District News

2nd Annual Science Fair

Science Fair

Elementary School CHAMPS 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Program hosted their 2nd Annual Science Fair on Tuesday, May 12th. Families of the students were invited in to witness their children's presentations of the scientific method and various science experiments. CHAMPS teachers created theme-based experiments for the students to learn about and to explore and then each group of students rotated through to learn about 15 total experiments. PreK - Grade 3 students then took their learning and created presentations and displays to share with their families on the Science Fair Family Night.

CHAMPS Safety Day

CHAMPS Safety Day

On May 20th, the Crescent CHAMPS students were taught some important safety lessons. John Gillen from the forest service showed the students what it takes to put out a fire. He had his truck and all his equipment with him. He also talked about the dangers of fire and the respect that it must be given.

Officer Adams from the Oneida County Sheriff's Department talked to the students about personal safety. He explained how and when to dial 911. He also gave an informative talk about drugs and alcohol.

Last, the students worked with the Yell and Tell Safety Program and learned about water safety. They learned how to be responsible and how to take an action if they see something dangerous happening.

James Williams Middle School Art Students Visit Printpack


As a follow up to Mr. Carpenter's Printmaking Unit in 7th grade High Art, students in his class were allowed to visit and tour the new "State of the Art" Printpack facility here in Rhinelander.  

The field trip allowed students to get some exposure to real career options in our community as well as reinforce the educational experience they were also getting in the classroom.  

Thank you to Rhinelander PIE (Partners in Education) for funding the transportation that made the day possible.

Crescent Elementary Library Named for Long Time District Employee - Betty White honored with donation to Hodag Schools Foundation.

Crescent Library
Pictured: Long-time district employee Betty White was honored by HSF with the naming of the Crescent School library.

No matter where it was located, Mrs. White's library was a place where her students could lose themselves reading adventures, surrounded by colorful jungle foliage or safari vehicles and African animals. They might be reading in an igloo or attending a birthday party for the Cookie Monster. The library was the place where Betty White could blend her love of literature with her creativity and her passion to teach children.

Betty can't recall a time when she didn't want to be a teacher. She remembers playing school during recess as she grew up, and she always took the role of the teacher, pretending to write her lesson plans on leaves. Her first actual teaching job was in the same school district where she attended school. At that time, Betty taught second and third grade; in fact her youngest sister was one of her students.

After she married, Betty left teaching to raise her daughter and three sons. A job brought the White family from Laona to Rhinelander, where her husband, Jerry, would become a long-time instructor at Nicolet College. When the White's youngest son entered kindergarten, Joyce Opper, then a Rhinelander School District administrator, called Betty, asking if she would be interested in helping set up the first elementary library in the School District of Rhinelander. She accepted, remembering that she felt she "just had to get back to school."  That job gave Betty the perfect opportunity to combine her creativity and teaching skills.  She loved her job, adding "It was the best - working with the kids, especially kindergarten and first graders. It was a joy."

During her 22 years in the School District of Rhinelander, Betty worked in most of the libraries, but Crescent was her "first library." So it is only appropriate that in honor of Betty White, and in recognition of a donation to the Hodag Schools Foundation, the Library at Crescent School will now be named The Betty White Library.  

This donation, according to HSF Vice President Sue Makris, comes at an important time for The School District of Rhinelander and the community: "It allows HSF to provide additional funds to the District in order make improvements at the Mike Webster stadium by allowing students to be able to use the track for physical education, and provide the community and students a higher quality facility for classes, activities and community events.  "

About the Hodag Schools Foundation:
The Hodag Schools Foundation (HSF) is a volunteer run, non-profit community-based organization. The Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support for quality programs and facilities, benefitting students and promoting excellence in the School District of Rhinelander and the entire community. HSF envisions innovative programming and strong, safe facilities which meet the long-term needs of the School District of Rhinelander and the community. HSF supports the well-being of youth and adults alike, strengthening ties to Hodag alumni and providing opportunities comparable to other communities.

Rhinelander Community Scholarship Award Ceremony - 2015


On Sunday, May 18th, the 28th Annual Rhinelander Community Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at Rhinelander High School. A total of 94 seniors received 179 local scholarships totaling $272,700 from 88 different donors. From those numbers, The Rhinelander Area Scholarship Foundation provided 29 of these scholarships by raising funds throughout the year. The pride of the community, the school and teachers, the students and their families is evident at this event. Rhinelander, as a community, shows tremendous support for our graduates and demonstrates their commitment to give for the good of our graduates.

The Rhinelander Area Scholarship Foundation (RASF) is a non-profit organization that raises funds throughout the year to provide these additional scholarships to make education beyond high school a reality for RHS graduates. The RASF volunteer board of directors was established in 1991 and is dedicated to this cause and is a large part of the Rhinelander Community Scholarship Award Ceremony.
If you are interested in establishing a business, family, class or memorial scholarship, please contact the RHS Student Services office at 715-365-9500 ~ Ext. 8517.

NCES and Nativity 4th Graders Enjoy a Day at Treehaven


Northwoods Community Elementary School and Nativity 4th graders were treated to a day at Treehaven, UWSP's outdoor environmental lab, by means of a generous gift from Jean and Jim Miazga.

Students had an amazing experience learning about canoeing technique by land and water instruction. Students learned nomenclature and paddling techniques and then explored Dragonfly Pond. Students then hiked on a habitat exploration looking for animal homes then creating their own shelter to protect them from storms. Water ph, clarity, and indicator species were studied at the trout stream on the property where students donned waders and used exploration nets to check out the health of our watery stream using ph kits, secchi discs and pond life identifier charts. "Jack the Lumberjack" gave a historical reenactment of lumberjack days involving children in logging camp food, games and the history of logging era.

Thank you, Jim and Jean Miazga, for inspiring young naturalists!

Teacher Appreciation at Pelican

Teacher Appreciation
Pictured: Pelican teachers were recognized by students and other staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.

On Friday, May 1st, the teaching staff at Pelican Elementary was given the red carpet treatment by the Support Staff. They were all called to walk the red carpet, which was flanked by stars bearing their names as nominees of the "Best Educator" category.

When they were all gathered and photos had been taken, the envelope was opened to a surprising twist; it read: "It has been determined, after much consideration, that it is not one teacher, one word, one smile, one helping hand, one style or one anything that forms a child's future. Here at Pelican, we believe that it takes a team, a well-balanced, fully committed team to form the futures of our students. That is why the winner is...Team Pelican!"

The support staff feel that they are part of a very successful team, and would like to congratulate the community members at Pelican and thank them for all they do as: Teachers Forming Futures.

Sixth Grade Students Learn About Electricity

Pictured: Nicolet College instructor Chris Kolasa speaks to students about electricity.

At James Williams Middle School, Merchelle Kolasa's sixth grade students were recently able to apply their knowledge of electricity hands-on thanks to a visit by Nicolet College automotive instructor Chris Kolasa.

Mr. Kolasa brought eight set boards and multi-meters that are used to teach automotive electronics at the college. The sixth grade students were able to build circuits, see how resistance works and how electricity applies to things as ordinary as unlocking their car doors.

RHS Students Compete at DECA International Competition

DECA International
Pictured (l to r): Haley Sisel, Alison Kubeny, Mike Anderson, Morgan Blaser and Erin Tenderholt.

From April 25th through April 29th, five Rhinelander High School students traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference and Competition (ICDC). Students participated in role plays and took tests that prepared them in the field of marketing, finance, hospitality and management. For DECA competitions, students can choose to compete individually or with a partner. From there they can pick a topic of competition that ranges from sports and entertainment marketing to automotive services. Prior to competition all students competing at the state level took a 100 question economic test. At competition, students took another test on either business administration, business management and administration, finance, marketing, or hospitality depending on the event they were competing in. Finally, all students participated in two role plays. Role plays are everyday situations that relate to marketing or management that the students must work through in front of a judge. Students initially performed at the district level earlier this year and then advanced to state in March. From there, five students advanced to compete at internationals. These students traveled to Orlando, Florida at the end of April to compete against over 18,000 students from across the nation as well as countries including: Guam, Canada, Germany, China, Korea, Mexico, and Spain; in each respective category, met new people, and acquired valuable leadership skills. This is Rhinelander's first ever year in DECA and to have five students advance to internationals is incredible.

Mike Anderson, who competed in Personal Financial Literacy, was a top ten International finalist. He earned a medal for his role play and an overall series finalist medal. This was such a huge feat for not only Mike but for Rhinelander High School as well. At state, Mike placed number one in the state of Wisconsin and continued his success at ICDC representing Wisconsin and RHS. Morgan Blaser and Erin Tenderholt also competed at ICDC in the Community Service Project. Haley Sisel competed in Principles of Hospitality Event. Alison Kubeny traveled to Orlando to represent Rhinelander DECA's Emerging Leadership Academy. In this program, she learned how to be confident and how to be a good leader.

This week in Orlando was not all work and no play. With their advisor, Mischell Fryar, some of the highlights of the trip include: spending part of a day at Cocoa Beach, an evening at Universal Studios, learning how to eat crab, and spending time in Downtown Disney. Throughout the entire trip, the group bonded and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Both advisors, Mischell Fryar and Patrick Kubeny, could not have been more proud of their students. Advancing to DECA ICDC is not an easy feat and placing top ten is incredibly difficult. For it being the first year ever for RHS students competing in DECA, taking home some medals from ICDC is such an accomplishment. Both advisors are very proud of everyone who competed in DECA this year and are excited for what is to come next year in both FBLA and DECA. If you would like to make a donation to assist with the financial costs for the five students who attended ICDC or have any questions, please contact adviser Mischell Fryar at 715-365-9500 or fryarmis@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

Special Olympics Competes at Regionals

Special Olympics
Pictured: Members of the Rhinelander Special Olympics team.

This past Saturday, May 9th, the School District of Rhinelander Special Olympics team traveled to Merrill to compete in Regionals Track and Field. Everyone had a great time and did their best. Listed below are the athletes with their events they competed in and how they scored:

    Gabe White (6th in softball and 2nd in 100M run)
    Sarec Trudeau (7th in softball and in 50M run)
    Miguel Gonzalez (7th in softball and 5th in 100M run)
    Paige Appling (7th in softball and 6th in 100M run)
    Max Everhart (4th in softball and 8th in 100M run)
    Devon Stanley (3rd in softball and 7th in 100M run)
    Hannah Karstedt (2nd in softball and 1st in 50M run)
    Keegan Marko (6th in turbo jav, 3rd in shot and 2nd in 100M run)
    Krystal Kriesel (2nd in softball and 6th in 100M run)
    James Michniak (6th in softball and 1st in 100M run)

The following four athletes qualified for State, which will be held June 4th - 6th at UW Stevens Point. James Michniak in the 100M run, Krystal Kriesel in the softball throw, Hannah Karstedt qualified in the 50M run and the softball throw and Keegan Marko qualified in the 100M run and the shot put. Great job to all the athletes! Good luck at State!

Italy 2016 to Host Rummage and Bake Sale Fundraisers

Italy 2016
Pictured: A photo from 2013 shows two RHS students and teacher Linda Goldsworthy standing in front of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

With less than 11 months remaining until they leave for Europe, Rhinelander High School's Italy 2016 group is working hard to raise funds.

The month of May will include several fundraisers for the Italy 2016 trip.

Events on the docket include a rummage and bake sale on May 9 from 8-3 p.m. at the Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium, a Bessey's Meat Market gift certificate raffle, and a Hanson's Garden Village Hanging Flower Basket sale.

The rummage sale will include items from 10+ families as well as donors from around the Northwoods.  

"We are trying something new this year.  Rather than price every item, we will be asking buyers to make an offer on the majority of items.  I've never done a rummage sale this way, but I've been assured that they are very successful," admits trip leader and RHS social studies teacher Linda Goldsworthy.  

The group will also accept rummage donations at the high school from 3:30-5:30 pm.

This will mark the 4th rummage sale sponsored Goldsworthy's overseas travel groups.  These events have allowed students to make foreign travel affordable.  Between the 2013 and 2015 trips, students raised over $45,000.

Students earn money through both group and individual fundraisers.  Participants in the Europe 2015 trip participated in nearly 20 different money-raising events.

"Families have to pick and choose which things work best for them.  Some kids simply don't feel comfortable selling items from a catalog.  Others are great at selling raffle tickets.  For those who'd rather work, volleyball concessions and popcorn sales are always an option.  I'm always open to new ideas," explained Goldsworthy about the various methods she employs.  

"We raised nearly $26,000 for our last trip, and one of our students actually raised over 75% of her trip costs," she continued.

Having traveled to Germany, the USSR and China while she was in college thanks to the kindness of alumni donations and working several part-time jobs, Goldsworthy understands that travel abroad is not cheap, but she also feels an obligation to expose students to the world much like one of her college professors did.

"My trip was a life-changing experience. I actually witnessed the changes taking place in the USSR under Gorbachev. But I couldn't have gone on my trip in 1991 without the help of others, and I believe in paying if forward.  By organizing and offering so many fund-raising opportunities, I hope I am doing this," says Goldsworthy.

Goldsworthy, along with fellow staff members Lynn Lintereur, Fred Lintereur and Allie Johnson, have led two Europe-based trips so far.  The first took place in 2013 with a trip to Italy that included Venice, Florence and Rome.  The second, Europe 2015, included visits to London, Stonehenge, Caen, the D-Day Beaches, the Loire Valley and Paris.  The two trips ranged in costs between $3,900 and $4,200.  

According to Goldsworthy, the price tag for the trips is the main reason she fundraises.  "I think having students earn money toward the trip makes it much more meaningful.  They also learn to appreciate the value of a dollar."

Currently 16 students are signed up for the 2016 trip which includes Venice, Florence, Rome and Pompeii.  Teacher chaperones for the trip are Goldsworthy, social studies teacher Matt Knott and English teacher Sara Stieve.

"The deadline for signing up and paying in full is December 1, 2015,  but the best time to start fundraising is now," according to Goldsworthy.

Cost for the 2016 9-day trip is $4,238 if signed up by June 1, 2015.  

For more information on the trip or on sponsoring a student grant/scholarship, please contact Goldsworthy at 715-365-9500 x8246 or goldslin@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

RHS Teams Compete at State Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl

FICB State
Team 1 (top photo, left to right) - Scott Sedlacek, Mike Anderson, Brendan McGuire, and Megan Haug. Team 2 (bottom photo, left to right) - Brianna Gilbert, Morgan Blaser, Riley Aschenbrenner, and Max Holperin.

Rhinelander High School qualified two teams to compete in the 6th annual statewide finals for the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl (FICB) in Milwaukee on April 29, 2015. Fun, informative and exciting, the FICB is an interactive educational game designed to help promote financial literacy and awareness among youth. Using a quiz show format, the game challenges high school students and tests their knowledge about personal finance, business, economics and current events.

The top 14 regional winners from around the state competed to determine the overall state champion. There were 142 total teams in the FICB this year and Rhinelander High School had two teams make it all the way to the elite eight. This is the first time Rhinelander High School qualified two teams to compete at the statewide finals.

The first round of play was for seeding purposes and Rhinelander earned a number 5 seed with the team of Mike Anderson, Brendan McGuire, Scott Sedlacek, and Megan Haug. The team of Riley Aschenbrenner, Brianna Gilbert, Morgan Blaser, and Max Holperin secured the number 10 seed out of the field of 14. The 5th seeded team easily defeated Oshkosh North in the first round of competition and the 10th seeded team came from behind in a nail biter to beat a better seeded team from Stanley Boyd on the very last question.

Rhinelander's 5th seeded team was defeated in the quarterfinals by a team from Monroe which eventually placed 3rd overall. The 10th seeded team from Rhinelander had another very close match that also came down to the last question; however, this time they came up short as they were defeated by the eventual overall statewide champion, Neenah High School. A team from DC Everest was the statewide runner-up this year and a team from Madison LaFollette finished in fourth place.

James Williams Middle School Holds Annual 3K Run and Tug-of-War Event

3K and Tug

On Wednesday, April 29th, James Williams Middle School (JWMS) held its annual 3K Run and Tug-of-War event. The results of the 3K race are as follows:

Top Ten Girls

1. Isabelle Haverkampf, Grade 7
2. Jade Forster, Grade 7
3. Rebecca Lawrence, Grade 6
4. Madeline Losch, Grade 7
5. Autumn Pond, Grade 6
6. Madison Jorgensen. Grade 6
7. Lexi Morrison, Grade 7
8. Raven Sturtevant, Grade 8
9. Mattia Beske, Grade 8
10. Savannah Chartier, Grade 8

Top Ten Boys

1. Bridger Flory, Grade 8
2. Josh Randolph, Grade 8
3. Nate Cogar, Grade 8
4. Brock Lieder, Grade 8
5. Freddy Wisner, Grade 8
6. Abe Laggis, Grade 7
7. Jacob Weddle, Grade 6
8. Anthony Kowalski, Grade 8
9. Russell Benoy, Grade 8
10. Brandon Kolasa, Grade 8

The Tug-of-War event took place in the afternoon and featured grade level teams and also a students vs. staff challenge. A great time was had by all. JWMS staff plans to continue the tradition next year. 

NCSS to Host 10-Year Anniversary Party on May 12th

NCSS Anniversary

Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS) is having a 10-Year Anniversary Party on May 12 at CAVOC from 4:00-8:00 pm. The party is open to anyone, but it's geared towards former NCSS students, families and staff. There will be food, entertainment, speakers, music, activities and camaraderie. Anyone planning to attend must RSVP to Kristin Higgins at 715-365-9500 ext. 8113 before May 1.

Music Stands Purchased with Anonymous Donation

Music Stands

School District of Rhinelander Band Directors Adair Sexton and Connie Piasecki would like to thank the anonymous donor of $500 to the James Williams Middle School Band Program, specified for music stand purchase. The band program was able to buy 12 Manhasset music stands with this money. These stands will replace the stands that are wearing out and are not able to be repaired. Most of the current stands were purchased in the 1970's. We appreciate your support of our program through this very generous donation.

