahoo.com or visit the website at www.crescentpac.com.

Local Clinics Donate $15,000 Each to Support Athletic Trainer Position at Rhinelander High School

Athletic Trainer

The School District of Rhinelander once again received $15,000 from Ministry Medical Group and $15,000 from Aspirus Clinic to fund the Athletic Trainer position for the upcoming school year. Eric Prom, the Athletic Trainer at Rhinelander High School, tends to all RHS athletes, making sure they are all cared for properly in the event of an injury or concussion. A huge thank you goes out to Aspirus and Ministry for helping to keep our students safe.

Central School Flower Garden

Central Garden

Jajuan Hoskins is pictured with the Central School flower garden. Jajuan was in charge of the flower garden for the last two summers. He did a fabulous job keeping it watered and weeded.

This is the twentieth year for the garden. The garden was started twenty years ago when Beth Hanson from Hanson's Garden Village was in 5th grade at Central School. The Hanson family has continued to help each year with the planning, the delivery of the flowers, and the caretaking of the garden.

Each year, students are asked to come up with a theme for the garden. It usually ends up being some combination of student ideas, the input of staff, and the garden expertise of the Hanson's.

RHS Band Preparing for Homecoming Game

Marching Camp

The Rhinelander High School (RHS) band has been working hard over the past several days learning their show for Homecoming. They will be performing it during half-time at the RHS Varsity football game on October 9th. We hope to see you in attendance at the Homecoming game!

YMCA of the Northwoods and RASTA to Host 2nd Annual Nutty Trail Run on October 3 at CAVOC

Nutty Run

The trails of CAVOC (Cedric A Vig Outdoor Classroom) will come alive with running shoes on Saturday, October 3 as the YMCA of the Northwoods and RASTA (Rhinelander Area Silent Trails Association) host the 2nd Annual Nutty Trail Run. The race will begin at 10:00 am at the trail head of CAVOC and will conclude at the same location. Spectators are encouraged to cheer on the participants throughout the course. The course will be a single lap 5K utilizing the beautiful CAVOC trails and have and have the peak scenery of autumn in the Northwoods.

All pre-registered participants by September 15 will receive an official Nutty Trail Run dri-wick shirt. Awards will be given out at the awards ceremony at 11:00AM to the top three male and female finishers in each age bracket. The 5K race is open to all ages.

Registration is $30 before September 15 and $35 after that date. Like to run in a group? Group rate is available. A group of 10 or more is only $25 per entry; group registrations must be submitted together to receive this rate. For more information or to register, call the YMCA of the Northwoods at 715-362-9622 or visit www.ymcaofthenorthwoods.org. or register at active.com (additional fee).

Rhinelander Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a global organization that provides persons with disabilities year-round sports training and competition. The School District of Rhinelander is getting ready to gear up for the upcoming Special Olympic season.

Individuals who are interested in joining need to be between 8 and 21 years old (enrolled in High School) and identified as having a cognitive delay, or a developmental disability, that is, functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills. The School District of Rhinelander team provides its athletes with training and athletic competitions year round.  Athletes who participate in this organization gain opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience success, and participate in friendships with other Special Olympians through competitions and social events. The team will begin its bowling season September 22 at Hodag Lanes. Athletes must have required Special Olympics paperwork up to date such as a current physical form and release forms in order to practice.

If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please feel free to contact Amy Johnson at johnsamy@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or call 715-365-9120. You can also like us on Facebook at School District of Rhinelander Special Olympics Team. 

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  • School District of Rhinelander
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  • Phone: 715-365-9700