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1 to 1 with Chromebooks

1 to 1 with Chromebooks
Acer Chromebook with Hodag

The School District of Rhinelander is supplying students with a Chromebook device. This device is property of the School District of Rhinelander. The supplied instructional device’s function will provide each student access to required educational materials needed for each student to be successful. The Chromebook allows student access to PowerSchool, Moodle, Google Apps for Education, educational web-based tools, as well as many other useful sites.  The supplied device is an educational tool not intended for gaming, social networking or high end computing.  In our One-to-One learning environment, the School District of Rhinelander’s goals include the following:

Improved Student Learning:  Through instructional strategies that apply best practices in teaching with technology and a variety of resources which support the curriculum, student learning will improve.

Transformative Learning: Through a 1:1 learning environment, students and teachers will be able to implement transformative uses of technology and enhance student engagement with content. Through this we hope to promote self-directed, lifelong learners.

Meaningful Student Engagement:  We will offer One-to-One computing to make school more engaging and relevant for our students and to support meaningful and more challenging work.

21st Century Skills:  We will ensure that students have high level 21st century skills,  including communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, which will prepare them for a successful future.

Equity of Access:  We will bridge the digital divide by providing all students with access to technology tools and resources for anytime, anywhere learning.


Chromebook One-to-One Resources

Chromebook Handbook
Chromebook Acceptable Use Form
Chromebook Acceptable Use Form (PDF)
Google Training Website
Google Chrome Apps and Extensions
A list of Chrome Apps and Extensions that have been added to our district Google accounts.
Technology Acceptable Use Policy (7540)
Last Updated: 8/26/14

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