Central Library Comes Alive with Makerspace Movement

Makerspace Movement
Central students take time to pose for a picture before engaging in a map activity with laptop computers.

Students at Central Intermediate School are enjoying the growing nationwide makerspace movement that is transforming school libraries from once silent book repositories into more vibrant, technology-driven, hands-on learning commons. Central School students enjoy a variety of self-directed activities during their weekly visits to the LMC such as playing board games with classmates, becoming familiar with the intricacies of computer coding, building with marble mazes and Legos, or creating book reviews using iPad apps. The STEM-based makerspace movement encourages creative problem-solving through hands-on activities and what better place to do that than in the school library. "Makerspaces in the library show students that their library is truly a place of possibilities," says Central School library staff.

Diversity Club Sponsors Dignity Revolution Week

Dignity Revolution
Positive Shining Stars were displayed on the trophy case at RHS to recognize Dignity Revolution Week.

On March 4th, Bob Lenz spoke to Rhinelander High School and Northwoods Community Secondary School students and staff about the Dignity Revolution, an anti-bullying movement focused on standing up for the value of every person. He challenged all students and staff to reevaluate the worth and value of life, every life, and join together to stand up against society's system for basing value. During the week of April 20th through April 24th, The Diversity Club responded to that challenge by hosting Dignity Revolution Week.

Dignity Revolution Week began by encouraging everyone to Shine as Bright as a Star. Students and staff were asked to write a positive comment on a star for someone who has been a positive impact on them. Every student and staff member at RHS and NCSS had a Positive Shining Star displayed on the Trophy case in the commons.  

That Thursday morning, indigo-colored ribbons were placed on every fifth locker. These ribbons reminded us that one in every 5 students is being bullied at any given time. Bob Lenz tells us, "No matter what people have done to you, no matter how you have been treated, no matter what has been said to you or what mistakes you have made, you have not lost your VALUE!" Announcements throughout the week featured quotes from Bob Lenz regarding the Dignity Revolution.  

Finally, students and staff were encouraged to keep the Dignity Revolution going by signing the Dignity Pledge Card handed out that Friday. Bob Lenz tells us, "People are to be cherished and loved, not used. Things are to be used, not cherished and loved.  We can have an unshakeable identity and have the personal power to do the next right thing. It is never too late to do the right thing!"

RHS Students Attend State FCCLA Leadership Conference

Pictured (Back Row from Left): Ms. Melissa Conway, Elli Laggis, Karli Doughty, Cayla Fritz, Josie Berry, Emma Alonso, and Mrs. Betsey Perkins. Front row from left: Emily Kadlec, Sam Rocha, Ariannah Kelter, and Braeden Bell.

Nine students along with their advisors attended the State FCCLA Leadership conference at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells from April 13 to April 15, 2015. Competing in events ranging from Culinary to Recycling and Redesigning, students presented their projects to judges. Medals  for the nine included 3 golds, 4 silver and 2 bronze. FCCLA (Family Consumer Community Leaders of America) is the companion career and technology student organization for Family and Consumer Sciences.

Jump Rope for Heart at Crescent Elementary

Jump Rope for Heart

Once again Crescent Elementary School participated in Jump Rope for Heart. This year the kids did an amazing job raising funds for those born with hearts that don't work as well as their own. The goal had been to raise $2,500 and they ended up raising $3,353. The top fundraiser was Madalyn Marten. She raised $433 all on her own. Rylie Gilbert, who was raising money in honor of her grandfather who died of heart disease, raised $365. Aliyah Stroik raised $265, Carlee Kudabek raised $160, Leander Sprekel raised $140 and Gabe Kennedy raised $107. Thank you to all who worked hard at raising money for this worthwhile cause.

RHS Students Compete at FBLA State

FBLA State
Pictured: Some RHS students placed very high in the State FBLA competition.

From April 12 through April 14, thirty members of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended the FBLA State Leadership Conference. The two day conference had workshops and tours for members to attend to increase their business knowledge. Students also had the opportunity to compete in business related events, vote on next year's state officers, and participate in programs and seminars such as Project Lead. For competition, students either choose to take a test on related business topics such as business calculations, accounting or personal finance or students can design a presentation or speech for events such as desktop publishing or public speaking.

Of the 28 members that competed at FBLA state, two students will proceed to compete at the national level this summer. These students will travel to Chicago, Illinois to compete against other FBLA competitors from all across America, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future through workshops and exhibits. Janice Luu, who competed in Healthcare Administration, took third place and will be competing at FBLA Nationals. The second student to qualify for FBLA Nationals is Ian Bishop, who competed in Computer Problem Solving and took fourth place.

Other students who received recognition were Ian Bishop who placed third in an open event of web 2.0. Gunnar Millot placed fourth in Sales Presentation. Luke Roberts, Brittany Haker, and Brandon Reinthaler took fifth place in Sports and Entertainment Management and Morgan Blaser and Alison Kubeny placed fifth in the Community Service Project. Tait Spencer took sixth place in Networking Concepts. Scott Sedlacek took seventh place in Business Calculations and Morgan Blaser took seventh place in Public Speaking II. Finally, Kaly Kostrova, Hannah Stroede, Lauren Fabich, and Jenna Cogar placed seventh in Parliamentary Procedures.

Taylor Kriesel and Faith Bartelt participated in Project L.E.A.D.  This program provided students with hands-on opportunities to further develop their abilities to be a leader while still maintaining a sense of teamwork within a group - this allowed students to learn the importance of putting the betterment of the group before his/her own needs. Alison Kubeny served as a voting delegate and was responsible for casting a ballot in determining the next FBLA state officers.

Overall, advisors Mischell Fryar and Pat Kubeny were very impressed with how the students performed at FBLA State.  To have so many students place in their events was a huge achievement for the Rhinelander chapter. To top off the day's accomplishments, Rhinelander's chapter also took first place in the State Community Service Project award, a huge feat for the school of Rhinelander. Both advisors are very proud of everyone who competed at FBLA and are excited for what is to come at nationals. If you have any questions regarding FBLA or would be interested in supporting the FBLA students as they advance to the national competition, please contact Mischell Fryar or Pat Kubeny at (715)-365-9500 or fryarmis@rhinelander.k12.wi.us or kubenpat@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

Students, Community Attend Rainforest Presentation


Crescent Elementary students, as well as many Rhinelander community members, were treated to an Understanding Wildlife presentation by Mr. Mike (Kohlrieser) on Friday, April 17th.

During the day, Crescent students, staff, and visitors were introduced to Kelly, a trained blue and gold 22 year old Macaw that flew around the gym several times. Charlie, a Panama Amazon, only a year old said "hello" and is starting to repeat noises and sounds. A 13 year old striped king snake felt cool and dry according to kindergarten teacher Mrs. Smith, who is an animal lover. Mr. Mike took out a handful of other snakes that included a corn snake and handed them over to Mrs. Smith, too. Two kinkajous named Jack and Jill, that can hang by their tails, as well as Logo, a toucan that has a diet of 90% fruit, and a capuchin monkey on a leash named Fresco also made appearances. Mr. Mike's rainforest presentation promoted the message that all of us should recycle and take care of our Earth.

Later that evening, a comprehensive, and very entertaining and informative presentation was offered to the entire community. The RHS auditorium was full to the max. The Rhinelander community is still buzzing about the many things they learned and experienced last Friday.

Understanding Wildlife is the non profit group that put on the amazing day's worth of events. Marcia and Mike Kohlrieser manage the organization. They showed that they really care about teaching students and families that everyone can make a difference, and that every animal has an important role to play in our environment. A huge thank you goes out to the entire Understanding Wildlife crew!

RHS Student Recognized as Local "My Favorite Teacher Award" Winner

My Favorite Teacher
Mrs. Linda Goldworthy (left) and Amelia Fehlen (right).

Last Saturday, Amelia Fehlen (RHS Junior) was recognized as the local winner of the Barnes and Noble "My Favorite Teacher Award". Amelia wrote a letter to RHS teacher Mrs. Linda Goldsworthy and submitted the letter to Barnes and Noble without Mrs. Goldsworthy's knowledge. Linda was indeed moved to tears when she learned that Amelia had won, and that the letter was written about her. 

RHS Students Advance in Welding Competition

Welding Competition

On Friday, April 10, six young men from Rhinelander High School traveled to Nicolet College with their instructor Adam Schmidt, to compete for one of twenty spots in the finals for the Nicolet Area Technical College Welding Competition.

The competition hosted the best welders from eleven different area high schools. Three students from Rhinelander are moving on to the finals on Friday, April 17th. The students who competed were Brandon Alsteen, Kyle Mork, Zach Cline, Logan Johnson, Sam Olson, and Cole Jensen. The students who are moving on to the finals this Friday are Zach Cline, Kyle Mork, and Brandon Alsteen.

Congratulations to all the boys for competing and the three who are moving on. Rhinelander High School has had a great history with the welding competition. The school has earned 1st place finishes the last two years in a row and always has students finish in the top few.

JWMS Students Recognized in Helen Mears Art Contest

Helen Mears Contest
All contest participants with art teacher Brian Carpenter (back row, left).

On Tuesday, April 7th, students from James Williams Middle School were honored for submitting work to the annual Helen Mears Art Contest sponsored by the Rhinelander Woman's Club. The following students were awarded:

Ella Mullikin (Best of Show), Raven Sturtevant (1st Place Drawing & 1st Place Sculpture), Connor Lund (3rd Place Drawing), Emma Wendt (Honorable Mention Sculpture), Emily Brod (Participation Award), Madison Carpenter (Particaption Award), Nikki Jensen (Participation Award), and Olivia Turgeon (Participation Award).

All student artwork will be on display until Sunday, April 19 at ArtStart in downtown Rhinelander across from McDonalds.

RHS Students Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Students and staff pose in front of a giant oxcart in the town of Sarchi, one of the most iconic symbols of the art in Costa Rica.

From San Jose to the cloud forest of Monteverde, swimming in the hot springs of the Arenal volcano, to the beaches in Manuel Antonio Park on the Atlantic Ocean, this group of students led by Mara Krueger, Matt Knott, Becky Blaser and David Ditzler, learned what "Pura Vida" really means in Costa Rica.

The group of 13 RHS students left the night of March 27, and had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the biodiversity and Arts that Costa Rica has to offer. Students created a piece of art after listening to the history and techniques in an oxcart manufacturing area, learned about the country history and folk music to perform later with local school children, who were extremely happy with our school supply donation, followed by the Spanish directions of Sra. Mireya to bake a local delicacy.

The group arrived early on April 6th after exploring and learning so much about numerous plants and species endemic to Costa Rica that contribute to their incredible habitat while traveling to the north, east and south of the country, and especially in the rainforest.

The trip targeted Spanish language that students practiced with the locals, culture awareness, and global citizenship, and the group learned a great about recycling, preservation, educational policies and a new perspective of national defense.

NCES "Top Milers" Receive Recognition

Top Milers
Pictured (l to r): Front Row - Brooke Lawton, Tessa Baker, and Hunter Bell. Back Row - Tes Shrader, Hunter Lawton, and Noah Bell. Missing is William Reynolds.

As part of a healthy initiative, Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) students participate in a "Mileage Club" during  recess time. Students check out a pedometer and choose to run, walk or just play. They record their mileage and at the end of each quarter, the "Top Milers" are awarded with a certificate and the honors of their names being added to the "Top Milers" Award Board, which is displayed in the entryway of the school. If their record is not beaten in the next quarter, their names stay up.

"Top Milers" for 3rd Quarter include 4Ker William Reynolds, Kindergartener Tessa Baker, 1st Grader Hunter Bell, 2nd Grader Brooke Lawton, 3rd Grader Noah Bell, 4th Grader Hunter Lawton, 5th Grader Tes Shrader.

As a school goal, students are trying to "Walk to Disney", which is approximately 1500 miles. When that goal is reached, students will participate in a "Disney" themed celebration day.

Two teams from RHS Qualify for FICB Statewide Finals

Back row L to R: Morgan Blaser, Brianna Gilbert, Riley Aschenbrenner, and Max Holperin. Front row L to R: Michael Anderson, Scott Sedlacek, and Brendan McGuire, Missing is Megan Haug.

Rhinelander High School qualified two teams for the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl (FICB) state finals at the third annual Northwoods Regional at Nicolet College in Rhinelander on March 25, 2015. The FICB is a live, college-bowl tournament where teams compete to determine regional champions to compete in the statewide finals to be held at Manpower world headquarters in Milwaukee, WI on April 29, 2015. Several teams from Northland Pines (consolation winner), Three Lakes, and Crandon also participated in the event this year.

This is the first time Rhinelander has qualified two teams for the state finals by winning both first and second place. The second place team is Riley Aschenbrenner, Morgan Blaser, Brianna Gilbert, and Max Holperin. The first place team of the Northwoods regional is Michael Anderson, Brendan McGuire, Scott Sedlacek, and Megan Haug. These two teams will compete against the other regional winners from around the state of Wisconsin. Those teams are: Neenah High School, Oshkosh North High School,DC Everest High School, Stanley-Boyd High School, two teams from Wilmot Union High School, Madison LaFollette High School, Monroe High School, Milwaukee Pius Xl High School, and Cudahy High School.

Crescent Big Top 4-Ring Circus


March's PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Universal Celebration caused laughter and merriment to reign supreme, as Crescent Elementary School held its second annual "Crescent Big Top 4-Ring Circus" on Friday, March 20th. Teachers and students were chosen to perform amazing feats of silliness for each other, the rest of the school, and those family and community members joining them in the audience. Every student decorated a circus mask to wear as a hat or a necklace, whether performing or cheering. Also, the students and teachers wore color-matching clothing with their reading buddies to create ribbons of color throughout the gymnasium. Principal Kelly Huseby led the festivities as the Ring Master, while participants "monkeyed around" on trikes, "elephant-nosed" pom-pom balls, "pony-pulled" scooters, "lion-leapt" through hoops, and "seal-bounced" or "clown-popped" balloons.

Next month's scheduled PBIS Universal Celebration, "The Rain Forest Is Coming”, will be held on April 17th at 1:30, in honor of Earth Day.  See you there!

Preparing for Prom

Prom 2015
Members of the Prom court begin preparing for the 2015 event.

The members of the Rhinelander High School Junior Prom Court are busy planning Prom, which will take place on Saturday, April 25. The dance starts at 8:00 pm and will last until midnight, with the Grand March at 10:00 pm. This years’ court includes, for the boys: Brandon Reinthaler, Mike Laska, Ryan Kovac, Tra’vel Boykin, Mitchell Modic, Dominic Huber and Colton Drescher; the girls: Jenna Cogar, Kali Lund, Marissa Kaster, Brianna DeNamur, Finlee Saari, Karli Doughty, and Hannah Arbuckle. The Prom Court of 2015 is thrilled to announce the theme, “A Forever Frozen Night.” Lots of planning has begun in efforts to decorate the Jim Miazga gym on April 25th. The theme colors are blue and silver with accents of white and black. Members are working hard to make sure this is a night that no one will forget. Prom court will be soliciting funds from the community in order for the event to take place. Ticket sales will begin on April 6th.

RHS Invades London

London Trip
RHS students in front of Buckingham Palace.

London is no longer a stranger to 25 Rhinelander High School students who are seen here in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace on Saturday, March 28.
Lead by teachers Linda Goldsworthy, Lynn Lintereur, Fred Lintereur and Allie Johnson, the group spent over 18 months raising nearly $26,000 to assist with the trip's costs.  

The group arrived in Caen, France on Sunday after a rather rough ride across the turbulent English Channel.  Earlier in the day, the group visited Stonehenge.   

The group will return to Rhinelander on Friday after visiting the D-day Beaches, The Loire Valley and Paris.

The group is planning a trip to Italy in 2016. For more information on that opportunity, please contact Goldsworthy at goldslin@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

RHS Students Compete at DECA State

DECA State

From March 10th to March 12th, 15 Rhinelander High School students traveled to Lake Geneva to compete at the DECA State level. Students participated in roleplays and took tests that prepared them in the field of marketing, finance, hospitality and management. For DECA competitions, students can choose to compete individually or with a partner. From there they can pick a topic of competition that ranges from sports and entertainment marketing to automotive services. Prior to competition all students competing at the state level took a 100 question economic test. At competition, students took another test on either business administration, business management and administration, finance, marketing, or hospitality depending on the event they were competing in. Finally, all students participated in two roleplays. Roleplays are everyday situations that relate to marketing or management that the students must work through in front of a judge. Medals are awarded to students for earning high scores in their test or either role play as well as placing top then in their event.  

Of the 15 students that competed, four students qualified to compete at DECA International Career Development Conference and Competition (ICDC). These students will travel to Orlando, Florida at the end of April to compete against over 10,000 students from across the nation as well as countries including: Guam, Canada, Germany, China, Mexico, and Spain; in each respective category, meet new people, and acquire valuable leadership skills. Morgan Blaser and Erin Tenderholt, who competed in the Community Service Project Event, took fifth place and will be competing in Orlando. Erin Tenderholt also competed and qualified in her second event: Automotive Services Marketing Event where she took fourth place overall. Mike Anderson, who competed in the Personal Financial Literacy Event, took first place overall in the state and qualified to compete at ICDC. The final student to qualify for international competition was Haley Sisel in the Principles of Hospitality Event and she took fourth overall. Alison Kubeny, however, will also travel to Orlando, Florida and represent Rhinelander in DECA's Emerging Leadership Academy. She applied for this position and was selected by the State DECA adviser to represent Wisconsin at the academy.

Seven other students also came home with some hardware as well. Max Holperin earned a medal in his test in the Principles of Business Administration Event. Morgan Blaser and Brianna Gilbert both earned a medal in one of their roleplays in their event of Sports and Entertainment Team Marketing. Brendan McGuire and Jessie Swearingen both earned a medal for the score on their test in their event of Hospitality Team Marketing. The final team to win medals actually came home with two medals each. Brianna DeNamur and Taylor Trachte won a medal for their test and role play in the Travel & Tourism Team Marketing Event.

Overall, advisors Mischell Fryar and Pat Kubeny were very impressed with how the students performed at DECA State. For it being the first year ever that Rhinelander high schoolers have competed in DECA, taking home so many medals and qualifiers is such an accomplishment. Both advisors are very proud of everyone who competed at DECA and are excited for what is to come at internationals. If you would like to make a donation to assist the five students attending ICDC or have any questions, please contact adviser Mischell Fryar at 715-365-9500 or fryarmis@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

RHS Green Shades Jazz Ensemble at SHAZZ

Green Shades

Rhinelander High School's Green Shades Jazz Ensemble participated in the Shawano High School Jazz Festival (SHAZZ) this past Saturday. Green Shades received one of the four Outstanding Band awards given out that day. There were 20 bands that participated from around the state. Also acknowledged was Faith Bartelt for outstanding soloist. She joined guest clinicians (Eric Marienthal and Andy Martin) on stage at the finale concert. Ben Sawyer and Duncan Seidel also received certificates for solos.

Annual Science Fair at Central School

Science Fair
Pictured (l to r): Fifth graders Arianna Dimmick and Sarec Trudeau.

Central Intermediate School held its annual science fair on Thursday evening, March 19 and Friday morning, March 20. The gymnasium was abuzz with 65 participants and their projects on display covering a variety of topics.  Participation was optional and each participant received a science medal and certificate of participation. The fourth and fifth grade students worked on their projects at home and family involvement was encouraged.

Staff Defeat Students in Annual Basketball Contest

Basketball Game
Members of the student team (top) and members of the staff team (bottom). Photos courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

The School District of Rhinelander staff team recently defeated a team of RHS students in the annual Students vs. Staff basketball game at the Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium. The final score was 55-28 in favor of the staff. Despite a lopsided result on the scoreboard, everyone had a great time and the plan is to continue with the event next year.

Battle of the Books 2015

Battle of the Books
Pictured (l to r): Samuel Fehlen, Jacob Weddle, Ben Kubisiak.

Battle of the Books, sponsored by the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA), is a reading competition that encourages quality reading, team spirit and competition. This year students from James Williams Middle School (JWMS) and Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS), coached by Ellie Rumney and Laura Tooke, participated in the statewide competition. They started preparation in November and met frequently to discuss their books, play games, and build the teams' knowledge of the 20 titles.

In January, they had to narrow down their state competitive team through a mock battle where students had to answer a series of questions about their books. Schools were represented in the online state competition by Jacob Weddle, Samuel Fehlen, and Ben Kubisiak. They competed online with their knowledge of the titles against 134 other middle school teams in the state during the last week of February.

The students were enthusiastic and worked very hard to prepare for the competition. Their hard work paid off, and they tied for 8th place against all the teams in the state. Reading a variety of books, paying attention to detail, memorizing title and author, and learning to work together, were valuable experiences for the teams.

38th Annual Student Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition
Pictured (l to r): Sydney Brown, Lisa Kennedy, Elizabeth Weddle and Maya Paulson.

8th grade students Maya Paulson, Elizabeth Weddle and Sydney Brown, and 6th grade student Lisa Kennedy were selected for participation of the 38th Annual Student Art Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau. All four students created beautiful artworks, varying from Drawings to Paintings, which graced the gallery at its formal exhibition opening.  

This exhibition is open to schools located only in Central Wisconsin. Its purpose is to recognize and display the original and creative classroom artwork done by students in grades 5-8. Each student received a Certificate of Merit that signifies having an original artwork displayed in the Student Art Exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum.

Artwork was professionally displayed by the Woodson Art Gallery from March 7 to April 4. The opening reception took place on March 7 for participating artists, their families and friends and art teachers from 12-2. The opening displayed over 150 colorful and imaginative works from students from a total of 40 participating schools and art programs.

A huge congratulations and high five for our participating JWMS Art students! Well done!

Central 5th Graders Visit Ski Brule

Ski Brule

On Friday, March 13, Central 5th grade students ventured to Ski Brule in Iron Mountain, Michigan. It was a spectacular day for all involved. The trip was organized by Physical Education teacher Charlie Volk. The Ski How program included rentals, basic lessons, lift tickets, and lunch. Students persevered throughout the day, improving their skiing skills. For many, this was their first skiing experience. Central staff appreciates the help of all the chaperones and the Ski Brule staff.

Read Across America Celebration at Crescent Elementary School

Read Across America

Crescent Elementary students and staff celebrated Read Across America on March 2nd by participating in a week of Seuss-erific activities.

On Monday, students and staff celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by coming to school dressed as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and created a mural of their favorite Seuss books. Tuesday was funky sock day in honor of the book Fox in Socks. Wacky Wednesday allowed students the opportunity to showcase their wackiest outfits and participate in a wacky search and find during lunch for prizes. An all school "Drop Everything and Read" was held 5 times throughout the day to allow students the opportunity to  read to their stuffed animal. Finally, to carry on the traditions in the Sleep Book, students and staff kicked back in their PJs and watched a 21st century version of a Dr. Seuss classic.

National History Day

National History Day
NCSS 6th graders Megan Hoffhein (left) and Skylar Peitsch (right) display their exhibit.

Recently, 26 Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS), Rhinelander High School (RHS), and James Williams Middle School (JWMS) students traveled to Stevens Point for the regional National History Day tournament. Several district students advanced to State and won awards.

Moving on to State...

From NCSS - Megan Hoffhein and Skylar Peitsch with their junior group exhibit "Eugene Shepard and the Hodag."

From JWMS - "How Henry Ford Changed the World" website by Nick Kriesel and Nick Schiek. "Performance on Elizabeth Blackwell" by Emily Radke, Carleene Morien, Isabelle Haverkampf, and Emma Squires.

Special Awards...

Megan Hoffhein and Skylar Peitsch - Wisconsin History Award. Jed Dart and Julio Ridgley - Variety of Sources Award.

Mad Money 2015

Mad Money
Pete Vanney from Nicolet College and Leadership Oneida County shakes hands with RHS senior Morgan Blaser after a mock interview session.

On Tuesday, March 3, Partners in Education (PIE), in collaboration with Leadership Oneida County (LOC) and the School District of Rhinelander, hosted the annual Mad Money event at Rhinelander High School.

This year's event was a bit different than in previous years. This year, event organizers took a one year hiatus from the traditional Mad Money format, as they transition it to be a senior level event. Six different sessions were offered for seniors to rotate through to learn employability skills - mock interviews, resume writing, marketing yourself, understanding your paycheck, financial game of life and customer service.

Previously, Mad Money, a budget simulation activity for students, was offered to the junior class. In hopes of better aligning with the needs of the high school and their curriculum, Rhinelander Partners in Education will transition the Mad Money event to be a senior class activity. In future years, PIE will combine the successful Mad Money event with this new employability skills session, to offer a full day of activities for students. Event organizers thank all volunteers for their flexibility during this transition.

RHS Mock Trial Team Places Third at State

Mock Trial
Front: Senior co-captains, Erin Tenderholt and Mike Anderson. Middle: Juniors, Anna Catlin, Jarod Hoha, and Emily Ditzler. Back: Sophomores, Ellie Rickman, Sydney Schallock, and Albiona Sabani.

For just the third time in more than a decade, the Rhinelander High School Mock Trial team failed to reach the Finals in the State Tournament this past weekend in Madison.  In semi-final action at the Dane County Courthouse, the RHS team won matches against River Valley, River Falls, and Brookfield Academy, but suffered split-decision loss to Shorewood, ultimately placing third in the tournament.  

Appleton Xavier defeated Shorewood in the Finals to win its fourth state title in seven years.  Only Superior (5) and Rhinelander (17) have more state championship titles.

"We saw the best individual performances of the season.  Our kids were true competitors against the toughest competition they've seen," said attorney coach Amy Ferguson.

"There were no easy draws.  Even the rounds we won were by the closest of margins.  In one round, all of the ballots were scored as a tie, but we won the tie-breaker and in another round, we won every ballot by a single point," added head coach, Kathy Vick-Martini. "I've never seen anything like it."

"We can take some consolation in knowing that our only loss in the tournament was to Shorewood, the only undefeated team in semifinal action," said Judge Mike Bloom, legal consultant for the team.

Team members include seniors Erin Tenderholt and Mike Anderson, juniors Anna Catlin, Emily Ditzler, and Jarod Hoha, and sophomores Ellie Rickman, Albiona Sabani, and Sydney Schallock.  

By virtue of their state championship win, Appleton Xavier will represent the State of Wisconsin in the National Mock Trial Tournament in Raleigh, North Carolina, May 14-16.  To date, Rhinelander High School is the only Wisconsin school to win the National title.

Crescent Students Raise over $1,000 - Celebrate with Duct Tape

Duct Tape Celebration
Pictured (taped to the gym wall): Tina Vannatter, Sue Bart, Jesse Richter, Melanie McGuire, and Principal Kelly Huseby.

On Friday, February 27, Crescent Elementary School held its February Universal Celebration. The celebration featured live music and dancing from the group "TuneSmith Academy", and a reward for the classes gathering the largest amount of pennies in the PAC Penny Challenge. Students from winning classes were allowed to duct-tape Principal Huseby and other selected teachers to the gym walls. Funds raised in the Penny Challenge go to the PAC (Parent Advisory Council) to fund field trips, assemblies, and mini-grants for classroom supplies. The goal was to raise $800 and the school exceeded that by raising over $1000.

Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud
Pictured: Allie Johnson, advisor; Rachel Uhlarik, Annika Benoy, Katie Olkowski.

Rachel Uhlarik, a freshman, will compete in the state Poetry Out Loud competition in Madison, Wisconsin on March 14, 2014. Three students from Rhinelander competed for the opportunity to attend the State competition, and Rachel finished in the top two in the regional competition against 9 other students from the region.  Students need to memorize and recite two poems for regional competition demonstrating accuracy, dramatic appropriateness and understanding. For the Madison competition, Rachel has to have 3 poems memorized, one being more than 25 lines long and one being from before the 20th century.

The National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with U.S. state arts agencies to support Poetry Out Loud, a contest that encourages the nation's youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.
Each winner at the state level receives $200 and an all-expenses-paid trip with an adult chaperone to Washington to compete for the national championship. The state winner's school receives a $500 stipend for the purchase of poetry books. The first runner-up in each state receives $100, with $200 for his or her school library. A total of $50,000 in awards and school stipends is awarded annually at the National Finals.

High School Students Participate in Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble

On February 21st, 90 musicians from Rhinelander High School traveled to Merrill High School to participate in the Wisconsin School Music Association's District Solo and Ensemble. Several students participated in Class A events, allowing them to "qualify" for state, should they receive superior marks in several categories of performance. 73 of the 90 students will be moving on to the State level which is held at UW-Stevens Point on May 2.  The students pictured are members of the Show Choir, Green Shades Jazz Ensemble, Flute Choir, Clarinet Choir, Sax Choir and Brass Ensemble. Several members of these groups will also be performing class A vocal and instrumental solos and duets.

Show Choir (top photo)

Front Row: Bethany Stelbrink, Angie Timm, Jane Kubisiak, Anthony Klabunde, Gabbe Millot, Angelica Rosales, Erin Bloom, Skyler Kellogg. Back Row: Faith Bartelt, Andy Padgett,Shea Petersen, Jordan Keso, Felipe Meza, Seth Bowen, Zach Harder, Bryce White
Missing: Gunnar Millot, Dustin Simon, Katie Harder, Ian Bishop, Riley Aschenbrenner, Miranda Maney, Marie Sandstrom

Jazz Band (middle photo)

Front Row: Bailey Nebgen, Olivia Bowman, Faith Bartelt, Eileen Emond, Carmen Incha, Andrea Sawyer, Marshall Dana, Ben Sawyer.
Back Row: Valarie Puza, Clint McCue, Andy Padgett, Annika Benoy, Morgan Elko, Duncan Seidel, Zach Breneman, Alex Wagler, Alec Modrow. Missing: Riley Aschenbrenner, Tessa Bloch, Katie Harder

Instrumentalists from Large Ensembles (bottom photo)

Front Row: Ze'Tara Bills, Tra'vel Boykin, Ashley Puza, Justice Petonquot, Kayla McFadden, Rachel Uhlarik, Lauryn Cook, Katie Olkowski. Second Row: Austin Randolph, Elliot Fehlen, James Prasnick, Morgan Blaser, Taylor Kriesel, Abby Lesch, Shannon Roberts, Samantha Smith, Pang Sanguanboon. Back Row: Emily Balke, Samantha Peterson, Brianna Perry, Nathanial Ziegenbein, Heather Riesbeck, Arianna Holperin, Christine Payfer, Ashley Adams, Ariannah Kelter, Adam Engel, Zachary Morgan, Ian Bishop, Autumn Lewis, Brittany Curby. Missing: Albiona Sabani, Mitchel Modic, Olivia Parshall, Josie Vandervest, Marie Sandstrom.

Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Tournament

Mock Trial
Front (L to R): Ellie Rickman, co-captain Erin Tenderholt, Anna Catlin. Back: Emily Ditzler, Jarod Hoha, co-captain Mike Anderson, Sydney Schallock, Albiona Sabani.

Rhinelander High School will be competing in the state tournament Saturday, March 7 at the 32nd annual Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Tournament in Madison. RHS is the defending state champion, having won the state title seventeen times, including the last two years and six of the last ten years.

Twelve Regional champions and four "wildcard" teams will be participating in the tournament this year. The other regional champions are River Falls, Green Bay East, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln, Appleton Xavier, Middleton, Oregon, River Valley, Shorewood, Lodi, Brookfield Academy, and Franklin. The wildcard teams are Superior, Bay Port, Appleton West, and Madison Memorial.

Four rounds of semi-final competition will be held at the Dane County Courthouse on March 7. The rounds are power-paired, pitting winners and against winners, until ultimately the top two teams in the tournament are determined. The finalists will be announced at the Mock Trial Banquet on Saturday evening and they will compete for the state title on Sunday, March 8.

Returning from last year's state championship team are senior co-captains Mike Anderson and Erin Tenderholt, juniors Anna Catlin and Emily Ditzler, and sophomores Ellie Rickman, Albiona Sabani, and Sydney Schallock. New to the team this year is junior Jarod Hoha.

The faculty adviser is Kathy Vick-Martini and the attorney coaches are Amy Ferguson and Judge Mike Bloom.

Environmental Awareness Speaking Contest

Speaking Contest

The winners and participants of the 2015 Oneida County LWCD Conservation and Environmental Awareness Speaking Contest have been announced. The event took place on February 12 at the Oneida County Courthouse.

Back Row: Tom Rudolph, Conservation & UW-Extension Education Committee Chair; Grace Hoger, 1st place Senior Division; Martin Hoger, 2nd place Middle Division; Grace Ribbe, 1st place Middle Division; Sydney Lurvey; Trevin Walkowski, 3rd place Elementary Division. Front Row: Margaret Mouw, 1st place Elementary Division; Allison Zwettler, 2nd place Elementary Division; Natalie Hicks and Kara Sowinski.

FBLA-DECA Students Help with Crescent Valentine Boxes


Students from Ms. Fryar's and Mr. Kubeny's FBLA-DECA group made numerous trips to Crescent Elementary School to assist students from various grades with creating containers for collecting Valentines from classmates and friends. 

Some of the high school students involved with this event in Mrs. Gerth's Kindergarten classroom included Jessie Swearingen, Tyler Scherermann, Brianna Gilbert, Nick Spencer and Nicki Metropolus. The students had fun creating beautiful masterpieces to hold their special mail that came on Valentine's Day!

Pelican School First Graders Love Their High School Helpers

RHS Helpers

Students in Kelly Kaster's first grade classroom at Pelican Elementary School are very fortunate to have two high school seniors spend some time each morning in their classroom! Jessica Lucas and Morgan Berry have dedicated the start of each day to helping students practice skills to become better readers, writers, mathematicians and problem solvers. To show their admiration for these awesome girls, students chose character traits that describe Jessica and Morgan and created Valentine's Day word cloud pictures using Tagxedo. They were so excited to give these Valentines to Jessica and Morgan!   

JWMS Recognized for Having High Value-added Growth


On February 12, 2015, James Williams Middle School was notified and congratulated by the Value Added Research Center (VARC) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison as one of a small subset of Wisconsin schools that demonstrated high value-added growth in reading and/or math over the three most recent years of the state-wide assessment -- the Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts Exam (WKCE). Data obtained at the Department of Public Instruction website highlights the accomplishments at James Williams Middle School.  

The DPI and VARC recognized James Williams Middle School in the highest category, Far Above State Average, for academic performance in Math. When viewing the data by specific groupings of students, the school showed distinguished academic gains in the following sub-groupings: By Disability, By Economic Status, and By Gender.

The DPI and VARC recognized James Williams Middle School for above state average growth in student achievement in Reading. When viewing the data by specific groupings of students, the school showed above average academic gains in the following sub-groupings: By Disability, By Economic Status, and By Gender.

VARC has requested to partner with James Williams Middle School to gather additional information and promote a better understanding of why James Williams Middle School has shown high value-added growth. The VARC has expanded their work beyond the original goals of uncovering the "what" (producing and disseminating value-added results for districts and schools, and helping them interpret results) to informing the "why" and "how" (helping document specific practices of schools that may contribute to high levels of student growth).  As part of this area of inquiry, the staff at James Williams Middle School will be sharing information such as:

*         Which reading and math curricula are used at different grade levels?
*         Which types of assessments do you use to monitor student progress during the year?
*         How do you identify students (both low-performing and high-performing) who may need additional instructional interventions, and how do you monitor the effectiveness of these interventions?

In addition, the School District of Rhinelander and James Williams Middle School has been invited to participate in a meeting next month in Madison as well as at the statewide conference in June. James Williams Middle School will be asked to share the practices that have led to the school's exemplary value-added scores.

Pelican Elementary School Book Swap

Book Swap
A student from Pelican Elementary School looks through the many books available at the Book Swap.

Pelican Elementary school recently hosted a book swap. The goal of the book swap was to encourage reading at home and help students develop a real passion for reading, by reading each and every day, because the more students read, the better readers they

The book swap also allows students to take ownership of their reading. It's different than a library book? this is actually their book. For two weeks students brought in books from their homes that they were ready to pass on to someone new. Families were so generous that all Pelican students were able to take home at least one "new to you" book from the swap. The event was a great success! Students were eager to go home and read their new books.

Rhinelander High School Students Compete at FBLA Regionals

RHS FBLA students were very successful at the Regional competition.

On Saturday, January 7th, 47 Rhinelander High School students traveled to Nekoosa, Wisconsin to compete at Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Regionals. For competition, students could either choose to take a test on related business topics such as business calculations, accounting or personal finance or students could design a presentation or speech for events such as desktop publishing or public speaking. Any students that placed top three in their events would be attending state in April.

Of the 47 RHS students that competed at FBLA regionals, 33 students will proceed to state in a couple of months. Of those 33 students, 11 came home with a first place medal: Scott Sedlacek (Business Calculations), Logan Sackett (Business Law), Leah Shindeldecker (Business Math), Ian Bishop (Computer Problem Solving),Skye Skinner and Susanna Roberts (Desktop Publishing), Katy Grulke and Jessie Swearingen (Digital Design and Promotion), Markus Johnson (Help Desk), Mike Anderson (Personal Finance) and Gunnar Millot (Sales Presentation).

Many students also took second place at FBLA regionals this past weekend: Eva O'Melia, Hallie Wright, and Kim Bilogan (Hospitality Management), Logan Wild (Intro to Parliamentary Procedure), Alyssa Ellis (Job Interview), Kaly Kostrova, Hannah Stroede, Lauren Fabich, Jenna Cogar (Parliamentary Procedure), and Morgan Blaser (Public Speaking II).

Multiple students who will be also attending state also took third place as well. This includes: Madeline Barnes, Brianna DeNamur, and Taylor Trachte (Business Ethics), Max Holperin (Client Services), Nicki Metropoulos and Nick Spencer's (Digital Video Production), Janice Luu (Healthcare Administration), Gracie Quinn (Intro to Parliamentary Procedures), Tait Spencer (Networking Concepts) and Brittany Haker, Brandon Reinthaler and Luke Roberts (Sports and Entertainment Marketing).

Other students who competed and placed at FBLA Regionals who took fourth place were: Emma Stroede, Megan Haug, and Sam Hoppe (Banking and Financial Systems), Faith Bartelt (Business Math), Riley Aschenbrenner (Economics), Cathryn Wohleber, RJ Eades, and Henry Kipper (Marketing) and Matthew Reinthaler (Networking Concepts.) Fifth place winners who were also recognized at regionals were: Haley Sisel (Intro to Business Communications), Ryan Kovac and Sydney Bachmann (Public Service Announcement.) Sixth place winners included Brianna Gilbert (Accounting I), Ashley Adams (Intro to Information Technology) and Brendan McGuire (Personal Finance.) Four additional students placed seventh in their events: Taylor Kriesel (Business Communications), Carly Seidl (FBLA Principles and Procedures) and Sydney Zastrow & Mikaela Volkman (Entrepreneurship.) And finally, Maddie Fix placed eighth in her event, Healthcare Administration.

FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America, is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world. FBLA is a non-profit business branch activity that strives to prepare students for careers in business and business-related fields. FBLA's mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Students compete in various competitive events related to business career paths. They compete at the Regional level in early February and then those who move on will compete at a state level usually mid-April. For more information you can go to the website: http://www.fbla-pbl.org/

Overall, advisors Mischell Fryar and Pat Kubeny were very impressed with how the students performed at FBLA Regionals. To have so many students place in their events was a huge achievement for the Rhinelander chapter. To top off the day's accomplishments, Rhinelander's chapter also took second place overall in the Outstanding Regional Chapter award and first place in the Regional Community Service Project award. Both advisors are very proud of everyone who competed at FBLA and are excited for what is to come at state. If you have any questions regarding FBLA or would be interested in supporting the FBLA students as they advance to State competition please contact Ms. Fryar or Mr. Kubeny at 715-365-9500.

Regional Mock Trial Champions

Mock Trial
Front Row: Co-Captains, Mike Anderson and Erin Tenderholt, holding the Regional Championship plaque. Back Row: Ellie Rickman, Albiona Sabani, Jarod Hoha, Emily Ditzler, Anna Catlin, Sydney Schallock.

Rhinelander High School broke its own state record this past weekend at the Marathon County Courthouse in Wausau, capturing its twenty-ninth consecutive Regional Mock Trial championship.  The tournament was power-paired, resulting in a match between the top two teams in the final round, Rhinelander #1 and D.C. Everest #1.  RHS #1 prevailed, to remain perfect on the day with a 4-0 record and 12 of 12 ballots.

"We faced tough competition from Lakeland and D.C. Everest in the last two rounds of the tournament, a testament to the fact that our opponents keep getting stronger each year," observed Oneida County Circuit Court Judge Mike Bloom, a legal adviser for the team.

"Extending the winning streak at Regionals was on the mind of every member of the team," said head coach, Kathy Vick-Martini.  "The fact that we've had so much success over so many years, really adds to the pressure on the kids.  I couldn't be more proud of how they handled it."

RHS #2 didn't fare as well.  They finished the day with a 1-3 record and 4 of 12 ballots.   "RHS #2 had the misfortune of drawing the top two teams in the tournament," stated attorney coach Amy Ferguson.  "Even so, we saw some terrific performances on the day."

Other teams participating in the competition were D.C. Everest #2 and #3, Lakeland Union, Thorp, and Wausau West.   The tournament was sponsored by the Wisconsin Law Foundation and was coordinated by attorney Lance Leonhard of Wausau.

RHS #1 is led by senior co-captains, Mike Anderson and Erin Tenderholt.  Also returning from last year's team are juniors, Anna Catlin and Emily Ditzler, and sophomores, Albiona Sabani, Ellie Rickman, and Sydney Schallock.  New to the team is junior, Jarod Hoha.

Members of RHS #2 are junior Bethany Stelbrink, sophomores Erin Bloom, Max Holperin, and Zack DuBois, and freshmen Tyler Fredrick, Mason Hageny, Emily McFarland, and Grace Payfer.    

The RHS teams are coached by Kathy Vick-Martini, attorney Amy Ferguson, and Oneida County Circuit Court judge Michael Bloom.  Also assisting the team this year are Nicolet play director, Jim Nuttal, attorneys Ann Munninghoff Eschelman, Steve Michlig, Jim Weis, and Jim Jacobi, and retired Oneida County Circuit Court Judge Robert E. Kinney.

RHS #1 will now advance to the State Mock Trial Tournament in Madison on March 7-8.  In the past thirty-one years since the program's inception, teams from Rhinelander have won the state championship seventeen times, including the last two consecutive years.  Approximately 100 teams statewide are competing in the tournament this year.

Feeling the Love at RHS

The RHS trophy case was decorated with Valentines for every student.

The Rhinelander High School Student Council recently celebrated Valentine's Day by spending all week writing down 805 names on hearts in order to show the love for each and every student in school. The display looked beautiful. Students took their hearts down and gave them to someone special. Some students wore the hearts given to them by friends. Student Council Advisor Allison Johnson stated, "The display was a lot of work, but totally worth it!"

RHS FCCLA Members Advance to State Leadership Conference

First row (from left) - Elly Laggis, Samantha Rocha, Miss Melissa Conway (co-advisor), Ariannah Kelter, Emily Kadlec, and Josie Berry. Second row (from left) - Emma Alonso, Cayla Fritz, Mrs. Betsey Perkins (co-advisor), Karli Doughty and Braeden Bell.

On Monday, February 2nd, nine RHS FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) members participated in regional competition, with hopes of moving their projects on to State competition. This year's events included: Event Planning, Recycle and Redesign, Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Basic Culinary Math, and Culinary Creations. Eight of the nine participants completed that goal and will be presenting their projects at the State FCCLA Leadership Conference at the Kalahari Resort April 13-15th.

RHS Building Trades Making Progress on Habitat for Humanity Project

RHS Building Trades
Building Trades students watch a demonstration by R-Value Insulators on how to blow insulation into walls.

The RHS Building Trades class has been working hard on the local Habitat for Humanity Project. As of January 16th, temporary heat was turned on in the building and the students are now working in much warmer conditions. Since that time the students had been working on blocking and drywall backing and other necessary steps to prepare the house for insulation.

On January 29th, Rich Urban from E3 Home Performance Services demonstrated and performed a blower door test to the students. This test checks for air tightness in a building which is essential for energy efficiency. This demonstration was very interesting to the students and the results showed that there hard work paid off.

The class is presently working on installing drywall to the ceiling and walls.

Community Guest Speakers Visit Pelican Elementary School

Community Speakers
WJFW Newswatch 12 Meteorologist Matt Benz talks about weather with Pelican first graders.

The First Grade Team at Pelican Elementary has been inviting community members into the classroom to share their knowledge and provide another mode of learning for the first grade students. So far this year, the first graders have had the opportunity to experience presentations from a Hanson's Garden Village pumpkin expert, a Newswatch 12 meteorologist, and most recently a veterinarian technician, a pediatric RN, police officer, and a Newswatch 12 reporter and anchor.

JWMS Students Complete MobyMax Program

The top three scorers: Hunter Wendt - 1st, Walker Wendt - 2nd, and Aryanna Rickert - 3rd.

Congratulations to the top finishers for the James Williams Middle School second MobyMax competition of the year.

MobyMax is a nationally recognized computer based program used by the School District of Rhinelander to help students accelerate their learning in math and reading. MobyMax is for all students. Moby's adaptive curriculum creates a unique, individualized education plan for each student, allowing gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need.

Students can use MobyMax anywhere where they can access this online program. Whether at school in study hall, at home on a night without any school work, during a school vacation or in the summer, students can use MobyMax to help them achieve personal growth. MobyMax keeps track of each student's growth and number of lessons successfully completed. At James Williams Middle School, students are recognized for their achievement in monthly school-wide competitions.

The top three scorers were Hunter Wendt - 1st, Walker Wendt - 2nd, and Aryanna Rickert - 3rd. The top ten students received Atti-Dudes and these three top performers also chose a special prize of recognition for their extra work in improving their skills in Math and Reading. Well done! Our third contest is up and running through the first week of March.

Native Pride Dancer Presents at Elementary Schools

Native Pride Dancer

On Wednesday, February 4, Pelican and Crescent Elementary Schools celebrated their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) Program with Native Pride Dancer, Larry Yazzie. The schools welcomed Mr. Yazzie as he shared his Native American culture, passion and spirit with the students and staff. The students were awe struck when Mr. Yazzie entered the gymnasium in his authentic Native American outfit. All students showed respect and listened attentively as Mr. Yazzie explained the deep meaning associated with each piece of his colorful wardrobe. Beautiful music filled the air when he began to play his carved wooden flute. The nature sounds he made mimicked the sounds created by animals such as a loon, coyote and hawk.

The atmosphere became electric when Mr. Yazzie began to demonstrate the many moves that make up one Native American dance. The music of drum beats filled the air as he danced faster and faster. It was then time to teach the students. The audience clapped to the beat of the drums while students from each grade were selected to join Mr. Yazzie in native dance in front of the packed house. Mr. Yazzie instructed the students how to perform 5 different steps and then put it all together in high cardio, fast paced, jaw dropping dance. The grand finale was repeating the instructions with all the teachers and principal. The students clapped, laughed and cheered as the Staff strutted their newly learned dance for all to see.

At the end of the performance, audience members were able to ask questions and learn more about the Native American culture. A great time was had by all and Mr. Yazzie's message of being proud of your heritage and showing pride in yourself and what you represent should always be celebrated.

Local Schools Compete in National Geographic Bee

Geography Bee
Top - NCES teacher Alex Bontz, Leo Losch, NCES Principal Wil Losch. Bottom (back row) - Principal Timothy Howell and Moderator Mike Wiernasz. Front row - fourth grade and school-wide winner Trayton Brzycki, and fifth grade winner Garrett Kulhanek.

Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES)

Leo Losch, a fourth grade student at Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES), won the school competition of the National Geographic Bee on February 4, 2015 and a chance at a $50,000 college scholarship. Leo is in Mr. Alex Bontz's 3rd-5th grade multi-age classroom at NCES. At the school Bee, students answered questions about geography. This was the first round in the 27th annual National Geographic Bee.

Thousands of schools around the United States and in the five U.S. territories are participating in the 2015 Bee. The school champions, including Leo, will take a written test; up to 100 of the top scorers on that test in each state will then be eligible to compete in their state Bee on March 27, 2015.

The National Geographic Society will provide an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., for state winners to participate in the Bee national championship rounds May 11-13, 2015. The first
place national champion will receive a $50,000 college scholarship, a lifetime membership in the Society including a subscription to National Geographic magazine, and a trip to the Galápagos Islands, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic.

Award-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien will moderate the national finals on May 13. The program will air on television. Check local listings for dates and times. Everyone can test their geography knowledge with the exciting GeoBee Challenge, an online geography quiz at www.nationalgeographic.com/geobee, which poses 10 new questions a day, or by downloading the "National Geographic GeoBee Challenge" app, with more than 1,000 questions culled from past Bees, available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; from the Android Market; or for NOOK Color.

With a mission to inspire, illuminate and teach, the National Geographic Society is one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. The member-supported Society, which believes in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to change the world, reaches over 600 million people each month through its media platforms, products and events. National Geographic has funded more than 11,000 research, conservation and exploration projects, and its education programs promote geographic literacy. For more information, visit www.nationalgeographic.com.

Central Intermediate School

The competition was lively as 20 fourth and fifth graders at Central Intermediate School recently went head to head to see who would grab the first place title in the annual National Geography Bee school-wide competition. Under the expert moderation of retired School District of Rhinelander teacher, Mr. Mike Wiernasz, grade level finalists - Tray Brzycki, from Ms. Bowman's fourth grade class, and Garrett Kulhanek, from Mrs. Hunter's fifth grade class - answered such questions as: "In the book, The Call of the Wild, by Jack London; the story takes place in the Yukon. In what country is the Yukon located?"

School-wide winner Trayton Brzycki, who answered the Yukon question correctly, will now move on to take the written 100-question state qualifying test. Tray said he has learned a lot about geography by following his favorite sports teams. Go, Trayton, Central School is rooting for you!

Crescent Students Enjoy Annual Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics
Wheelbarrow races were just one of the many fun events that took place at the Crescent Winter Olympics. Photo courtesy of Marcus Nesemann from the Northwoods River News.

The Second Annual Crescent Elementary School Winter Olympics took place on Friday, January 30, in the Crescent Elementary Gymnasium. Students from every classroom had the opportunity to participate in several wild and fun relay races, as grade level teams, against each other and against Crescent teachers and staff. Family and friends were also invited to this fun event. The activities gave students many reasons to cheer and laugh. A great time was had by everyone who participated.

"Random Acts of Kindness" Week Recognized at Central School

Random Kindness
5th grade students Makayla Kussman, Jaden Beske, Isabella Newlin, and Jacksen Smith, along with Tammy Modic from NATH, coordinated the "Closets to Cash" Campaign.

Central Intermediate School recently celebrated a "Random Acts of Kindness" week from January 26th to 30th. Each day of the week had a theme that was coordinated by several small groups of 5th grade students and the School Counselor. The themes included Good Manners Day, Post-it Note Compliment Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Mix-it Up Day at Lunch.

Throughout the week they also collected used textile items for Frederick Place's "Closets to Cash" Campaign. This was open for any student, staff, or community member to help with their fundraising campaign. Items can still be brought to Central School or to Frederick Place directly until April 1st if you are still interested in donating.

The staff also got into the spirit of kindness by providing a dinner for Frederick Place in January. We often, in our busy days, forget to say thank you or tell those around us what we appreciate about them. This week highlighted the kind things that we can easily do to brighten another person's day.

RHS Dance Team Advances to State WACPC Championships

RHS Dance Team

The Rhinelander High School Dance Team placed fifth in Division 2 Hip Hop with their Heroes vs. Villians routine at the WACPC Eastern Division Regionals held at D.C. Everest High School on Saturday, January 31st, advancing them to the State WACPC Dance Championships to be held on Saturday, February 7th at the LaCrosse Center in LaCrosse.

Front row: Jessica Lucas, Jessie Swearingen, Morgan Berry, Nicole Hugo, Ashley Puza, Nikki Raykovich, Brittney Newcomb. Middle row: Assistant Kari Britton, Head Coach Tricia Winter, Finlee Saari, Kayla Kossack, Marissa Kaster, Assistant Kirsten Lotz. Top row: Alexx Knapp, Hannah Hicks, Delanie Stafford, Katie Gilbert, Miranda Koth, Alyssa Kossack, Olivia DeNamur. Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Bailey Welch.  

Crescent CHAMPS Program Hosts Family Night

Family Night
CHAMPS families at Crescent Elementary School took part in a challenge that involved M & Ms.

On January 22, CHAMPS families at Crescent Elementary School were challenged to a "minute to win it" family night. There were seven different challenges that families could compete in.

At each station, the contestant had only one minute to complete their task. The families were challenged to make sub sandwiches in under a minute. One favorite activity was called separation anxiety, where the contestants were challenged to sort and separate a pile of M & M's. The station that had them screaming was called "face the cookie" and the contestants were challenged to balance a cookie on their forehead and get it into their mouth without the use of hands.

When all the tallies were in, it appeared that the students did much better than the adults with the time constraints. A good time was had by all.

Rhinelander Local and Non-Local Scholarships



Applications for Rhinelander Local Scholarships will become available online at the Rhinelander High School Homepage Website beginning Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

The Rhinelander High School Scholarship Application MUST be submitted online and a hard copy submitted to the RHS Student Services Offices by 3:35 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015.  Late applications WILL NOT be accepted.

Several scholarships require a separate application; these will also be available on the Rhinelander High School Homepage or can be found in the Student Services Office.  These applications have the same deadline as the Rhinelander High School Application.
Many Scholarships consider financial need as a requirement. Students MUST provide their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) amount, to be eligible for those scholarships.
Applicants are to provide verification of either the FAFSA on the Web Submission Confirmation Form or the Student Aide Report (SAR). One of these forms is to be submitted with the hard copy of their Local Scholarship Application.
Free assistance in completing the FAFSA will be available through College Goal Wisconsin at Nicolet Area Technical College on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.


Non-Local scholarships opportunities are now available online at the Student Services website. Seniors are encouraged to check periodically as non-profit organizations provide us these opportunities throughout the school year, with varying application deadlines.

To explore additional scholarship opportunities, visit: http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/rhs/nonlocal.cfm.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Marks National Mentoring Month with Proclamation of 'Thank Your Mentor Day'

Central Intermediate School Principal Tim Howell, Oneida County Board Chairman David Hintz, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin Development & Marketing Coordinator Mary Kinnunen discuss mentoring with the students.

In appreciation for their countless volunteer hours, Oneida County Board Chairman David Hintz proclaimed January 15th as "Big Brothers Big Sisters' Thank Your Mentor Day." Before signing the proclamation, Chairman Hintz read it to the students at Central Intermediate School in the gym, before lunch. A discussion of mentoring and Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Based and Site-Based Programs also took place.

This January marks the 14th annual National Mentoring Month, during which the Northwoods Branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin aims to expand quality mentoring opportunities and connect more of our community's young people with caring adults.  

As we focus on engaging more community members in volunteering as mentors, we will share a simple message: Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters. Mentoring relationships are basic human connections that let a young person know that they matter, and mentors frequently report back that their relationships make them feel like someone who matters in another person's life.
"There is a powerful mentoring effect demonstrated by research and the experiences of young people who are connected to a mentor," said Wesley Escondo, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin. "Mentoring is linked to improved academic, social and economic prospects for your people, and that ultimately strengthens our community."

Research has shown that when matched through a quality mentoring program, mentors can play a powerful role in providing young people with the tools to make responsible decisions, stay focused and engaged in school, and reduce or avoid risky behavior like skipping school, drug use and other negative activities.

National research by Public/Private Ventures has shown that, when compared to their non-mentored peers, Big Brothers Big Sisters' 'Littles' are:
* 52% less likely to skip school
* 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
* 33% less likely to hit someone

This same study found that 1-to-1 matches, like those administered by Big Brothers Big Sisters, are the driving force behind making a positive impact on children.  Today, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin has over 100 kids waiting to be matched with a mentor in their service area.

Anyone interested in more information about volunteering or enrolling a child can call 800-648-1696, email info@bbbsnw.org, or visit www.bbbsnw.org.

RHS Dance Team Places Second at Competition

RHS Dance Team

The Rhinelander High School Dance team finished strong at the 12th Annual Kaukauna Dance Classic on Saturday, January 17, 2015 placing 2nd out of 11 teams in Division 2 Funk with their Superheroes vs. Villians Routine. Members of the team include: Front Row - Jessica Lucas, Nicole Hugo, Morgan Berry, Jessie Swearingen, Ashley Puza, Nikki Raykovich, Brittney Newcomb. Middle Row - Marissa Kaster, Kayla Kossack, Assistant Kari Britton, Head Coach Tricia Winter, Assistant Kirsten Lotz, Finlee Saari. Back Row - Miranda Koth, Hannah Hicks, Alexx Knapp, Katie Gilbert, Delanie Stafford, Alyssa Kossack, Olivia DeNamur. 

Crescent Kindergartners Host Family Night

Family Night

On Thursday, January 15th, the Crescent Elementary School Kindergartners hosted a family night where the students and their families got to know each other. Students completed an "All About My Family and Me" poster with their families and these were displayed in gallery-fashion throughout the gym. Students were excited to find their own poster and they also enjoyed posters created by their peers.

Families also had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Mr. Tom from the Rhinelander District Library.  Mr. Tom selected some reading homework ideas. Families had their photograph taken and went shopping at Priscilla White's Usborne Book booth.  

At the end of the evening, drawings for gift cards from Crescent's PAC (Parent Advisory Council) took place. Trenton Smits and Piper Stinebrink were winners from Mrs. Olson's class. Katelyn Piller and Padyn Merihofer were the lucky ones from Mrs. Smith's class. Ms. Pekoc's winners were Jadon Wing-Caskey and Ryley Hull. Mrs. Gerth's lucky students were Amelia MacIntyre and Joselyn Sorenson. Ava Rathbun and Lily Kurilla were winners from Mrs. Bart's class, along with the grand prize winner, Leland Bryant. Thank you to all the families who attended this special event.    

JWMS Students Honored by the Wisconsin Outdoor News Magazine's Annual Youth Writing Contest

Youth Writing
Pictured: Brooke Brewer (left) and Harlie Zimmermann (right).

James Williams Middle School (JWMS) eighth graders Brooke Brewer and Harlie Zimmermann were recently honored by the Wisconsin Outdoor News magazine's annual Youth Writing Contest. Brooke Brewer placed first in Prose and Harlie Zimmermann placed first in Poetry. They won cash prizes and plaques. The contest received entries from all over the state of Wisconsin including entries selected from the 8th grade science and language arts classes at James Williams Middle School.

The writing contest asked students to put their outdoor experiences on paper to share with readers of the Wisconsin Outdoor News magazine in either prose or poetry form. Wisconsin Outdoor News will now enter Brooke's prose and Harlie's poem in the 2015 Norm Strung Youth Writing Competition, which is sponsored by the Outdoor Writers of America Association, Safari Club International, the Izaak Walton League of America, and Delta Waterfowl. Brooke and Harlie will have a chance to win additional cash prizes. Brooke is the daughter of Galen and Pam Brewer and Harlie is the daughter of Steve Zimmermann, Andy and Tamara Laska, and their sponsoring teachers are Alexis Koshollek, Lisa Swaney, and Jeff Skubal.

Rhinelander High School FBLA-DECA Students Compete at the District Level

Front Row (left to right) - Erin Tenderholt, Janice Luu, Haley Sisel, Jessie Swearingen. Back row (left to right) - Brendan McGuire, Mike Anderson, Brianna Gilbert, Morgan Blaser, Megan Haug, and Alison Kubeny.

On January 9th, 2015, twenty-four Rhinelander High School students traveled to Wisconsin Rapids to compete at the DECA District level. Students participated in roleplays and took tests that prepared them in the field of marketing, finance, hospitality and management. For DECA competitions, students can choose to compete individually or with a partner. From there they can pick a topic of competition that can range from sports and entertainment marketing to automotive services.

Prior to competition, all students competing at the regional level took a 100 question economic test. At competition, students took another test on either business administration, business management and administration, finance, marketing, or hospitality, depending on the event they were competing in. Finally, all students participated in two roleplays. Roleplays involve everyday situations that relate to marketing or management that the students must work through in front of a judge.

Of the 24 students that competed at regionals, 11 came home with a medal or plaque and 19 will compete at the DECA state level. Two students, Alison Kubeny and Erin Tenderholt took second place in their events; an amazing feat being it's their first year in competition. Junior Alison Kubeny took second place in accounting applications and came home with four medals, one for her economics test, one for her individual event test, and one for each role play. Erin Tenderholt also took second place in her event: automotive services marketing. Erin took home two medals: one for each role play. Both ladies also received a plaque for finishing top two in their specific event.

Nine other students also came home with hardware. Morgan Blaser and Brianna Gilbert, who competed in sports and entertainment marketing, earned two medals for each of their roleplays and earned an overall series finalist medal. This award means that they placed in either 4th through 10th place. Janice Luu, who competed in retail merchandising, received two medals for each of her role plays and an overall series finalist medal. Megan Haug, who competed in the same event, won a medal for her economics test and for her competitive test as well as an overall series finalist medal. Ashley Puza, who competed in Quick Services Restaurant Management, won a medal for one of her roleplays. Mike Anderson, who competed in hotel and lodging management, won medals for his economics test and his event test. He won an overall series finalist medal for both. Mike's overall series finalist medal in his economics test means that his test scores were in the top 20 of all competitors at the District competition. Haley Sisel, also competing in the same event, took home a medal for her first role play. The final award winners were Brendan McGuire and Jessie Swearingen who were on a team for the event hospitality services, and they each earned a medal for both of their roleplays and they each earned an overall series finalist medal.

Overall, advisors Mischell Fryar and Pat Kubeny were very impressed with how the students performed at the DECA District competition. For it being the first year that Rhinelander High School students have competed in DECA, taking home so many awards is a significant accomplishment. Both advisors are very proud of everyone who competed at DECA and are excited for what is to come at state.

Tunesmith Academy Offered to All Ages

Tunesmith Academy
Jeff Santy from Tunesmith Academy works with a group of students from Northwoods Community Secondary School.

Have you ever thought about joining a rock and roll band? Even if you have never played a musical instrument before, this class offers an opportunity to try vocals, drums, keyboards, guitar, and bass guitar. Participants will select popular songs and play together as a group. All instruments and equipment will be provided. Tunesmith Academy instructor Jeff Santy has over forty years of experience in bands and teaching. Everyone is welcome from ages 12 through adult. You don't have to be a rock star to feel like one!

Tunesmith Academy is being offered as a Community Education class on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 pm in Rhinelander High School/NCSS Room 108. Two sessions are being offered. The first session will run Jan 28 - Mar 25. The second session will run Apr 8 - June 3. The fee is only $50/person for the entire nine weeks. This includes use of equipment and instruction.

To register, please visit the School District of Rhinelander website at http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/community/, print off, complete, and mail in the registration form with payment to the address listed on the form, or contact Community Education Coordinator Mike Cheslock at 715-365-9745 for more information.

School District of Rhinelander Wraps Up 2014 Salvation Army Bell Ringing Contest

Salvation Army
Staff from Crescent Elementary School ring outside of Walmart.

Each year, staff at the School District of Rhinelander challenge one another to see which school can donate the most time to Salvation Army bell-ringing over the holiday season. In addition to bragging rights, the winning school is awarded a traveling bell trophy to display at their school for an entire year.

This year, a total of 48 staff members from the District donated time to bell ringing. The winner of this year's contest was Pelican Elementary School, who contributed 40 hours to help raise money. Crescent Elementary School took second place, and the District Administration staff took third place.

Everyone had a great time ringing and a large amount of money was raised for the Salvation Army. The District would like to continue with the challenge next year.

Community Education Program Announces Winter/Spring Class Schedule

Community Classes
"Playing in Dirt" Pottery class was well attended this past program session.

After a busy fall session, the winter-spring Community Education class session picks up in January. Some of the classes return, such as Zumba with Val, K9 Manners, and floral classes. Other offerings, such as computer, financial, pottery classes, and others, are back by popular demand. Some of the new classes being offered include financial classes by Mike Boyd, CFP, from Boyd Financial Services, a Bucktail Tying Workshop presented by Brett Chariton from Fishing Hotspots, a Tunesmith Academy musical rock band class offered by Jeff Santy, and many others.  

The Community Education Program Guide, along with other information about Community Education, is available electronically on the community section of the School District of Rhinelander website - http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/community/communityeducation.cfm.

The Community Education Program keeps the school doors open in the evenings and on the weekends. It provides an opportunity for area citizens to utilize the school buildings for something more than just educating children. If you would like to learn more about lifelong learning or about the Community Education Program in general, please call 715-365-9745 or email Coordinator Mike Cheslock at cheslmik@rhinelander.k12.wi.us. To view the Winter-Spring Community Education Class Brochure, click here.

December Mystery Artist

Mystery Artist
Pictured: December Mystery Artist winner Ava Lamers.

Students in Mrs. Jones' art classes at Central School are challenged each month to identify famous artwork from around the world. The student must identify the name of the artwork and the artist, as well as the year(s) that the artwork was created. The names of those who identify the correct information are placed into a drawing for some cool prizes.  
The December Mystery Artist Winner was Ava Lamers from Mrs. Linsmeyer's 4th grade class. Ava correctly identified "Water Lilies" created by Claude Monet in 1906.

Central Fifth Graders Host Cribbage Tournament

Central Cribbage
Fifth grade students enjoyed Cribbage during their holiday party.

Fifth grade students in Ms. Kohlhepp's and Mrs. Wendland's classes hosted a "cribbage tournament" for their Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 23. Families, community members and even a few board members attended this exciting event. Students spent one week prior to the tournament learning or reviewing how to play. This is a great game that helps the students develop many life-long skills. They learn to strategize, add quickly, and look for patterns and card combinations. Students were able to challenge participants as well as help them learn the game.

Crescent Elementary Holds School-wide Food Drive

Food Drive
Students from Crescent Elementary School proudly display their food donation.

On December 12, 2014, Mrs. Bishop's Multi-Age Class at Crescent Elementary School organized a school-wide food drive to support the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry. Students and staff at the school brought in 229 lbs of food in just one day! Staff and students were very excited about the success of the food drive and plan on taking part in it again next year.

National Honor Society Announces New Inductees

National Honor Society
Front row - Alison Kubeny, Faith Bartelt, Erin Clements, Haley Sisel, and Carmen Incha. Back row - Riley Aschenbrenner, Bryce Young, Brandon Reinthaler, Michael Anderson, Abigail Lesch. Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

On December 7, the Walter F. Kruschke Chapter of the National Honor Society of Rhinelander High School inducted 10 new members. These students are selected for their character, service, leadership, and scholarship. The induction ceremony took place at CAVOC and appertizers were provided by the high school ProStart culinary classes.

The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. As a professional organization servings schools and students, the National Association of Secondary School Principals encourages the establishment of chapters in secondary schools in order to further develop the scholarship, character, leadership, and service of the members.

To become eligible for membership, a student must be a sophomore, junior, or senior with a 3.8 cumulative grade point average. Although scholarship is the initial qualification of eligibility for membership, leadership, character, and service are also vital to the meaning and purpose of the organization.

Student Recognized for Creative Writing

Writer's Workshop
Below (left to right): Alison Kubeny, Samantha Hoppe (who won a $1000 scholarship) and Samantha Kopplin.

Rhinelander High School (RHS) students Samantha Hoppe, Alison Kubeny and Samantha Kopplin recently attended the UW Stevens Point High School Creative Writer's Workshop, an event held yearly for promising high school creative writers. High school juniors and seniors are invited to submit writing samples for a chance to qualify for the Writers' Workshop held at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP).  

The one-day workshop gives students the opportunity to discuss their writing with UW-Stevens Point English faculty members and guest speakers, and senior students compete for scholarships to attend UW-Stevens Point. Students may enter by sending writing samples in any or all of five specific genres: formal essays on an environmental topic, familiar essays, children's literature, poetry, and fiction. The writing samples are judged by UW-Stevens Point English faculty members who also lead the workshops. "This is a terrific opportunity for students to get a taste of the rigor and expectations of college-level writing. It is a way to keep the spark of inspiration alive for them and encourage them to keep writing. It is extremely competitive and all three girls are very talented writers. "I was very proud to accompany them to this event," said English teacher Allie Johnson, who has instructed all three students throughout the years.  

Alison Kubeny submitted a familiar essay for the contest, Samantha Kopplin submitted a handful of poems, and Samantha Hoppe submitted a story that fell into the speculative fiction category. All three girls enjoyed their time writing, discussing, and connecting with other writers. At the end of the workshop, it was revealed that Samantha Hoppe won a $1,000 scholarship for her short story-the professors believed hers was the best submitted out of over 100 stories. About 75 students from across the state attended the conference.

Students Across the District Participate in the Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Last week, students across the School District of Rhinelander joined nearly 100 million students throughout the world in the Hour of Code. Confused about what coding is? You are not alone! Computer programmers use code to write the software, apps, and programs that we use every day. For many students and teachers, this is a foreign language.

During their hour of code, students were able to follow easy tutorials to learn the language of coding. They chose engaging activities including coding with Frozen's Anna & Elsa, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and other code-writing lessons that peaked their interest. The organization, Code.org, empowers students to get excited about computer programming with a multitude of tutorials and activities for students to explore.

The goal is to build excitement and open students' eyes to future career paths in computer programming. By the year 2020, there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available and just 400,000 computer science students to fill those jobs. We are hoping that by participating in an Hour of Code, some students from the Rhinelander School District will be inspired to investigate this field. For more information about the Hour of Code or to try coding yourself, visit www.code.org.

FBLA/DECA Students Help With Letters to Santa

Santa Letters
RHS FBLA/DECA students Brianna Gilbert and Ben Quade help Crescent Elementary students with their letters to Santa.

Recently, the FBLA/DECA students from Rhinelander High School (RHS) were out and about helping students write their letters to Santa Claus. One stop they made was in Kindergarten at Crescent Elementary School. Students colored and dictated a letter with their wishes and promises of being well-deserving, nice children. Both sets of students enjoyed spending the morning together and getting to know each other while enjoying the anticipation of the Holiday season! RHS students who were involved were: Megan Haug, Brianna Gilbert, Jake Zalewski, Emma Stroede, and Ben Quade. The FBLA/DECA program is advised by RHS teachers Pat Kubeny and Mischell Fryar.

District Announces Holiday Concert Schedule

Holiday Concerts

Holiday Concerts for 2014

December 8
JWMS 6th Grade Band/Chorus at 9:00 a.m. and JWMS 6th Grade Holiday Concert at 7:00 p.m.

December 9
JWMS 7th/8th Grade Band Chorus at 1:30 p.m. and JWMS 7th/8th Grade Holiday Concert at 7:00 p.m.

December 11
Pelican 2nd/3rd Grade at 10:00 a.m. and Pelican Kgn/1st Grade at 1:30 p.m.

December 15
RHS Band/Chorus Holiday Concert at 7:00 p.m.

December 16
NCES Holiday Program at 6:00 p.m.

December 18
Crescent Kgn at 9:00 a.m., Crescent 1st Grade at 10:30 a.m., Crescent 2nd Grade at 12:15 p.m., and Crescent 3rd Grade at 1:30 p.m.

December 22
Central 4th Grade at 9:30 a.m. and Central 5th Grade at 1:30 p.m.

Become a "Hodag Hall Walker"

Hall Walking

Looking to get some exercise during the cold winter months? Get out of the snow and into the warm halls of Rhinelander High School!

The halls of RHS are open for community members for walking during the times that the Aspirus Community Fitness Center is open. The schedule is: Monday - Thursday 6:00 - 7:45 am and 3:30 - 9:00 pm, Friday 6:00 - 7:45 am and 3:30 - 8:00 pm, and Saturday 7:00 - 11:00 am.

Hall walking is free! Please check in at the front desk of the Aspirus Community Fitness Center and obtain a special hall-walking badge to wear while you walk. Maps are also available at the fitness center desk. Parents with strollers are also encouraged to participate in hall walking. If you have questions, please call Mike at 715-365-9745.

Eric Szatkowski Speaks on Internet Safety

Internet Safety
Eric Szatkowski discusses the topic of Internet safety with students at Rhinelander High School.

On Wednesday, December 3, the School District of Rhinelander, in conjunction with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, Oneida County Social Services Department, and Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Inc., welcomed Internet safety expert and informational speaker Eric Szatkowski into the schools and the community.

Mr. Szatkowski's presentation put a spotlight on Internet and cell phone exploitation of children. He highlighted the importance of general Internet safety, and discussed some examples of the negative results of not using the Internet responsibly. He presented to students grades 4 - 12 throughout the day, and a community presentation was offered for adults that evening.

Mr. Szatkowski has been a Special Agent with the Wisconsin's Department of Justice/Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) for 23 years, currently assigned to the state's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in Milwaukee. He was awarded the Wisconsin Attorney General Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award in October 2014.

First Tech Challenge Robotics Team Receives $1000 Grant from WPS Innovative Educator Program

Robotics Club

The Rhinelander First Tech Challenge (FTC) Club is well into the robotic design phase of this year's challenge with sights set high for another strong showing at the state competition held at UW-Milwaukee in February. Beginning in October, the club meets twice a week, working towards the difficult task of designing an autonomous and driver controlled robot capable of picking up whiffle balls and placing them in movable goals of various heights.  The yearly challenge is designed by a group of engineers from First, an educational company whose main focus is engaging students in STEM related learning.  This year, the team must qualify for the state competition by placing in a regional qualifier held in the Fox Valley in mid-January. Over 35 teams will be competing at the state level, looking to advance to a world competition held in St. Louis, MO.

Advisors Adam Schmidt, Chad Rich, and Mike Wojtusik are responsible for getting the 16 members of the club, ranging from 6-12th grade, working together on a project that few of them have any experience in at all. Most members are driven by their desire to compete against other programs throughout the state. Most of those schools are well-funded with large sponsors like Google and Rockwell Automation.

Recently, through a grant application written by Wojtusik, the club received $1000 from a Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) program known as Innovative Educator Grant.  The program focuses on awarding projects that promote STEM related activities in education.  FTC Robotics Club fits perfectly into the scope of what WPS is trying to promote.  More than $18,000 was distributed to 20 schools throughout the state to help fund their various projects.

November Mystery Artist

Mystery Artist
November Mystery Artist winner Logan Preul.

Students in Mrs. Jones' art classes at Central School are challenged each month to identify famous artwork from around the world. The student must identify the name of the artwork and the artist, as well as the year(s) that the artwork was created. The names of those who identify the correct information are placed into a drawing for some cool prizes.  
The November Mystery Artist Winner was Logan Preul from Ms. Biscobing's 4th grade class. Logan correctly identified "The Old Guitarist" created by Pablo Picasso from 1903-1904.

The Amazing Cecilia

Amazing Cecilia
Hoop dancer Cecilia Deede shows off her talent at the recent Crescent celebration.

On November 25th, Crescent Elementary School held its second PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) All-School Universal Celebration.   

Cecilia Deede, registered nurse and professional hoop dancer, joined Crescent students and staff for a celebration of movement, music and moments of awe. Cecilia danced and hooped her way across the front of the gym with one, two, or more hoops, danced and hooped to the popular "Frozen" song, and even danced and hooped in the dark with an LED hoop that changed colors and patterns as she moved. Finally, this amazing "hooptacular" lady took time to teach students how to use hoola hoops and brought a few students up to the front to try it out.

The assembly concluded with students' names picked from classroom buckets of Hodag High Fives. Those lucky students picked a prize from the special prize cart. This was a great way to celebrate students following the "4 Be's" - Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Here.

Beauty and the Beast was a Big Success!

Beauty and the Beast
The full cast and crew from the RHS/NCSS Drama Club's performance "Beauty and the Beast." Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

The Rhinelander High School (RHS) and Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS) Drama Department recently presented Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."  The performances received excellent reviews from those who attended. "I was very impressed with how the community came together to support us with their attendance and participation in the Adopt a Costume program," said NCSS teacher and Drama advisor Kristin Larsen. The students are sad that it's over but there is also a sense of relief from all the hard work they put into it. "I'm super proud of the way they pulled it together in the end and of the stellar performances they gave," Larsen added. Students and staff are in the initial stages of planning the spring production. The theme has not yet been decided on. More information will be announced at a later date. Congratulations to all who made the Beauty and the Beast performances a success!

NATH/Frederick Place Selected as Charity Recipient from WASC Summit

WASC Summit
A check for $235.67 was presented to (l to r) NATH/Frederick Place Community Outreach Coordinator Tracey Barnes and Executive Director Tammy Modic accepting the check from Kylie Hunter, School Board liaison and Allison Johnson, Student Council Advisor.

On a recent blustery November day, the Rhinelander High School (RHS) Student Council hosted the 2014 Wisconsin Association of School Councils (WASC) Region 2 summit, at UW-Stevens Point. The theme was "Wizard of Oz: Following the Yellow Brick Road to Success". More than three hundred Middle School and High School students from around the area gathered to learn about leadership, get inspired, and to network. RHS Student Council Advisors Kay Coates and Allison Johnson worked tirelessly to organize and prepare for this annual event. Additionally, each year a charity is selected that the Councils support, and NATH/Frederick Place received the rewards of the 2014 "Miracle Minute", a sixty second period where donations were collected from the students in attendance.
Internationally known speaker, Eddie Slowikowski motivated the students and leaders alike with his enthusiasm, stories, music and dance. He often had the audience singing and dancing along with him.  Following Slowikowski, NATH/Frederick Place Executive Director Tammy Modic addressed the crowd and thanked them for selecting NATH/Frederick Place as their charity to support. Break-out sessions followed, and a variety of topics were offered. Student Council representatives attended from Rhinelander, Wausau, Amherst, Wisconsin Rapids, Minocqua, Wittenberg/Birnamwood, and Eagle River.

Field Trip Encourages Social Skill Development

Social Skills

Despite the cold weather and early snowfall, special education students were still able to participate in a fun field trip to the movie theater on November 7, where they watched the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6. A group of about 20 students enjoyed spending time with their teachers, watching a movie, and eating tasty snacks as a part of the monthly social skills field trips. These trips provide students with different opportunities to experience behavioral expectations in different settings.

Crescent CHAMPS Students Enjoy Early Release Day Activities

Instructor Jennie Kotula leads CHAMPS students in a Zumba lesson.

The Crescent CHAMPS students had another busy early release afternoon on November 19th. They learned about dog training and kept warm while working out with some great Zumba dance on November 19th.

The Rhinelander 4-H teamed up with Carol Lofquist and gave the students tips on dog training and demonstrated these skills on a well-trained pooch named Lily. They also showed the children how to find and listen to Lily's heartbeat. The 4-H club members gave students some lessons on how to safely approach and take care of a pet. Finally, they had some fun doggie games for the children to enjoy.
Things heated up during Zumba lessons with Jennie Kotula. The children loved moving to the fun music and caught on quickly to the dance steps. All were impressed at the instructors' enthusiasm and stamina. Students were surprised at how hard they worked during one dance session.

The CHAMPS students also designed some "What I am Thankful For" placemats after reading the poem "Be Thankful." These will be given to Grace Lodge for the residents to enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Drama students from RHS and NCSS practice for the upcoming 'Beauty and the Beast' presentation. Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

The Rhinelander High School/Northwoods Community Secondary School Drama Department is inviting you to 'Be Our Guest' for the production of Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast', November 20th through 23rd at the Rhinelander High School Auditorium.

Based on the popular animated Disney film, 'Beauty And The Beast' opened on Broadway in 1994, and has entertained audiences across the world ever since. Kristin Larsen, the lead director of the production,  says 'Beauty' has been a production the drama department has wanted to do for a long time. 'Everybody loves the story, and the music is very catchy. We're working hard to get ready to entertain some large crowds!'

Lead cast members include Marie Sandstrom as Belle, Skyler Kellogg as Maurice, Bryce White as Gaston, and Ian Bishop as the Beast. Also, Jordan Keso plays Lefou, Bethany Stelbrink plays Cogsworth, and Zach Harder plays Lumiere. Other lead cast members are; Faith Bartelt as Babette, Erin Bloom as Mrs. Potts, Jane Kubisiak as Madame De La Grande Bouche, Ben Kubisiak as Chip, Brittany Blakeslee as Enchantress, and Seth Bowen as Monsieur D'Arque.

Rounding out the cast are the villagers; Brittany Bredeson, Samantha Carris, Katie Harder, Katyana Henry, Megan Jones, Iris Linder, Kaela Rajkowski, Alex Ronis, Samantha Smith, Angie Timm, Rachel Uhlarik, Samantha Rosendahl, Joyce Hauser, Eric Britton, and Anthony Stewart.

Performance dates for Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' are: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 20, 21, 22 at 7:00 pm,  and Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 pm  in the RHS auditorium.  All tickets are five dollars, and will be available at the door.

Community Readers Visit Crescent School for National Young Readers' Week

Community Readers
WJFW Newswatch 12 Evening Anchor/Reporter/Producer Hayley Tenpas shared one of her favorite books with a Crescent School class.

During National Young Readers' Week, Crescent Elementary School invited "celebrity" readers from the community to visit classrooms to share a few read-alouds with the students and teachers. Readers shared some of their favorite books from their childhood, or books that have significance in their lives. Volunteering their time, the list included many reporters from WJFW Newswatch 12, along with Rhinelander's Chief of Police, Michael Steffes, and School District of Rhinelander Community Education Coordinator Mike Cheslock.

Diversity Club Attends YPCL Conference

Diversity Club
Members of Diversity Club who attended the conference (left to right): Alana Towne, Alyssa Richardson, Leah Schindeldecker, Jasmine Fanning, Dani Vieaux, and Anavay White.

The 10th Annual Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership Conference (YPCL) was held November 7-9th at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center near Wisconsin Dells.  This year six Diversity Club members from Rhinelander High School (RHS) and Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS), as well as two club advisors, attended the conference: Alyssa Richardson, Anavay White, Jasmine Fanning, Dani Vieaux, Leah Schindeldecker, Alana Towne, School Counselor Sue Hampton, and UW-Extension Youth Educator Lynn Feldman.  

While at the event, club members presented a breakout session about some of the activities they have led and the results they have recorded during their last two years of programming.  YPCL is designed as an opportunity for teens from around the state of Wisconsin to network, learn about the structure of various youth driven programs, gain activity ideas, and increase leadership skills.  The youth who attend the conference are currently active in their schools, communities, or advocacy groups.  The weekend camp atmosphere enables event planners to facilitate outdoor teambuilding and recreation activities in addition to the normal conference workshops.  

Besides leading a breakout session, Diversity Club members led a roundtable discussion, attended sessions presented by other groups, experimented in raising awareness on issues through social media use, listened to several guest speakers, participated in a talent show, and engaged in future conference planning and election voting. During team time, Diversity Club members created an action plan for use during this next school year and then shared that plan with others. Two Diversity Club members have now volunteered to be a part of the YPCL planning committee for next year.  Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership is sponsored by UW-Extension and is a coalition of youth and adults representing state-wide organizations in Wisconsin that promote greater youth and adult involvement in civic life.

Special Olympics Sectional Results

Special Olympics
Sarec Trudeau was all smiles at the Special Olympics Sectional bowling meet.

On Saturday, November 15th, the School District of Rhinelander Special Olympics Team traveled to Eau Claire to compete in a Sectionals bowling meet. Five athletes had advanced on from Regionals to compete in Sectionals. Participants were Paige Appling, Casandra Gleesing, Sarec Trudeau, Hannah Karstedt and Keegan Marko. Athletes had to place with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd to advance onto State. Sarec Trudeau will be going onto State as he placed 3rd. Fellow Hodags gave it their best effort with many strikes and spares along with a lot of fun, placed as follows: Paige Appling-6th place, Casandra Gleesing-5th place, Hannah Karstedt-4th place and Keegan Marko-7th place.

Sarec Trudeau, a fifth grader at Central School, will compete at State in Wausau on December 6th. We wish Sarec the best of luck and will be all cheering him on. Thank you to all fans for support through the bowling season.

RHS Musicians Attend GNC Honors Band and Choir Festival

Honors Band and Choir
Row One: Bethany Stelbrink, Eileen Emond, Katie Harder, Faith Bartelt, Ashley Puza, Shea Petersen. Row Two: Dustin Simon, Ariannah Kelter, Ben Sawyer, Mitchell Modic, Samantha Peterson, Zach Breneman. Row Three: Skyler Kellogg, Bailey Nebgen, Zach Harder,

Several Rhinelander High School musicians participated in the Great Northern Conference (GNC) Honors Band and Choir Festival this past Saturday, November 8th, hosted by Lakeland Union High School. Guest conductors were Dr. Andrew Mast, Director of Bands at Lawrence University and Dr. Stephen Sieck, Director of Choirs at Lawrence University. Top music students from all seven GNC schools rehearsed throughout the day and performed at an evening concert.

Pelican Elementary School Students Visit Grace Lodge

Pelican at Grace Lodge
Students Marcel Hardin, Leo Soderlund, and Briana Sorace enjoy their time playing games with Grace Lodge residents.

A group of third graders from Pelican Elementary School recently visited Grace Lodge to meet with residents. The students are part of a social skills group that takes part in activities throughout the school year. Each week, the students participate in either a cooking activity, an art project, or a game, during which they learn and practice appropriate social skills.  

This Grace Lodge event was part of a larger fieldtrip. Thirty students visited the Kovac Planetarium, ate lunch at the Friendship House, and eventually made it to Grace Lodge. The students and residents worked on decorating a pumpkin project which was enjoyed by all. They also played a few games of Halloween Bingo. The students also loved reading to the residents, as they were able to show off their excellent reading skills.

October Mystery Artist

Mystery Artist
Pictured is October Mystery Artist winner Beau Howard.

Students in Mrs. Jones' art classes at Central School are challenged each month to identify famous artwork from around the world. The student must identify the name of the artwork and the artist, as well as the year(s) that the artwork was created. The names of those who identify the correct information are placed into a drawing for some cool prizes.  
The October Mystery Artist Winner was Beau Howard from Ms. Kohlhepp's 5th grade class at Central School. Beau correctly identified "Poppy", created by Wisconsin native Georgia O'Keeffe in 1927.

Pelican Second Grade Culture Club Visits Dairy Queen

Pelican Culture Club
Pictured: Second graders McKenzie Flanders, Armando Aguirre, Madison Michel, and Summer Schroeder.

The Pelican Elementary School second grade Culture Club students recently took part in an outing to Dairy Queen. The Culture Club meets once a month during lunch to discuss appropriate social skills, and then an activity, such as going to Dairy Queen, is arranged so the students can practice the social skills discussed. These activities would not be possible without the support and funding from the Hodag Schools Foundation.

Habitat - RHS Building Trades Project Making Progress

RHS Building Trades
Russ Germain, the Building Trades instructor, demonstrates how to strike off or level the sand at the base of the footing before laying down 2" extruded polystyrene foam insulation.

The Rhinelander High School Building Trades students are off to a great start with this year's project. They are collaborating with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in the Rhinelander area. This house is being built on a super-insulated slab. As of today, the exterior walls and most interior walls are up and the perimeter foam insulation is being installed on the exterior of the footings.  

Central Intermediate School Recognizes Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week
Mrs. Werner's 5th grade class was one of the winners with 100% participation on Wear Red Day. This is a fun week for students, and it also sends a very important message that helps encourage safe and responsible choices.

The students at Central Intermediate School participated in Red Ribbon Week from October 27th through the 31st. Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 in honor of Special Agent Kiki Camarena who died trying to put a stop to drug trafficking in Mexico. Today over 100,000 schools in the United States celebrate Red Ribbon Week to honor his efforts.

Staff at Central recognize this week to encourage students to make healthy choices and say no to drugs and alcohol. Every student signed a pledge and decorated a red ribbon for their lockers. In 4th grade, they learned about the history of Red Ribbon Week and then completed an activity about the importance of saying no. Each day of the week was celebrated by having a different theme for dressing up, this included: pajama day, team sports day, crazy hair day and on the 31st a Say Boo to Drugs day.

Fifth Graders Enjoy Camp-out at CAVOC

Central Campout
Students from Mrs. Wendland's and Miss Kohlhepp's fifth grade classes enjoy the fall weather and the freedom of the outdoors.

Two fifth grade classes from Central Intermediate School visited the Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC) for an overnight camp-out on October 29th and 30th. Students participated in a variety of outdoor activities such as shelter building, survival games, pumpkin carving, capture the flag, a night hike, s'mores and pudgy pies over a campfire, and a nature scavenger hunt.

The classes also completed stewardship projects to help clean up the area. They raked leaves for several hours, washed windows inside and outside the building, and tore down shelters built throughout the woods. Without the distraction of video games, cell phones, and iPods, students had the opportunity to be active in the outdoors, use their imaginations to create games, and spend time with their friends and classmates.

Class of 1964 Gives Back to RHS

Class of 1964
Left to right: 7-12 Activities Director Brian Paulson, 1964 class members - Bill Lader with the base for the football, Wayne Olson with the football, Anna Eckrich with the photo-book, Kay Olson presenting the $3000 check, and RHS Principal David Ditzler

The Rhinelander High School (RHS) Class of 1964 recently celebrated their 50th class reunion. They were able to raise $3,000 that will be used for a 3-D Hodag sign in the RHS school entrance, with any remaining funds going to scholarships. In addition to the $3,000, the alumni group also donated a wooden football that will be displayed in the trophy case at RHS, and a photo-book for the RHS Library. The photo-book is a compilation of images from the past 50 years of "Class of '64" celebrations. Anyone from the class of '64 is welcome to visit RHS to view the photo-book.

Rhinelander Students Compete in Special Olympics Regional Bowling Meet

Special Olympics

On Saturday, October 25th, twelve athletes from the School District of Rhinelander Special Olympics team participated in a Regional bowling meet at Dale's Weston Lanes in Wausau, WI.  Participants that placed 1st through 3rd will move onto Sectionals in Eau Claire on November 15th. The following is a list of all who participated, along with their results:

Paige Appling - 2nd place, Max Everhart - 4th place, Casandra Gleesing - 1st place, Miguel Gonzalez - 6th place, Mariah Grende-Zick - 4th place, Daray Hawes - 5th place, Stephen Herrmann - 2nd place, Hannah Karstedt - 3rd place, Krystal Kriesel - 5th place, Keegan Marko - 2nd place, Devon Stanley - Participation, Sarec Trudeau - 1st place.

Athletes that will move on to Regionals are Sarec Trudeau, Paige Appling, Casandra Gleesing, Hannah Karstedt and Keegan Marko. A good time was had by all, and the group looks forward to Regionals in Eau Claire, WI on Saturday, November 15th.

Diversity Club Recognizes Bullying Awareness Month

JWMS students take an acceptance pledge by signing their names to an orange sign created by the RHS Diversity Club.

Rhinelander High School (RHS) Diversity Club focuses on bringing awareness to issues that negatively impact relationship-building and emotional health. Its vision is a school climate where diversity is valued and where all students feel safe.  

October is Bullying Awareness Month, and Diversity Club hosted a variety of activities this past month with the theme of "acceptance".  Orange "Acceptance" wristbands were sold during the lunch hours. "Acceptance" pledge banners were signed at Rhinelander High School as well as at James Williams Middle School (JWMS) on October 22nd. That particular day, nationally, was set aside as "Unity Day", and staff and students at both schools showed their support and hope surrounding the issue of bullying by wearing orange.  

Currently there is a fence sign in front of Rhinelander High School where Styrofoam cups spell the word "acceptance" and one behind James Williams Middle School that spells out the word "unity". These signs were created as a collaborative effort between Diversity Club students and youth in the JWMS CHAMPS afterschool program.  

A special activity at James Williams Middle School on October 17th was a "Mix it up at Lunch" day where youth sat during lunch at tables with signs that matched the colored puff ball decoration they received. While eating lunch, discussions about bullying and how to curb it were facilitated by RHS Diversity Club students. Diversity Club continues throughout the year with other relationship building programs. The club is in its third year of existence and survey results show that the program has had a positive impact on how youth view their school and community climate.

Crescent Elementary School to Hold Craft/Home Business Fair on November 15th

Craft Fair

On Saturday, November 15th, from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, the Crescent Elementary School PAC (Parent Advisory Council) will be holding a craft/home business fair for the holidays to help raise funds for the school.

There will be more than two dozen vendors in the Crescent Gymnasium selling home-made crafts such as jewelry, home décor, toys, bath & body products, and clothing. In addition, there will be representatives present from home businesses including 31 Gifts, Pampered Chef, Simply Fun, Jamberry Nails, and more! There will also be food and baked goods for sale. Admission is FREE. Come enjoy a day of shopping and support Crescent Elementary school at the same time!

"Adopt-a-Costume" to Help Drama Department

Adopt a Costume

The RHS/NCSS Drama Department is so excited to be producing Disney's Beauty and the Beast on November 20-23. Students and coaches have been busy preparing songs, dances, sets, props and costumes to make it the most amazing musical production the drama department has ever performed.

Historically, the group has relied on wonderful volunteers to create the costumes, but some of the characters in this play are extremely elaborate inanimate objects, and the department needs to rent the costumes. As one might imagine, costume rental is outside the realm of the normally allotted budget, and participants are asking community members for help with "Adopting a Costume."  

There are several opportunities for you to lend your generosity to the drama students: Choose a specific costume to rent, donate that entire amount, and your name will be associated with that specific costume in the program. Make a donation in any amount to be applied to the total rental fee and you will be mentioned in the program as a donor. Or, you may choose to make an anonymous donation.

For more information, please contact NCSS teacher Kristin Larsen at 715-365-9500 or larsekri@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

Diversity Club and JWMS Mix-it-up at Lunch


The Diversity Club students from Rhinelander High School and Northwoods Community Secondary School visited James Williams Middle School (JWMS) during lunch shifts on Friday, October 17th to present an activity as part of October's anti-bullying campaign.

During the activity, students and staff were given a colored fluff ball upon entrance to the commons for lunch. They were asked to sit at a table with a matching color. The Diversity Club students were stationed at tables during each lunch shift to facilitate discussions based upon quotes about anti-bullying or quotes from civil rights leaders.

The Diversity Club was excited to offer an opportunity for JWMS students and staff to question social boundaries and encourage moving out of one's comfort zone to connect with someone new over lunch. The Diversity Club encourages interactions across group lines that help reduce prejudice. Interaction with those who are different helps biases and misperceptions fall away.

Football Players Read to Students at Pelican

Pelican Football Reading
Pictured: Third grader Katelynn Boyd (left) reads with RHS football player Nathaniel Sampson (right).

Pelican Elementary had an all-school assembly on Friday, October 10th to celebrate Homecoming Week. The Dance Team performed, and the football players said a few words. The football players then visited a few of the classrooms and read with students in a variety of grades.

The football players also joined the students for a tailgate lunch outside, and tried to organize a friendly game of football with the children at recess. It was an awesome experience for all involved, as the Pelican students were able to see the athletes close up, talk with them, and read with them. The football players were also thrilled when they saw how excited the students were to read with them, eat lunch with them, and just hang out.

Capitol ceremony celebrates 2014-15 Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition - NCES Recognized

NCES Recognition
Pictured (left to right): NCES Principal Wil Losch, Deputy State Superintendent Mike Thompson, and NCES 3rd-5th Grade Multiage Teacher Alex Bontz.

State Superintendent Tony Evers offered congratulations to Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) for being among 173 schools in the state that received Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition honors for the 2014-15 school year. "These schools are examples of the success we need in all of our schools to close the achievement gap," Evers said.

The schools were recognized during a special October 13 ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison hosted by Deputy State Superintendent Mike Thompson.

"NCES was recognized for 'Beating the Odds.' This particular recognition is meaningful because it is rooted in comparing the performance of our school against ourselves while still examining achievement scores in reading and math" said Principal Losch. "Social scientists understand that there is a link between poverty and low academic achievement. However, the NCES community is breaking that link and this honor is evidence of that. We received this honor because of a growing number of families that are successfully working hard to provide healthy home supports and because our teachers hold very high expectations of themselves in regard to the school culture they build and the instruction design they lead" Losch concluded.  This is the first year NCES has been recognized for this award.

Second Annual Senior Citizen FREE Lunch and Tours of Rhinelander High School set for October 20th

Senior Citizen Lunch and Tours

On Monday, October 20th, from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, students from the RHS Key Club will be hosting the "Second Annual Senior Citizen FREE Lunch and Tours of Rhinelander High School." Citizens age 55 and older are invited to enjoy a free hot meal and learn about RHS facilities, renovations, and recent happenings.

Free Lunch will include:  Grilled cheese on Texas toast and tomato soup with saltine crackers, ruffle potato chips, and a brownie.  Water and coffee will also be available.  

Tours will include, but will not be limited to, information about the following areas of the high school: The RHS Library, One Prospect Technologies Digital Media Center, Heck Family Community Pool, Aspirus Community Fitness Center, Jim Miazga Community Gymnasium, Superior Diesel Advanced Learning Center, Spine and Sport Spirit Shop, classrooms, family locker rooms, Chrome Books, and more!

The lunch will take place in the RHS Commons/Cafeteria from 11:30 am until 12:15 pm.  Please use the main entrance (Door #1).  Key Club students will be serving the lunch.  Tours will follow from 12:15 - 1:00 pm.  Staying for the tours is not a requirement.

There will be a donation box set up for Student Academic Scholarships, but donations are not required.

Registration is not required.  Stop down, grab a free lunch, and check out the high school!  

For more information, please contact Community Education Coordinator Mike Cheslock at 715-365-9745 or by email at cheslmik@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

97-3 WHDG Presents Nicolet College Educator of the Month

Educator of the Month
Photo courtesy of Hodag Country 97-3 WHDG.

Congratulations to Rhinelander High School Social Studies teacher Doug Nelson, who was recently recognized as the Nicolet College Educator of the Month for September. Mr. Nelson teaches a variety of classes at RHS including Psychology and Accelerated Global Studies. Mike Michalak (right) from Hodag Country 97-3 WHDG presented a plaque to Mr. Nelson (left) last week.

Firefighters Visit Crescent Elementary

Crescent Firefighters

Earlier this year, students at Crescent Elementary School learned about fire safety from the Crescent Volunteer Fire Department. Students were given the opportunity to demonstrate a fire drill in the Smokehouse and learn about the tools and devices on board the firetruck. The Crescent Volunteer Firefighters did a great job teaching and encouraging students to be safe from fire hazards in their homes.

Homecoming Brings Out Spirit at RHS

Homecoming Spirit
Pictured left to right, front row: Ali Johnson, Elisa Jensen. Back row: David Ditzler, Matt Knott, Kay Coates, and Becky Blaser. Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

Each year, the Homecoming football game and Saturday evening dance is preceded by the week-long event "Spirit Week."  Spirit Week takes place at all the schools PK-12. Each school celebrated in their own way. At Rhinelander High School (RHS), students and staff dressed up in themed costumes. The festivities led up to the Friday afternoon pep rally where sports teams were introduced, the dance team performed, and the homecoming court put on skits to rally their fellow students.

For the Friday evening football game, the Hodags lost a close one to the Ashland Oredockers. It was a hard-fought game that was decided by a late field goal by Ashland. The Hodags played hard and should be proud of their efforts.

Saturday evening was the Homecoming Dance. The theme this year was "The Wizard of Oz." Everyone had a great time! Even the RHS staff found a way to get into the fun, as they dressed up as characters from the classic movie. Thank you to all who worked hard to make Spirit Week and Homecoming successful this year!

RHS Homecoming Talent Show

Talent Show
Pictured left to right: Zach Schreiber, Bryce White, Gunnar Millot (MC), Faith Bartelt, and Ben Sawyer. Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

The RHS Homecoming Talent Show took place last Sunday, October 5. Once again, a great time was had by all. Bryce White and Faith Bartelt took the $100 first prize singing an original duet, "Tears". In second place, winning $50, was Zach Schreiber with a guitar improvisation. With an abundance of talent present in the show, there was a tie for the $25 third place slot between Bryce White singing an original song entitled "Pieces" and Ben Sawyer and Faith Bartelt with a Trombone/Saxophone duet of Crazy Train and Super Mario Brothers.

Special guests visit CHAMPS program

CHAMPS Visitors
A representative from Wild Instincts talks to students about injured animals.

For the September early release day, French's Veterinary Clinic and Wild Instincts came to Crescent Elementary School to talk to the CHAMPS students about animal safety. The students had been working on a pet safety unit during their power academic hours and these presenters continued with this theme.

Nancy Eliason from French's Veterinary Clinic answered questions about the enormous responsibilities involved in pet ownership, how to take care of a pet, and how to be safe around animals. Nancy also made all the CHAMPS students fun treats to give to their pets!

The children were fascinated by the red tailed hawk that stared down at them with it's one good eye and the falcon who had lost it's wing after a collision with an automobile. Students learned not to approach an injured animal and that sometimes our carelessness can cause injury to animals. They were all surprised at how dangerous fishing line and hooks are to animals.

Fourth graders write letters to Korean War Veteran

Letters to Veteran

Ms. Biscobing's 4th graders at Central Intermediate School were given the opportunity to write letters to a Korean War veteran. The veteran to whom they wrote participated in an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. on October 6, 2014 to see the Korean War Memorial and the National Arlington Cemetery.

Each veteran on the Honor Flight received a surprise package of letters from their loved ones and others who are grateful for their services. The 4th graders watched the documentary Honor Flight: One Last Mission, which features WWII veterans from Wisconsin, to help them better understand what the Honor Flight is and why it is so meaningful to the men and women who have served our country.

The students took great ownership in this project and worked very hard to brainstorm reasons they are grateful for the veteran's services, and questions to ask him. The students are very excited for him to read, and maybe respond to, their letters when he gets a "mail call" after the well deserved "welcome home" in Washington D.C.

Central School students raise money for animal shelter

Central Lunchtime Sales

Students at Central Intermediate School have taken part in various fundraising activities to raise money for the Rhinelander Animal shelter. The students were able to raise $110.08 through lunch hour sales of bracelets, poems, math problems, necklaces, and other items. The Rhinelander Animal Shelter is thrilled to receive the donation.

Pictured are students who helped with the fundraising -- Back row, left to right - Madison Jorgensen, Jordan Brost, Cassidy Klaver, Olivia Terbeest, Lily Eternicka, Sophia Cook, Kathryn Borski, and Skylar Peitsch. Front row, left to right - Annalexis Jensen, Sabrina Fus, Zack Volinek, Tia Fredrick, Lilli Bishop, Kaitlynn Wilmot, and Sadie Helgeson-Schultz.

School District seeks lifeguards - offering lifeguard course


The School District of Rhinelander is looking for more individuals to take the lifeguard course and help out in the Heck Family Community Pool. Interested individuals must be at least 16 years old and must take the lifeguard course on October 18th and 19th from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Registration is open to the public. The fee for this course is $200 with no commitment required. The School District will pay the registration fee if the lifeguard agrees to cover at least 10 hours in the pool. Lifeguards are needed before and after school and on the weekends.

Space is limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity. The rate of pay is $12 per hour. To register for the lifeguard course, or to inquire about the position, please contact the School District of Rhinelander business office at 715-365-9700 ext. 5734.

4K Program benefits young learners

4K Program
Grace Gaedtke, in Mrs. Palmer's 4K class at Pelican Elementary School, practices cutting while creating a card for her mother.

The 4K program is in full-swing with the youngest learners attending school on either Tuesdays/Thursdays or Wednesdays/Fridays. At Pelican Elementary School, Crescent Elementary School, and Northwoods Community Elementary School, the students are learning what school is all about. Their days include table activities, whole group time for literacy and music, learning centers including sensory exploration, imaginary play, free art, and so much more. These young learners are working hard to understand the routines and expectations of school, as well as increasing their beginning academic skills.

Europe 2015 selling cranberries at Hodag Farmer's Market

Cranberry Sales

Although harvest for most cranberry marshes in the state won't start until next week, Rhinelander residents have an opportunity to not only get their favorite fall fruit early, but to also support RHS students at the same time.  

Thanks to the generosity of Thunder Lake Cranberry Marsh in Three Lakes, students going on the Europe 2015 trip are selling freshly picked, sorted and cleaned cranberries from 8:00 am - noon at the Hodag Farmer's Market the next three weeks. Prices are $2 per pound with ALL proceeds benefiting students going on the trip.

For more information, or to place an order, contact Linda Goldsworthy at goldslin@rhinelander.k12.wi.us.

Grandparents' and Grand "Friends" Day Celebrated at NCES

NCES Grandparents

Many smiling faces at Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) greeted grandparents and grand "friends" to a celebration of our older generations. Students shared handmade gifts, songs, activities, interviews and cake and coffee at the Friday, September 19 event. A big thank you goes out to the many older adults who visited our children on that day. Many new happy memories were made!

District implements one-to-one learning environment


The School District of Rhinelander (SDR) has begun to implement a One-to-One learning environment in several of our schools. The District is supplying students in a variety of grade levels with a Chromebook device that is the property of SDR. The supplied instructional device's function will provide each student access to required educational materials needed for each student to be successful. The Chromebook allows student access to PowerSchool, Moodle, Google Apps for Education, educational web-based tools, as well as many other useful sites. The supplied device is an educational tool not intended for gaming, social networking or high end computing.

In addition, if students do not have access to a district Chromebook, they may use their personal devices in the classroom. Upon instructor approval, students can use personal devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones to access the district's wireless network during the school day. Students who connect their device(s) will have the same access to district resources when using the Chrome Browser.

Students who do not have personal wireless devices will not be at a disadvantage. Teachers may choose to borrow classroom sets of devices for specific activities and, as in the past, students can make arrangements to access computers before and after school.

The School District of Rhinelander is dedicated to the goal of putting tools into the hands of students to help support and enhance education. We are excited to offer both opportunities to our students and we have developed guidelines to ensure learning remains the key focus.

For additional information and guidelines for our One-to-One Chromebook program and our Bring Your Own Device Policy, please visit  the following websites.

One-to-One Chromebook -

Bring Your Own Device -

Rhinelander Area Scholarship Foundation to hold Neon Hodag Raffle

RASF Neon Hodag

Rhinelander Area Scholarship Foundation (RASF) is holding the 2014 Neon Hodag Sign Raffle. Your support will help in raising scholarship money to award more scholarships for Rhinelander High School (RHS) graduates, annually. The RASF is a non-profit charitable organization with a volunteer governing board that raises money and distributes scholarships to Rhinelander students, many of whom may not get scholarship support from other sources. In 2014, 87 students were awarded 170 local scholarships, totaling $288,350.00.

Community support is essential, as a foundation cannot do this alone. Through partnering with local businesses owned by Rhinelander High School Alumni, the Rhinelander Area Scholarship Foundation has worked to raise scholarship dollars throughout the summer and early fall.

Raffle tickets are $10 per ticket or 3 for $25 to win the unique Hodag Neon sign. Local business owners are selling these tickets to the customers that patronize their business. They will be taking turns displaying the Neon Hodag until the raffle drawing which will be at halftime of the Homecoming Football Game in Rhinelander on October 10, 2014.

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to perform at Rhinelander High School October 1st


The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) will be performing for 4th - 6th grade students (School District of Rhinelander, Nativity, and Zion) on the morning of October 1 at 9:30 am at the RHS Auditorium. The Northwoods Concert Association made this concert possible and the Hodag Schools Foundation (HSF) has generously donated $6,500 to fund the concert. Funds were generated from HSF's annual Green Tie Gala event. Attendees of the event helped raise about $3,300, and HSF matched that amount to cover the cost of the concert for students.  

HSF helps support Rhinelander schools in many ways. The Green Tie Gala helped raise at least $18,500 for their classroom grant program. These are funds that go to support academics in the classrooms. A primary goal of HSF is to support music and the arts. The MSO is able to perform in Rhinelander now because of an enlarged stage, which HSF helped fund. HSF also provided funding last year for a grand piano at RHS.

Later that evening, The Northwoods Concert Association is pleased to present the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) in concert at the Rhinelander High School (RHS) Auditorium on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 7:30 pm.  This concert is open to the public.
Advance ticket sales for the evening concert are available from now until the night of the concert. Tickets for adults are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. Student tickets (K - 12) are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Tickets may be purchased at Lattitudes Clothing & Gifts, the Northern Coffee Haus, Stoxen's Pharmacy or the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce. This presentation of the MSO is made possible by a grant from the Jean Simmons estate.

Pelican Elementary School "Exceeds Expectations"

Pelican Exceeds

The 2013-14 School Report Card Summary has been released. A huge congratulations goes out to all staff at Pelican Elementary School for moving into the "Exceeds Expectations" category! Keep up the good work!

There are two additional Rhinelander schools, Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) and Rhinelander High School (RHS), that are just a little bit shy of moving to the "Exceeds Expectations" category. Congratulations to them as well!

Application for the Aspirus Community Fitness Center now ONLINE!

Fitness Center

Membership application for the Aspirus Community Fitness Center is now available online! Become a member from the convenience of your own home! To become a member of this wonderful LOW COST fitness center, visit http://www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us/community/fitnesspool.cfm.

The membership fee is only $15/month for a single and only $25/month for a family. Membership for students in the School District of Rhinelander is FREE! The month of September is FREE for everyone! Try it out today! Hours of operation can be located at the above website.

Crescent Elementary hosts PBIS Kick-off and Matrix Walk

Crescent PBIS
"The Hodag" made a special appearance at Crescent's PBIS Kick-off.

On Friday, September 5th, Crescent Elementary School held their PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) kickoff for the 2014-15 school year. A very special guest to the school, the Hodag, helped the staff introduce and review the school wide expectations for behavior. These expectations are known as the four B's: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be Here.

As a follow-up to the PBIS kickoff, on Friday, September 12th, the school had their Matrix Walk. This was an opportunity for the students to go to other parts of the school and review what the four B's expectations are for assemblies, the playground, the hallway, the lunch line, and the playground.

Habitat for Humanity Northwoods and the RHS Building Trades Program Team Up

RHS Building Trades
Pictured is last year's Building Trades home.

The School District of Rhinelander and the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (Northwoods affiliate) recently announced that they will be working together during this school year to build a home for a family in Rhinelander. This effort will be a collaborative effort between the Building Trades Program students at Rhinelander High School (RHS), and the local Habitat for Humanity (Northwoods affiliate), which presently supports Oneida and Vilas counties.

This will be an excellent opportunity for the students enrolled in the Building Trades Program to gain valuable skills that are sure to enhance their classroom curriculum experience. This home also represents the nineteenth (19th) such project that the Northwoods affiliate has been directly engaged in building since it was first established here in the Northwoods in 1998.

Both organizations are excited to be working together on this project and recognize the value this will provide to the educational community as well as the general Northwoods community. The School District of Rhinelander is very enthusiastic about working collaboratively with Habitat for Humanity.

Music performance dates set for 2014-15

Music Performances

The new school year has begun and with that the excitement of creating new music is in full swing. Although the K-12 music department is diverse in activities and curriculum, there is one overall goal and that is for each child to develop the concepts, skills, and attitudes for a lifetime enjoyment and appreciation of music.

Many Rhinelander students participate in music programs in the School District of Rhinelander. Although very few will major in music or work in the music business, their lives have been enriched by the experience. They have been introduced to the concepts of teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, determination and camaraderie. They have been taught life skills, and have had a whole lot of fun along the way. They have been given the gift of art and expression and the opportunity to develop a love and appreciation of music that can remain an integral part of their lives.

Elementary concert dates can be found on each school's webpage. A complete listing of secondary music performance dates can be found by clicking here.

R.W. Baird and Economics Wisconsin recognize RHS Teacher Patrick Kubeny

Mr. Kubeny

Rhinelander High School congratulates Mr. Patrick Kubeny on another recognition of his classroom teaching and how he helps inspire a passion for financial literacy in our high school students.  R.W. Baird and Economics Wisconsin recognize Mr. Kubeny as placing second in the Excellence in Teaching Economics & Financial Literacy competition across the state of Wisconsin.

Mr. Kubeny will be recognized at the 8th Annual Get Your Students Pumped Up on Economics and Personal Finance.  This event is held at Lambeau Field on October 17, 2014 and is sponsored by Economics Wisconsin and Lakeland College.

Stephanie Czosnek, Program Coordinator for Economics Wisconsin stated in a letter to the school district, "We appreciate Patrick using his voice within the classroom and beyond to improve and stimulate economic understanding and financial literacy amongst his students."  RHS principal, David Ditzler, also congratulates Mr. Kubeny for his outstanding efforts and instruction in the area of financial literacy.  He remarked that, "It is evident to anyone who asks Mr. Kubeny about financial topics that he has a deep passion for helping others be aware and wise about financial matters surrounding us all."

NCES receives Title I School of Recognition Award

NCES Recognition

Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES) is one of the schools receiving the Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition Award for Beating the Odds.

This category is for schools in the top 25% of high-poverty schools in the state with above-average student achievement in reading and mathematics when compared to schools from similarly sized districts, schools, grade configurations, and poverty levels.

Schools meeting the recognition award criteria will receive a plaque at an October 13th ceremony at the State Capitol and $500 for use by the school. During the awards ceremony, three schools will receive banners for earning the Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition award for 10 consecutive years, and 10 schools will receive flags for earning the award for five consecutive years. This year's 173 Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition Award recipients include 133 elementary schools, 29 middle or junior high schools, and 11 high schools.

For more information, and a full listing of schools that received recognition, please see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction press release at

Congratulations to all the students and staff at NCES!

Hodag Tech Fest Featured in Teaching Today

Hodag Tech Fest
Shari Wendland learns valuable information from District Reading Specialist Casey Gretzinger

The most recent edition of "Teaching Today" has been published and it features information about the first Hodag Tech Fest, which took place for School District of Rhinelander (SDR) staff over the summer. Hodag Tech Fest was modeled after a program from another school district, and was organized by Instructional Technology Coordinator Heidi Catlin and the rest of the Instructional Technology team. Catlin also wrote the article for the publication. Many SDR staff contributed to and attended the summer technology training.

"Teaching Today" is a publication that addresses current national, state and local developments in education, as well as highlights from programs and curriculum of Wisconsin and Minnesota schools. To read the article about Hodag Tech Fest, visit the "Teaching Today" website at www.teachingtodaywi.com.

Community Education announces fall and early winter course offerings

Community Course Offerings

The School District of Rhinelander has announced its Fall/Winter 2014 community course offerings. Discover something new with lifelong learning! We offer classes that cover many topics such as food and cooking, garden and floral, jewelry making, fabric, art, dancing, games, fitness, photography, financial health, computer courses, and others.

The class session kicks off on September 16th with a 'Saving and Growing Herbs for the Winter Months' course at Forth Floral. The registration deadline for this class is September 12th. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Registering for a class is easy. Simply visit the community section of the School District of Rhinelander website. Click on the link for class registration, print off and complete a registration form, and mail it with payment to the address listed on the form.

For a full listing of course offerings, click here! If you have questions about classes, please call 715-365-9745 or email coordinator Mike Cheslock at cheslmik@rhinelander.k12.wi.us. We hope you consider continuing your education with lifelong learning!

Pelican staff attends PBIS conference, accepts "School of Merit" banner

Pelican School of Merit
Pictured left to right: Katie Andrastek, Becky Kecker, Katie Morois, Tanya Cook, Jodi Belter , Kim Frederickson

Recently, a team of staff from Pelican Elementary School traveled to the 2014 PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Leadership Conference held at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. They attended two days of seminars and were able to listen to a lot of amazing speakers.

Staff in attendance learned a lot about PBIS. Kindergarten teacher Katie Andrastek said, "I was able to bring back and share with the rest of the Pelican staff in a presentation on one of our inservice days." Earlier in the year, Pelican found out they had been chosen as a PBIS School of Merit, based on the PBIS initiatives and several other criteria. On the first day of the conference there was an award ceremony where all Schools of Merit and Schools of Distinction (what Pelican is working toward next) were recognized and presented a banner.

Try out the Aspirus Community Fitness Center! September is FREE!!!

Fitness Center
The Aspirus Community Fitness Center is open for community use. TRY IT OUT!

All community members are encouraged to try out the Aspirus Community Fitness Center located in Rhinelander High School! The entire month of September is FREE!

Starting September 2nd, hours will be as follows for the fitness center:

Monday - Friday:  6:00 - 7:45 am
Monday - Thursday:  3:30 - 9:00 pm
Friday: 3:30 - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 - 11:00 am

The Heck Family Community Pool is open on Sundays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Use of the pool during this time is FREE year-round!

Hall Walking is available to the community free of charge during fitness center hours of operation (see above).

Additional information about the Aspirus Community Fitness Center:

*    Fitness coaches will be on staff from 3:30 - 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday
*    A personal trainer will be available upon request
*    An Athletic trainer will be available upon request to assist in the designing of safe and efficient workouts.  
*    The fitness center has been REORGANIZED! The cardio and weight areas are now separate! There is also new cardio equipment available.


Central After-School Program (CAP) to be offered for 4th and 5th graders for the 2014-15 school year

For the 2014-15 school year, Central Intermediate School will be offering an after-school program for 4th and 5th graders. The program will be known as CAP (Central After-School Program).

The program is for all students in grades 4 and 5 and will be offered Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:30 pm at Central Intermediate School. There is no cost for free lunch students. Cost for reduced lunch students is $5/day or $15/week. Cost for paid lunch students is $10/day or $30 per week. Certified licensed staff will be on site for small group learning. Other activities will include tutoring, extra-curricular/club activities, a nutritious snack, and social time. This program will focus on fun, academic enrichment, and physical activity.

For more information, contact CAP Coordinator Shari Wendland at 715-308-3809.  To register for the program, please call the Central School office at 715-365-9600 or stop by Central School to regsiter.


School District of Rhinelander currently accepting registrations for CHAMPS program
The School District of Rhinelander is currently accepting registrations for the CHAMPS (Community Helping Afterschool to Mold Positive Students) afterschool program.

In-person registration for the CHAMPS afterschool program is currently open for 6th - 8th graders who plan to attend either James Williams Middle School (JWMS) or Northwoods Community Secondary School (NCSS).  To register, please stop by the JWMS main office between the hours of 6:00 am - 2:00 pm, Monday - Friday, from now until August 18th.  Hours for registration starting August 18th will be 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.  

Beginning August 18th, in-person CHAMPS registration will be open for 4K - 3rd graders who plan to attend either Crescent, Pelican, or NCES (Northwoods Community Elementary School).  To register, please stop by either the Crescent or Pelican main office from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Mail-in registrations are currently being accepted for both age-groups.  Registration forms can be found on the School District of Rhinelander website - www.rhinelander.k12.wi.us.  Please mail completed forms to the following addresses:

For 6th - 8th graders:

James Williams Middle School
915 Acacia Lane
Rhinelander, WI 54501

For 4K - 3rd graders:

Crescent Elementary School
3319 Boyce Drive
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Those who were enrolled in the CHAMPS program last year will be given first consideration for this year's program.

New Teachers

New teachers hired for the 2014-15 school year
The School District of Rhinelander held a new teacher orientation on Monday, August 18th. The new teachers are excited to begin the 2014-15 school year, which starts for students on Tuesday, September 2nd.

New teachers are pictured (left to right): Front row - Sara Stieve (RHS English), Jordan Rzempoluch (JWMS Mathematics), Alexis Koshollek (JWMS English/Language Arts), Kersti Lamers (RHS Mathematics), Jessica Hunter (JWMS Sixth Grade), Megan Biscobing (Central Intermediate). Back row - Ronja Zweifel (Crescent Elementary), Gretta Layman (RHS Science), Josh Legrey (RHS Technology Education), Britney Bolkema (District Psychologist), Emily Rose (JWMS Counselor), Krysten Hintz (Crescent Elementary), Jolene Fink (Crescent Elementary), Sarah Zurowski (JWMS Health), Christopher Ferge (RHS Physical Education). Missing from the photo - Katie Morois (Pelican Counselor) and Kimberly Nolan (Crescent Counselor).

Fitness Center

School District of Rhinelander to take over operations of Aspirus Community Fitness Center and Heck Family Community Pool - GRAND OPENING/OPEN HOUSE to be held on August 18th from 9:00-11:00 am
As of August 18th, the School District of Rhinelander will be taking over operations of the Aspirus Community Fitness Center and Heck Family Community Pool. All community members are invited to join us for a Grand Opening/Open House celebration at the Aspirus Community Fitness Center located in Rhinelander High School on August 18th between 9:00 and 11:00 am. Come see our new improvements!

The fitness center is open for community use for a reasonable monthly fee!  

Hours of operation starting September 1st will be...

Monday - Friday:  6:00 - 7:45 am
Monday - Thursday:  3:30 - 9:00 pm
Friday: 3:30 - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 - 11:00 am

*    Fitness coaches will be on staff from 3:30 - 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday
*    A personal trainer will be available upon request
*    An Athletic trainer will be available upon request to assist in the designing of safe and efficient workouts.
*    The fitness center has been REORGANIZED! The cardio and weight areas are now separate! There is also new cardio equipment available.


4K and K

Register for 4-year-old and 5-year-old Kindergarten

The School District of Rhinelander is currently registering for 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year. Children who will be four years of age on or before September 1, 2014, are eligible to attend four year-old kindergarten and children who will be five years of age on or before September 1, 2014, are eligible to attend kindergarten during the 2014-2015 school year.
Online registration forms are available on the School District of Rhinelander website. Forms can also be obtained by contacting Crescent Elementary School, Pelican Elementary School or Northwoods Community Elementary School (NCES).  Registration forms may be mailed, faxed or delivered to 4K and kindergarten location sites.

For more information, please contact Kelly Huseby, Crescent Principal at 715-365-9120; Martha Knudtson, Pelican Principal at 715-365-9160; or Wil Losch, NCES Principal at 715-282-8200.

Family Day
Photo courtesy of Bob Mainhardt.

Rhinelander Gridiron Club to Host Hodag Family Day
The Rhinelander Gridiron Club is hosting a Hodag Family Day on Saturday, August 9th. Watch the Rhinelander High School (RHS) varsity football team practice from 8:00 - 10:00 am at Mike Webster Stadium. From 10:00 am - 2:00 pm there will be several fun-filled activities for families to enjoy including a free bounce-house, a dunk tank, fire trucks, U.S. National Guard trucks, test drive a Rhinelander GM vehicle, a performance and carwash by the RHS dance team, an art table, a live broadcast and music by 96.5 Sports Radio, full concessions including brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers, raffle ticket sales that include Brewers tickets, Hodag apparel available for purchase, and get your picture with the Hodag mascot, football players, and coaches. Come support Rhinelander Hodag Football!

Student Council

RHS Student Council Attends Two-Day Summer Session at CAVOC

Summer is always filled with fun activities within the Rhinelander High School (RHS) student council. Earlier this month, on the 8th and 9th of July (from 8:30 am Tuesday morning until about 4:00 pm Wednesday evening), right before the Hodag Breakfast for country-festers, the full student council (those who were able to make it), including incoming freshmen through seniors, attended a 2-day session at Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC). Activities included: getting to know each other, going over the constitution, planning homecoming, team bonding, ropes course, and other fun activities! The group accomplished a lot during this time. They are looking forward to a fun and productive upcoming school year.

Take a tour of the School District of Rhinelander!

Fitness and Aquatic Facilities Open to Community

The School District of Rhinelander is offering free trial memberships for the Aspirus Community Fitness Center and the Heck Family Community Pool.

Employees of the School District of Rhinelander and their immediate families (children 12 and older) will be able to use the Aspirus Community Fitness Center free of charge during the month of September. A free two-week membership is being offered to the general public from October 1 through October 15. Membership purchases during the free trial time-frame will result in free membership for the remainder of the month.


The Aspirus Community Fitness Center and the Heck Family Community Pool have recently changed their hours of operation. New hours for the Aspirus Community Fitness Center are:

  • Monday - Friday: 6:00 - 7:45 am
  • Monday - Thursday: 3:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 3:00 - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 - 11:00 am
  • Sunday: Closed

Currently, a fitness coach is on duty during all hours of operation. Effective November 1, 2013, a fitness coach will be on duty Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 6:00 pm.

The Heck Family Community Pool will be open every Sunday from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and is free to the community.


For more information or to print a membership application, please click here.


  • School District of Rhinelander
  • 665 Coolidge Ave. Suite B
  • Rhinelander, WI 54501
  • Phone: 715-365-9700
  • School District of Rhinelander
  • 665 Coolidge Ave. Suite B
  • Rhinelander, WI 54501
  • Phone: 715-365-9700